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Englishman Lee Aldhouse, talking to Phuket police back in April

Phuket Manhunt for Kickbox Killer 'Mr Lee' Widens

Sunday, August 15, 2010
THE PHUKET manhunt for the real Muay Thai kickboxing killer ''Mr Lee'' continued today, with Phuketwan passing on information from readers about the man to police.

Officers say the ''Mr Lee'' they want to interview about the knife-murder of American DaShawn Longfellow is an Englishman who once posed as an American.

Police named him as Lee Aldhouse, 28.

Phuket's southern expat community was on edge today as word spread of the altercation at the Freedom Bar in Rawai before dawn yesterday and the knifing murder of 23-year-old Mr Longfellow at his apartment not long after.

Several expats living in the southern Rawai area of Phuket go by the name of Lee and fit parts of the wanted man's description.

One Phuketwan reader told us about the real ''Mr Lee'' suspect: ''He's from Manchester England and is a real crazy idiot. I knew it when I met him over a year and half ago. He's known for his temper, beating his girlfriend and very hostile.''

Another supplied a map, showing the precise address of Mr Lee's home. ''I can describe him myself as [having a] dark sometimes short or sometimes military cut hair. He's very white skin. Dark brown eyes and not too tall say maybe 5.9 or 5.10.''

Other details were given about the suspect ''Mr Lee's'' Thai girlfriend and a Muay Thai camp and a gymnasium he frequented.

Phuketwan reporter Sert Tongdee met Mr Aldhouse and interviewed and photographed him when Mr Aldhouse reported a hit-run accident to officers at nearby Chalong police station back in April.

At the time, Mr Aldhouse claimed he was an American.

A Phuketwan reader, who wished to remain anonymous, wrote about the English ''Mr Lee,'' who is the genuine suspect: ''Lee is well known and from Manchester, England. This guy has been running around making threats for some time.

''Now everyone can see he's serious and it took a life to make someone listen. I've let the proper people know his info, so let's see what happens next.''
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Good work editor.

Posted by Ivan on August 15, 2010 11:03


But I still want my painting done.

Posted by Leena on August 15, 2010 15:13


As an English man...I have to say this 'man' must be caught. RIP and sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr Longfellow, a good man.

Posted by Anonymous on August 18, 2010 23:00

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