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Attempts are made to revive a Chinese tourist at Karon beach

UPDATE Chinese Tourist Dies After Three Rescued from Surf at Phuket's Karon Beach

Thursday, August 13, 2015
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

THE TOURIST who drowned at Karon has been identified as a Chinese, Qi Chunhua, 43. His body is at Patong Hospital.

Original Report

PHUKET: A tourist has died at Patong Hospital of drowning despite efforts to rescue him and two others from rough surf today.

It was feared to be the second tourist death from drowning along Phuket's west coast beaches in two days.

The man and two female companions were swimming in a red flag area outside the lifeguard patrolled zone when the three of them got into difficulties about 2.30pm, according to Utane Singsom, the leader of the lifeguards at Karon beach.

''We rescued all three of them but the man did not survive,'' Khun Utane said. ''He died at Patong Hospital, we were told.''

The surf was particularly rough today, according to lifeguards.

Earlier in the day another tourist, a Chinese man, suffered a dislocated neck at Karon when he was hit from behind by a dumper. and driven into the sand.

The three people disappeared into the surf opposite the sports stadium in Karon.

Lifeguards say it's difficult to control large numbers of tourists who sometimes insist on swimming despite the dangers.

A Korean man, Seo Seungin, 45, disappeared at Kata Noi beach yesterday and is feared drowned. Searchers have yet to locate his body.


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If they were outside the patrol area on a red flag day what can you do? Self responsibility must come into it somewhere. Another needless drowning.

Posted by Arun Muruga on August 13, 2015 19:07

Editor Comment:

The translation problem makes it difficult to determine precisely what happened but in previous cases, not enough warnings have been given. People from non-swimming, no-beaches places are not aware of the risks or the danger signs. The signage at the airport is hidden (and in English). It's unlikely the visitors were warned when they checked in, as they all should be at this time of the year. Once tourists hit the beach, determined to swim, it's too late. Another needless drowning.


I was at the north end today having a late lunch. I could hear lots of whistles coming from the beach, which I assumed were from the lifeguards.

I went to have a look and saw dozens of people way out in the water where the red flags were flying on the beach.

Posted by Smithy on August 13, 2015 21:13


On our first visit to Phuket in June 1995, we were staying on Karon Beach not far from where the stadium now is and near where this latest tragedy occurred. I went swimming on the second day leaving my wife to take photos of me. I only swam a few slow strokes and struggled to turn to wave for the pic and found myself well away from shore and going out further. I seemed to be getting nowhere swimming back so turned on to my back and in doing so swam to the side which possibly saved my life as it took me out of the current and I was able to swim slowly back where I arrived absolutely breathless and very frightened and relieved! For the rest of our two week stay we stayed by the pool.
I agree entirely with the Ed. that it is not entirely the individual's fault and in particular those tourists from land locked home areas where seeing the sea. let alone swimming in it, is a highly enticing and exciting prospect and where there are no warnings in their own language or advice given in their own country, by their travel agents, tour operators or in their hotels in their language. It is not or should not be a lot to ask to have multi-language leaflets and diagrams printed and distributed - but, sadly, it appears to be too much!

Posted by Alan on August 14, 2015 01:06

Wednesday August 17, 2022
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