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Part of the Patong Tower. The lovers plunged from the Unit 1702 balcony

Lovers in Death Pact Leap from Patong Tower

Sunday, March 7, 2010
A YOUNG couple jumped to their deaths from the tallest building on Phuket today because their families did not approve of them being in love.

Police named the couple as Achjima On-keaw, 24, and Anon Pawaluksanawat, 29. They left behind notes and holiday snaps in their high-rise apartment.

The couple had made the trip to the romantic holiday island of Phuket from Bangkok on Friday to spend time together before making their plunge from the balcony of unit 1702 at 5.30am today.

They left notes explaining their decision to make a lovers' leap from the 17th floor of the Patong Tower condos, an exceptionally tall building on the island that was erected before modern height limits came into force.

The condos are one block back from Patong beach, Phuket's most popular beach, off Rat-U-Thit-200-Pi Road, which runs parallel to the beach road.

When police entered the apartment they found the television still going and a wallet and a purse on the dvd player.

The young woman was wearing a pink shirt, a black jacket and short black pants, while the young man was dressed in a black and white shirt and brown shorts.

Police checked for fingerprints and took away the notes, the wallet and the purse, but they do not believe there were suspicious circumstances.

Later today, the bodies were returned to both families, along with the notes.

Essentially, the notes thanked the parents of each of the lovers for taking such good care of them, through childhood and on.

Both children apologised for their actions, along the lines of: ''Sorry about everything. When you read this letter, you may not see me again in this world.''

Phuket is well-known among Thais for the legend of ''Sarasin, the Bridge of Love,'' a film inspired by the star-crossed fate of a young Phuket couple.

On February 22, 1973, a minibus driver and his student teacher girlfriend jumped off the Sarasin Bridge because their families disagreed with their romance.

The bridge, one of two links side by side between Phuket and mainland Thailand, is now being replaced with a third new bridge, however the Sarasin Bridge will be retained for romantic reasons.
Legendary Sarasin Changing
One of the vital bridges that links Phuket with the mainland is to be replaced. But the old bridge will have a new life.
Legendary Sarasin Changing

Swedish Girl Survives Box Jellyfish Attack
Latest Have there been unreported deaths from box jellyfish in Thailand? The mother of a Swedish girl who narrowly survived an attack says she was told there have been unreported deaths.
Swedish Girl Survives Box Jellyfish Attack

Phuket SMS Blood Alarm Leaves Callers in Distress
Breaking News A mysterious SMS across Phuket about a child in need of blood has caused distress to recipients of the message who wanted to help. The US Navy was ready to respond.
Phuket SMS Blood Alarm Leaves Callers in Distress

Phuket Disaster Echoed Jetstar Landing Scare
Latest Pilots slow to react, distracted, stressed, confused . . . a botched landing on a Jetstar flight was replicated within weeks by a tragic holiday crash disaster on Phuket.
Phuket Disaster Echoed Jetstar Landing Scare

Kick-Boxing Norwegian Accused of Shoplifting
Latest A Norwegian tourist has paid 40,000 baht to settle a case of shoplifting against him. The mediated settlement avoids loss of passport and possible delays in a court hearing.
Kick-Boxing Norwegian Accused of Shoplifting

Phuket Tragedies: Two Tourists Die Lonely Deaths
UPDATE A German tourist dies in the sea at a popular Phuket beach and an Australian has a deadly attack at a resort pool. His traumatised female companion flew home today.
Phuket Tragedies: Two Tourists Die Lonely Deaths


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What a tragedy, what a waste of young lives. Not much more anyone can say about this is there?

Posted by Terry on March 9, 2010 03:50

Wednesday December 6, 2023
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