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British kickboxer Lee Aldhouse, wanted for murder on Phuket

Britain Makes Surprise Bid to Speed Alleged Phuket Killer Aldhouse's Return

Saturday, December 17, 2011
PHUKET: A top-level attempt is being made by the British Government to get accused murderer and kickboxer Lee ''Pitbull'' Aldhouse on a flight for Phuket as soon as possible.

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, is bidding to prevent Aldhouse appealing against his extradition, Britain's 'Birmingham Mail' reports tonight.

It's a fresh twist in a notable Phuket murder case, a twist that one senior British judge has described as ''Kafkaesque in the extreme,'' although it could mean Aldhouse will be back on Phuket in months rather than years.

Aldhouse, a kickboxer who was training on Phuket, allegedly stabbed to death former US Marine Dashawn Longfellow in September last year in a vengeful ambush after the two had fought at the Freedom Bar in the beach district of Rawai at Aldhouse's instigation, a fight that Longfellow won.

In a precedent-setting case, Home Secretary Mrs May this year supported a court ruling that Aldhouse should be extradited to Thailand and Phuket to face the murder charge.

But the 27-year-old, a former Birmingham area bouncer, wants to appeal his extradition on the grounds that conditions in Thai jails would violate his human rights.

So keen are Thai officials to have Aldhouse back that there has even been talk of building a special cell to hold him, rather than have him win the case and avoid trial for murder.

Other expats imprisoned in admittedly-crowded Phuket Prison have few complaints, several inmates told Phuketwan just last week. A royal amnesty release in honor of HM The King's 84th birthday has seen inmate numbers reduced by about 10 percent.

In the latest court case, which only came to light tonight, Mrs May claims the Home Office was not correctly notified of his appeal against the Thai government's extradition request.

Clair Dobbin, for Mrs May, told London's High Court that Mr Aldhouse only sent a letter to the government department, rather than the full legal papers necessary for ''administrative efficiency''.

Joseph Middleton, for Mr Aldhouse, said the appeal was against the Thai Government, not the Home Office, and should go ahead, the Mail reported.

Senior judge Sir John Thomas said attempts to block the appeal were ''Kafkaesque in the extreme''.

''It has nothing to do with the dispute between the parties, it only concerns the administrative convenience of another party,'' he said.

Sir John, sitting with Mr Justice Ouseley, reserved judgement on whether the appeal should be heard.


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Let him duke it out with Junie Allen Browning and let the best man go free. That would be the fight of the decade.

Posted by sky on December 17, 2011 20:39


No, Sky ~ let him go to Thailand and PAY for what he did to our dear Dashawn!!

Posted by Anonymous on December 18, 2011 01:41


Expats have few complaints about Thai prisons? What a lot of absolute nonsense and you are definitely showing your bias by even bothering to print that and the unfounded rumor of building a special cell to house him.
The judge is quite right to point out that the appeal should proceed and not be denied for purely administrative reasons.
You shouldn't let your emotions enter into your journalism, it's not professional.

Posted by Peter Tudders on December 18, 2011 20:10

Editor Comment:

We don't print rumors, nor do we have any ''bias,'' nor do we make false assumptions.. The question of a special cell for Lee Aldhouse has been discussed at senior levels in Bangkok. We've reported this before - perhaps you missed our earlier reports.

One of our journalists went inside Phuket Prison for the release of those freed under the amnesty this month and had the opportunity to ask expat prisoners about conditions. Those we asked responded by saying they had no problems with conditions at the jail. Perhaps you also missed our report about the recent scabies outbreak.

The British justice system will eventually sort itself out. Clearly, that's where the problems are. And if there's any bias, it's in your head.

One of your previous comments on the case - unpublished until now - is as follows:

''He won't be extradited, as the deadline already expired on the 30th August. If they do try to extradite him the High Court in the UK or the European Court of Human Rights will prevent it.''

Fortunately, few minds with any say in the matter are that closed.


To the scabies. It is only a news outbreak. They are in it for live.

Posted by Lena on December 18, 2011 21:13

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