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On the mat: the eyes of wrestling fans are on Phuket for a comeback

On the Mat, World Wrestling Fights For Its Olympic Life on Phuket

Thursday, June 13, 2013
PHUKET: The Junior Asian Wrestling Championship on Phuket over the next few days has a headlock task - to save the sport at the Olympic Games.

Changes to the rules designed to make wrestling more entertaining are to be implemented for the first time on Phuket between today and June 16.

The International Olympic Comittee shocked wrestling officials earlier this year by declaring that the ancient original sport is likely to be dropped from the Games.

The world's top wrestling body, FILA, met on Phuket soon after that announcement to begin to try to pull the sport off the mat.

Now the new rules are to be in place on Phuket in the first international test. Olympic officials said the sport - in an era of visual excitement - had to become more entertaining.

Wrestling's FILA Extraordinary Congress last month decided to make bouts two-period affair of three minutes each, replacing the best of three periods, for cumulative scores to decide the winner.

A takedown will be worth two points, making it more valuable than a point for the pushout or a penalty point. Passive wrestlers are to be penalised.

To see how the new rules work, visit Phuket's large Saphan Hin gymnasium in Phuket City between today and Sunday.


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The Olympics was founded on wrestling and it should remain in the Olympics. Well done Phuketwan for writing this and highlighting it. I love that they want to make it more interesting, I could say that diving is rather boring, along with long distance running. But hey each to their own. Bring back wrestling.....

Posted by Jay Leshark on June 13, 2013 09:37


"The Olympics was founded on wrestling and it should remain in the Olympics."

Yes, but the world is not the same anymore, there are many, many more popular sports and the Olympics is about money these days, so needs the sports with the biggest audiences. And wrestling is not one of those.

Posted by stevenl on June 13, 2013 14:07


I do agree it is all about money now, but not audiences. Wrestling is huge in eastern europe and asia and of course the good old US of A. Gotta be bigger than diving or trampolining. Oh well, back to my wee then to get my wrestling fix. ha ha

Posted by Jay Leshark on June 13, 2013 15:51

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