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The victim of today's smash injured a leg. She was not wearing a helmet

German Tourist Detours Scooter into Phuket City Shop

Friday, September 5, 2014
PHUKET: A 19-year-old German tourist lost control of the scooter she was riding about 11.30am today and plunged into a shop in Phang Nga Road, Phuket City. Nastasya Kotnarovsky was taken for treatment for minor injuries at Phuket International Hospital. She and her companion Heldmuller Genannt Kuhlmann, 19, on a second vehicle, were not wearing helmets. Mr Kuhlmann left his passport with the hirer.


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I guarantee she did not possess a motorcycle license.

Posted by Nomadjoe on September 5, 2014 17:26


Gives window shopping a brand new meaning, hospital bills & unlikely insured scooter hope took out travel insurance and one that covers scooters or this careless moment can lead to bankruptcy.

Posted by slickmelb on September 5, 2014 21:01


So many things wrong in this story. How did she "lose control", why was she not wearing a helmet, how did they both get to Phanga Nga road without being stopped by the police and why did he leave his passport with the hirer.

This is Phuket 2014. Welcome.

Posted by Smithy on September 5, 2014 22:33


Throttle jammed up?...or was it a crazy moment..

Posted by Andrew Ronayne on September 6, 2014 00:49


To be covered by travel insurance, you must have a valid motorcycle license issued in your country of residence. My guess is no insurance.

Posted by Robin on September 6, 2014 01:16


1st off all: Poor girl had an accident.
2nd: Nobody got seriously hurt, good.
The rest is daily life in a Thailand's holiday destination, therefore no one really to blame but the person who took down the names, as the boy's name must definitely be wrong.

Posted by Resident on September 6, 2014 08:15


From another published news about this event, it seems that they rented the scooters from a shop located in the same street. So we can assume that they didn't ride far and that the lady is indeed not experienced at all.
As for holding a valid motorcycle license, we have to hold our assumptions until this will be verified by a valid source.
This news points out once again how the bike rental business on Phuket MUST be regulated.
* Keeping passports as guarantee is illegal
* Renting motorbikes to drivers without a valid motorbike International license is illegal
* Riding a motorbike without a helmet is illegal (and of course, highly dangerous)
* Correct me if I am wrong, but I guess renting an uninsured vehicle is also illegal
* And of course, operating this business without a proper license is illegal.
Let's hope that in the same effort that is being deployed these days to clean up the taxis, tuk tuks, tour guides and other illegal businesses, the military will also regulate this business as lives are involved.

Posted by Lucien on September 6, 2014 08:21


" Renting motorbikes to drivers without a valid motorbike International license is illegal"

International licenses are a scam, international permits (IDP) are not required, provided the home license is valid for motorbikes (not endorsement for limited motorbikes) has a photo, is in English.

Posted by stevenl on September 6, 2014 10:38


I stand corrected "StevenL", here is the information on the TAT website:

"Do I need an International Driver's License to drive in Thailand?
Yes, if you want to experience driving in Thailand, you should have an International Driving License. Although short term visitors can legally drive with a valid drivers license from many countries, an international driving license is the preferred norm."

But I don't understand the Scam in an International Driving License!

Posted by Lucien on September 6, 2014 11:00


As the TAT website says 'short term visitors can legally drive with a valid drivers license from many countries'. For long term visitors a Thai DL is required BTW, IDP won't help there.

The scam is that online are sold International Drivers Licenses. They however do not have any validity anywhere, only International Drivers Permits are valid, in combination with home license.

Posted by stevenl on September 6, 2014 12:15

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