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Statistical updates encourage more Phuket riders to wear helmets

Latest Expat Deaths on Phuket Listed

Saturday, August 17, 2013
PHUKET: If there's one thing Phuketwan would like Phuket's honorary consuls to request when they meet with Governor Maitree Intrusud on Tuesday, it is for the release of regular updated statistics concerning the road toll and drownings.

Comprehensive, accurate statistics are what separates democractic countries from dictatorships and places where the rule of law cannot be maintained.

To have a popular international holiday destination in a rapidly developing country where the dangers on the roads and in the water are not clearly defined and regularly updated by statistics is unacceptable.

To have a popular international holiday destination in a rapidly developing country where little is being done to arrest the number of deaths and injuries on the roads and in the water is worse than unacceptable.

Until April last year, Phuket's Public Health Department released regular updates every month. This had been a sensible idea, a habit going back years.

With reasonably accurate figures about the road toll and drownings, Phuket residents and people who were planning to visit Phuket could assess the risks involved with some degree of accuracy.

People could tell whether the battle to save lives on the roads and in the water was being won or lost.

Yet for the past 16 months, there has been no way of assessing the risks - because in all that time, the statistics about the road toll and drownings on Phuket have not been released.

What's particularly alarming about the change in approach from openness to secrecy is the number of drownings that have occurred on Phuket's beaches in that period.

By our reckoning, it's a serious number - a total far too high for a year-round beach destination.

Most of these needless deaths on the beaches occur because there has been no community action plan to prevent them.

With the capacity of social media to alert people quickly these days to danger in every corner of the world, it would be foolish to imagine that the number of drownings on Phuket can be hidden.

Allowing rip-offs and scams to continue over the years has now, finally, brought the intervention of Bangkok authorities on Phuket.

Allowing residents and tourists to die needlessly in the water and on the roads of Phuket really should have triggered alarm bells in Bangkok, too.

The trouble is that most envoys concentrate on the welfare of their own citizens. Adding up the numbers from one nation to the next is the role of news outlets.

Phuketwan can see that drownings especially are at an unacceptable level and that Phuket must take a proactive approach to saving lives.

The road toll figures, if anything, probably show positive results from efforts to make Phuket safer, although the numbers of motorcycle-related maimings, especially among the young, probably remain too high.

Whether the battle to save lives on Phuket's beaches and on Phuket's roads is being won or lost, we can't say.

It's a secret. And it shouldn't be.

LATEST police statistics about expat deaths on Phuket again show a high number of drownings, either in pools or at Phuket's popular beaches.

The total of 35 expat deaths on Phuket between March and August seems surprisingly low. The same number of deaths was recorded on Phuket in January-February.

Other deaths are probably not recorded in this list, for a variety of reasons. However, it's much better to have uncertain statistics than to have none at all.

