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The tourist couple read about what happened via  Phuketwan today

Chinese Jet-Ski Victim Tells of Crash With Phuket Speedboat

Monday, September 2, 2013
Today's Dramatic VIDEO

A Chinese tourist has a lucky escape from a jet-ski crash rescue at Patong.

PHUKET: The Chinese tourist injured when his jet-ski collided with a parasailing speedboat sat up in bed today and asked his wife: ''What happened?''

When Shen Baocheng, 27, is able to see the dramatic video that emerged today of his rescue, he will fully understand how close he came to drowning.

His wife, Wen Wen, 26, three months pregnant, was able to fill in some of the details. She introduced him today to his rescuer, and to the owner of the speedboat.

Owner Padungsak Patsado paid Phuket International Hospital 150,000 baht in cash today to cover the cost of the tourist's treatment.

The man who rescued the limp tourist from the water was Jaroon Choomjan, who jumped onto a jet-ski when he saw the crash from the beach at Patong.

The video shows that it was a narrow thing. By the time Khun Jaroon plucked the holidaymaker from the sea, his lungs were full of water.

Revival on the beach was touch and go, the video shows.

Today Wen Wen showed her husband our coverage of the story and told Phuketwan that it was their first time on Phuket.

''We only arrived the day before,'' she said. ''It was my husband's first time on a jet-ski, too.

''We want him to be better. I know this was an accident.''

Khun Sucha said it was the first time in 30 years he had been operating a parasailing business that his speedboats had had a crash.

The jet-ski operator was supposed to join him in contributing to the hospital bill but did not appear today.

With the visitors today came Sucha Pennoiong, who called the ambulance from Patong beach, and Patong Jet-Ski Club President, Nucha Petchvimol.

''I am so grateful to everybody,'' said Wen Wen.

Shen Baocheng was moved from the Phuket City hospital's intensive care unit at 4pm yesterday.

His wounded ear, damaged cheekbone and his lungs are recovering. He will be discharged from hospital tomorrow and the couple will fly back to China on Saturday.

''I hope we can come back to Phuket next year,'' Wen Wen said. ''We will bring the baby.''

Today's Dramatic VIDEO

A Chinese tourist has a lucky escape from a jet-ski crash rescue at Patong.


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Given a very serious situation many worked hard to save him, especially the man who massaged his heart (Jaroon Choomjan) I think Padungsak Patsado is excellent and can hold his head up high and deserves respect as 150,000Baht is a lot of money any where but even more in a developing country like Thailand (for overseas readers an average salary in Thailand is about 8000Baht therefore he paid about 2 years salary) when he did not necessarily have to in practical terms. Well done, in some other cases little money is given. I salute you two guys and other that helped (I have been in Thailand 6 years so seen a few different things and this one should make Thailand proud)

Posted by Fiesty Farang on September 2, 2013 17:45


In Thailand it is considered normal and also good behaviour to visit victims that ends up in hospital if you or your property (car, boat etc) was involved and wish for a speedy recovery of the victim. So it is a bit surprising to read that the owner of the jet ski did not show up, he is loosing a lot of face I would think.

Posted by Sailor on September 2, 2013 18:46


It is admirable that the speedboat owner came forward to pay 150,000 baht.

However, he would not have to pay 150,000 baht out of his own pocket if he had the proper insurance that speedboats operating as commercial vessels are required to carry.

Additionally, as a tourist activity, the speedboat would come under the requirements for having additional tour insurance and TAT licensing.

Operating for 30 years and only having to pay out 150,000 baht... I wish I had the same advantage with my speedboat!

This speedboat owner is breaking several laws and regulations, yet is being praised.

Why isn't anyone questioning why these boats are not obeying the laws that others must follow?

Shouldn't jet-skis also be required to carry liability / accident insurance in addition to damage insurance?

Someone should repot these violation to the TAT, Marine Department and the revenue department, as if these people are not operating as proper companies and not following the minimum guidelines - I can imagine their tax bill is a bit light as well.

Phuket needs ALL players required to maintain the correct licensing and requirements to ensure safety and proper treatment for all visitors.

If not, I would love to cancel my insurance and TAT license - I too would be happy to pay out 150,000 baht every 30 years and pocket the savings.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my thoughts.

Posted by John J on September 3, 2013 07:23

Editor Comment:

Indeed. The owner paid the cash in advance of an insurance claim and repayment.

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