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Commander Chonsit has ruled officers must show care in rape cases

Phuket Police Commander Reprimands Officers in Rape Case

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
PHUKET: The Commander of Phuket Police, Major General Chonsit Wadhnawarangkun, has reprimanded Chalong police for their handling of a rape allegation involving a young German tourist and a resort receptionist.

Police were ''very, very slow'' to investigate the claims and the case had not been handled with care and consideration, friends of the German woman said.

As a result of complaints, Major General Chonsit has affirmed the need for great consideration to be given to all women who claim to have been raped, and for Phuket's only female police officer to take the lead in interviewing alleged victims.

He offered his apologies in particular to an Irish family friend of the German woman.

The Irishman felt so intimidated by police behavior last month that he subsequently abandoned his plan to live on Phuket and left the island.

It is believed a Tourist Police officer who was involved in the case is also likely to be disciplined. The Tourist Police officer attempted to bring the alleged rapist to his alleged victim ''so he could apologise.''

At one stage, the Irishman later said, six policemen entered the room to interview the alleged victim at Chalong Police Station.

The German woman, aged 20, later gave a statement to police at Phuket City saying that the 19-year-old resort receptionist dragged her into a resort room where the alleged rape took place.

Although the receptionist told Chalong police that he did not commit the rape, he later tearfully admitted to a judge in a hearing at Phuket Provincial Court: ''It wasn't quite like full sex. It was only for five minutes.''

Judge: ''Did she agree with you to have sex?'' Accused: ''No.''

Phuket Provincial Prosecutor Boonthop Lanthong has since said that, despite reports to the contrary, Phuketwan was entitled to freely report the accused's court room admission.

The accused is now on bail, awaiting trial. The German woman, who was planning to travel on for an extended holiday in Australia, returned home instead.

The concept of having a female police officer involved in all rape cases was first suggested by Phuket's honorary consuls to Commander Chonsit's predecessor in the role, Major General Pekad Tantipong.

Major General Pekad organised for Lieutenant Nuchchari Rongkeaw to come to Phuket. He told her that she had complete freedom to become involved in rape cases, wherever they occurred on Phuket.

Major General Chonsit has since reiterated Lieutenant Nunchari's autonomy, especially in cases involving allegations made by tourists on Phuket.


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ONE female officer in Phuket is simply not enough!
Rape is not the only time that a female would prefer to be interviewed by a female rather than a male officer.

Posted by G Horne on June 12, 2012 11:30

Editor Comment:

Sure. But females are a recent addition to the force and there are only a limited number of graduates from police college so far.


I agree there need to be many more female officers. How do ladies, especially tourists who are used to female police officers in their home country physically feel if they are searched by a male officer, or if this is not allowed in Thailand they then have to go to a Police station.

Posted by Adam on June 12, 2012 15:02

Editor Comment:

There are few cases in which a woman would need to be searched. Police everywhere found ways of managing before there were female officers.


Do they not have females Police officers in Bangkok, also when I went to Phuket Town a female Police officer spoke to me?

Posted by Adam on June 12, 2012 15:25

Editor Comment:

There are women in uniform at some police stations who perform administrative duties. The lieutenant is based at Phuket City Police Station. The first group of female graduates numbered about 60 and there have probably been other female graduates since.


Thailand has a female Prime Minister, so why not more female Police Officers?

Posted by Logic on June 12, 2012 16:16

Editor Comment:

Women in uniform are sometimes placed in positions of danger. Some cultures remain protective of women. Thailand did not go through the horror of two word wars, which is what changed attitudes elsewhere, along with feminism.


Ed, females do need to be searched for many reasons, drugs, theft etc. Thailand likes tourist and they need to decide in areas like Phuket if there needs to be more female officers. I think for female tourists there should be, I am not sure in regards to Thai culture if for Thai females. In regards to your other comment Thailand was controlled by Japan in WW11 so they were involved.

Posted by Adam on June 12, 2012 17:09

Editor Comment:

As i said Adam, male police forces have coped in other parts of the world. And you clearly have problems with absorbing what you read. ''Thailand did not go through the horror of two word wars, which is what changed attitudes elsewhere, along with feminism.'' When I say ''the horror'' I mean the deaths of millions of young men (along with other ''horrors.'') This fast-tracked women into ancillary and more dangerous roles in uniform. No more history lessons, thanks.


Please explain the world war comments.
I would think with the amount of Muslims visiting and living in Thailand they need more front line female officers.Can you imagine a male officer searching a female Muslim

Posted by rich on June 12, 2012 22:32

Editor Comment:

I don't have time to indulge you, rich. Police forces around the world were once all male. They've managed.


@rich go stay in an arab muslim country for some time and count the female officers there and while you are at it count the women that occupy any other important positions and when you are done let us know your findings.

Posted by Bjarne on June 13, 2012 07:47

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