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Phi Phi Raiders Arrest Frenchman Working Illegally and Fake Army General

Saturday, December 26, 2015

THE photograph of a man initially published with this article was of another Frenchman who has since proven that he has a work permit and all necessary documents. Phuketwan regrets the error, repeated widely through the Thai media, and removed the photograph as soon as the error was pointed out.

Original Report

PHUKET: A Frenchman and a fake Army major general were arrested on Phi Phi today as authorities raided the holiday island in search of illegal foreign workers.

It is believed news of the ''secret'' operation involving the Krabi provincial Labor Office, police and other authorities may have been conveyed in advance to the scores of foreigners who work on Phi Phi in jobs reserved for Thais.

The arrested Frenchman, Ahmed Medhi Hadj, 30, admitted working by selling tours and acting as a guide.

With the Frenchman being questioned amid about 30 officials in plain clothes involved in the raid, a man claiming to be a major general in the Army intervened and attempted to halt the arrest.

However, Yungyut Sorawong, 40, could not produce identification confirming his Army role and was also arrested.

It's alleged that local ''mafia'' control Phi Phi and protect illegal foreign workers.


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I love it, they found only one foreigner working illegally in Phi-Phi!

Posted by WhistleBlower on December 26, 2015 20:27


Seems like a lot more going on that meets the eye. I mean if more Thais had the unique skills for example speaking French than I could see this making sense but I have never met a Thai that does after living in Thailand for 8 years. How many speak Korean, Russian. Is this all they have to do with their time?

Posted by O my word on December 27, 2015 01:58


Of course it was 'conveyed in advance'
No way will the money train for illegal workers be interrupted.

Got to love it

Happy new year... Same same..

Posted by Sharp on December 27, 2015 09:03


O my word,
There are many highly skilled French practitioners on Phuket athough I doubt many would pass a basic written exam

Posted by MoW on December 27, 2015 09:08


@ O my word

You'd be surprised how many Thais do speak Russian. Thailand and Russia have a reciprocal visa arrangement and quite a few Thais have studied there.

Posted by Herbert on December 27, 2015 10:49


Could not produce identification and was also arrested!
The joke(r) of the day?

Posted by herbert on December 27, 2015 10:52

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