Expat Deaths on Phuket March-August 2013

Johenn Schob Switzerland 48 March 5 Chalong Collapsed at home
Niall William Walh Ireland 34 March 8 Chalong car crash
Graziano Cagnato Italy 56 March 8 Chalong car crash
Mrs Linda Brooks Jewell British 51 March 14 Chalong personal illness
Oleg Udaloi Russia 43 March 22 Karon drowning
Adriano Favaretto Italy 64 May 11 Tung Thong Hit head in fall
Gunter Anton Fuchs Germany 56 May 13 Chalong personal illness
Peter Loots Triebner Germany 57 May 17 Karon personal illness
Loh Zhi Wei Malaysia 29 May 21 Tachatchai motorcycle crash
Mrs Semon Cherie Winters New Zealand 47 May 26 Vichit personal illness
Beat Albert Siegerst Switzerland 66 May 29 Chalong personal illness
Joseph Spiteri Malta 70 May 30 Kathu personal illness
Yoann Dieu France 24 May 30 Chalong suicide by hanging
Miss Faetra Augustina US 29 May 30 Chalong no cause determined
Sheng Sheng China 27 June 2 Chalong drowning
Rainer Hellemann Australia 61 June 16 Tung Thong personal illness
Ginnadii Magazinov Russia 54 June 19 Karon personal illness
Jeremy Thomas O'Neill British 37 June 21 Kathu drowning
Yun Zemin China 43 July 1 Chalong drowning
Mrs Aino Marianne Seeppala Sweden 56 July 9 Chalong personal illness
Khudhair Abbas Mansoor Iraq 46 July 16 Kathu personal illness
Li Ran China 31 July 18 Chalong drowning
Park Boksoon Korea 85 July 20 Vichit old age
Aleksandr Poleshchemko Russia 29 July 20 Kathu drowning
Vancher Roojan Belgium 40 July 20 Kamala drowning
Ramesh Chand Singhal India 49 July 22 Karon drowning
Joshua John Smits Australia 25 July 24 Kathu suicide jump
Tsuchida Masahiko Japan 48 July 26 Vichit personal illness
Clifford Nelson Bamford Dominican Republic 69 July 1 Vichit personal illness
David Jay Goin Canada 47 July 3 Tung Thong personal illness
Mark William Caarroll US 51 July 7 Karon drowning
Zhao Yi China 92 July 16 Kathu personal illness
Dmitry Onishchenko Russia 32 July 22 Karon drowning
Wael Zakhour Syria 45 August 5 Karon drowning
Peng Yu China 22 August 9 Chalong drowning


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Expats is normally understood as people who lives away from their home country for a long period.
If can hardly be blamed the authorities that they such people are unaware of how dangerous the sea can be at monsoon season.

Posted by Sherlock on August 17, 2013 20:44


Here Here Ed!

Posted by Neill on August 18, 2013 02:39


Far to many deaths explained away as a personal illness, some will be genuine others should read died from Food poisoning, malaria, dengue fever we also know swimmers have been hit by watercraft propellers as reported on phuket wan, explained as a drowning also there is not one murder mentioned
this is also a expat death the australian travel agent didnt even rate a mention murdered for her handbag
the truth continues to be concealed by ommissions distortion & deciet .

Posted by slickmelb on August 18, 2013 04:06

Editor Comment:

The figures are for February-August this year and the murder took place in June last year. Murders involving expats or tourists are extremely rare. Most times, the perpetrators are other expats.


Perhaps Thailand thinks it is being clever hiding the death tolls from drowning and traffic accidents but if this is the case ALL developed countries and most of the people in them will look at this conduct as suspicious and then maybe spend their money in a country that is more open and publishes its death numbers.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 18, 2013 18:26


I goofed badly on the date Ed but I digress I dont see the carter family matter there that was July and the charge is Murder or if they want to window dress it a bit Knifeing,its the subdefuge and rather clandestine death by personal illness which is a cover up and appalling,the sad case of the girl who ate the salad as reported here, should be honestly stated what it was, death by food poisoning not death by personal illness, we just have to accept that's not good for Thai tourism so its sugar coated, the many deaths by personal illnesses of people under 50 look questionable to me as the real cause of death is not mentioned.

Posted by slickmelb on August 19, 2013 06:04

Editor Comment:

There is a one-word answer: money. Diagnosing the causes of deaths in Thailand is another area where developing countries fail to cope. The unexplained Phi Phi deaths of four female tourists highlight the issue. Food poisoning in Thailand is rare and there's no way of concluding it as a cause of death without proof.


Agreed Ed no such thing as a official coroners inquest, clearly for every unexplained death and the amount here it seems required or questions rumour
& suspicions roll on for years, I also have the luxury that if something looks like a duck quacks like a duck walks like a duck I can assume its a duck as a Editor that distributes widely read material you do not have that luxury re the laws of Libel duty of care etc
the salad matter looked about as duck as you could get to me.

Posted by slickmelb on August 20, 2013 01:14

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