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Two men were killed when a bus struck their motorcycle on Phuket today

Two Die on Motorcycle Trying to Make U-Turn in Front of Phuket Bus

Monday, May 25, 2015
PHUKET: Two men on a motorcycle were killed today when struck by a bus as they tried to make a u-turn in Phuket's main north-south artery.

Somwang Chuaikamchu, 30, and his Burmese pillion rider, Aung Myint, 30, died in Thepkasattri Road about 1.10am as they suddenly moved in front of the bus, which was heading for Phuket City through Thalang.

''The men wanted to get across to make a u-turn but they moved in front of the bus and were struck,'' said an investigating officer from Thalang Police Station.

The driver, Montree Posee, 41, told police he could do nothing to prevent the bus striking the men.

The bodies were taken to Thalang Hospital.


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sad story again. but its a blessing that we don't see this happens more tho we see everyday on the streets of Phuket how many cloosecall there is.. RIP

Posted by Frog on May 25, 2015 12:17


I noticed that on this stretch recently signs were put up to the effect that the speed limit is 60 km/hr. Long time in coming. But nobody seems to obey it. Very likely the bus was speeding in darkness too.

Posted by Guenter Bellach on May 25, 2015 16:22


Another unfortunate episode in the Land of Recklessness...and I would still be willing to bet that the bus took no effort to slow down or yield...just keep on barreling along. They all do it, all the time.

Posted by Richard Vickers on May 25, 2015 22:03



dont speculate the bus was speeding you dont know.

Why it happened we dont know. Only certainty is that its a cultural event that motorbike riders think they must be first at a traffic light, or u turns etc. Appears there is a lack of patience with Thai road users.

Posted by expat tiger on May 26, 2015 04:36


Complete unneeded lost of 2 young men life. If the guys just slowed down, let the bus go ahead, and than they made a U-turn, they would be still alive.
It is dangerous on Phuket roads not looking for anything and just do your own thing. I see it daily. Sooner or later it 'hits' you.

Posted by Kurt on May 26, 2015 13:00


Everyone driving bikes or motorbikes on Phuket should know that busses, cement trucks, water tanker, and 18 wheel trucks 'take first way'. To warn you they horn you. That is it. The rest is up to your common sense to survive/stay alive. if you die they have their brake excuse, or slippery road, and get away with a fine .
Why are there no 'highway patrol' cars daily on the road to enforce traffic laws? They not have to escort every day influential people to their hotels, yes?

Posted by Kurt on May 26, 2015 13:31



the most basic rule is not to drive or ride motorbikes on Phuket at all, especially foreigners, and in particular those on short-term visits.

Two major hazards: 1. safety hazard out of traffic self 2. easy target for criminals - also important.

Folks should decrease their beer or accommodation budgets,many increase their tuktuk/taxi budget , or car hire ones, and in general to limit their movement around the island - for the purpose of latter, if they want entertainment they should stay on Patong, not on Karon, to avoid transportation there, or if they prefer beaches , but no entertainment then on Naithon.

Posted by Sue on May 26, 2015 15:06

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