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Canadian Mark Schofield, badly injured in a Phuket motorcycle crash

Phuket Motorcycle Crash Leaves Canadian Recovering From Coma

Friday, September 13, 2013
PHUKET: Friends and strangers are reaching out to help a Canadian man seriously injured in a motorcycle crash on Phuket a week ago.

Kathleen and Douglas Schofield, parents of Mark Scholfield, 34, have flown to the island to be with their teacher son, who has just emerged from a coma.

Extensive injuries include a broken jaw, a damaged eye socket and broken arms, say Canadian media reports. Mr Schofield has undergone surgery several times, with hospital fees mounting.

His brother Scott, who is attempting to raise the cost of Mark's treatment, said the appeal had attracted $20,000 in a single day.

Scott Schofield said there had been ''a great outpouring of financial - and even emotional support'' since his oldest brother was involved in the single vehicle crash on Phuket.

All that's clear so far is that the crash took place a week ago and Mr Schofield was severely hurt.

He had been teaching for seven years in Korea and arrived on Phuket in August to teach in Thailand.

In a statement on behalf of his family, Scott Schofield said: ''Our family is humbled by the tremendous love and support expressed toward our brother Mark.

''The generosity from family, friends and even strangers is overwhelming, and we appreciate all your continued love, thoughts and prayers.

''At this time we still do not have a clear picture about his long-term rehabilitation, but initial reports give us a lot of positive hope to build upon.

''It is very heartening to know the type of support we have here in Nova Scotia, which extends throughout the world. With love, the Schofield Family.''

Statistics on the number of expats and residents involved in motorcycle crashes on Phuket have been difficult to come by since the Phuket Public Health department ceased its regular monthly updates in April 2012.

Phuketwan supports the Mothers or Motorcycles (MoM) road safety awareness campaign and 100 percent helmet usage for Phuket motorcycle riders.


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To be honest I'm very sorry about him, but I wanna know how is possible for someone in the habit of living abroad to use motorbike without any personal insurance...

Posted by richard on September 13, 2013 09:39


Richard, in this particular case, the medical coverage has been described as "minimal" and "inadequate". The fund raising which has now reached $30k is intended to pay some of the excess Thai hospital costs and to help with his rehab when he returns home. He is reported to have suffered severe brain trauma and was in a coma for several days. Although he may qualify for significant payments under his provincial health insurance plan when he returns home (he was living in his province last year while he completed his B.Ed so he qualifies), the money is never enough to pay for all the expenses incurred to provide the best chance at recovery. Sadly, he was an educated and qualified teacher, He is also married but his wife was still in Korea and was reportedly to join him in October.

Posted by Ryan on September 13, 2013 10:24


Ryan, thx for your informations

Posted by richard on September 13, 2013 10:47


I write this article not to criticise but in the hope more people will take out full medical cover. I am sorry to hear stories like this sadly they are regular with a recent man staying in hospital for about a year, yes a year. Every month I pay over 10,000Baht (about $320) for medical insurance not just for motorbike accidents but for all medical issues. Cover is in the millions of Dollars and I looked into the policy carefully. My rent is 16,000Baht so a large percentage of my monthly budget and some say it is a waste of money but to me I can sleep at night knowing I have it in place. There has been much debate about this in the press but I really do think mandatory full coverage should be implemented for all foreigners.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on September 13, 2013 11:56


dont drive if you insurance is minimal, if you do then up to you..

Posted by lea on September 13, 2013 12:59


His insurance maybe minimal now, but most likely would have been more than enough just a few years ago. The prices the hospitals are charging have gone up dramatically in the past few years.
Two days ago my girlfriend was not feeling well, so I took her to Phuket International Hospital. She was checked by a doctor for about five minutes who said she should stay for at least one night. He didn't say why, but you tend to listen to a doctor. They kept her for two nights and all they did was give her a total of six pills, two injections and a bottle of IV fluid. Here is the breakdown of the bill: IV fluid 4,768/Inpatient medication (the six pills I guess) 2,079/ Home medication 815 (same pills in pharmacy 80 baht) medical supplies 865 ( I don't even know what this is) Lab investigation and Pathology 1,140/ General medical equipment 740/ Nursing and Midwifery Charges 1,200/ Registration fee 100/ First Inpatient care 500/ Subsequent Inpatient Care 1,400/ Room 3600/ Total for two nights of what seemed like a complete waste of time....17,207 baht. Being Thai she will get a lot of the money back, but farang beware!

Posted by Tim on September 13, 2013 14:27


@Tim "Being Thai she will get a lot of the money back, but farang beware" How can she do this with private treatment.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on September 13, 2013 16:20


@FiestyFarang: No matter how much you read the small print, they WILL ways to avoid payment and coverage if the s**t hits the fan, and you need the insurance. If you are older than 60-65 then the money is wasted, and you could just put the insurance fee in a bank, and have them ready there in case of an accident. This info. is not just hot air, this is from friends experiences (yes, Ed, I have friends!) - but you are wellcome to edit my comment, again and again.

Posted by Alex on September 13, 2013 16:51


Ryan, I am afraid that after having been away from Canada for more the 6 months his provincial insurance health insurance plan will not cover him, at least that is the case for Ontario. probably for the other provinces also. How could he possibly accumulate Baht 600,000 in one day alone at Wachira Hospital ?

Posted by Guenter Bellach on September 13, 2013 18:50


Guenter, you make a valid point in respect to the residency requirement of 183 days. However, Nova Scotia does have an extension if you are away on a contract (work or volunteer) outside Canada: You are eligible for coverage if your contract is for less than 24 months and you were in the province for 183 days. I believe that the teaching agreement he was subject to qualifies as a contract (provided he did the medicare paperwork before he left his province). Your point that the situation is even worse if he is not covered is also valid, as even the best Thai medical coverage will not make a dent in the costs assumed by many westerners should they return to their home countries.

Posted by Ryan on September 14, 2013 06:29


@Alex: I 100% agree with your comment as I have heard it many times from older friends & acquaintances. I am fearful that when I retire, I lose my company insurance scheme just at the time when the cost to obtain private medical insurance is prohibitive. The only way to cover yourself is to save not just for the retirement visa, but for potential medical problems in your retirement years.

Posted by Logic on September 14, 2013 15:45


@ Tim

Being Thai or not has nothing to do with whether she will get money back, that only depends on whether or not she has health insurance.

The private hospitals are much more expensive than the government hospitals, like Vachira where the victim of the OP is staying, and I have not seen any outrageous pricing there.

Posted by stevenl on September 14, 2013 17:42

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