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Elephants won't forget the roadworks at Kata beach

Kata Beach Roadworks a Test for Walking Street

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
MAJOR works are being undertaken on the road outside the new Karon Tessaban, near Kata beach. The works should put an end to flooding.

Large pipes are being placed underground so the water drains away.

The head of engineering at Karon Tessaban, Wanchai Chaton, said: ''We want to stop the regular problem caused by water on the road surface, especially in the wet season.''

A parade of shops has recently opened on the other side of the street, outside the expanded Kata Beach Resort. Access to the shops is now via a narrow footpath.

Traffic headed for Kata beach has to enter and leave via the beach road's northern access.

The closure of the road is in some ways a practice run for the traffic flow along the Kata beach road, in front of Club Med.

A proposal to turn the road between the Kata Beach Resort and the Karon Tessaban into a walking street each night after 6pm is likely to be tested next high season.

Khun Wanchai said the roadworks should be finished by June 20, provided there were not too many delays caused by rain.

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