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Ghanaian midfielder Nikwei Issac, who plays for Ayutthaya FC

Footballers 'Forced into Sex for Survival'

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
PHUKET: An international football player in Thailand says he has been forced into sex for survival and the future is equally bleak for other players in dire straits.

Ghanaian midfielder Nikwei Issac, who plays for Ayutthaya FC in Division One against Phuket FC, is quoted as saying: ''We are going through hell-like situations just because of football.''

His comments appear today in - one of the world's most popular online sites - under the headline: SHOCKER: Ghana players engage in sex to survive in Thailand.

''Fake agents'' also take advantage of the footballers' situation and ''aggravate their plight,'' says.

''This is my first season in the country [Thailand] after an agent lured me here,''' Nikwei told a Ghanaian radio station, Akyeaa FM.

''He gave me a lot of promises but when I arrived it proved an empty one so I had to struggle to survive.

''Life is not easy here, I play for my team only if the place is safe because my working permit has expired, many players are into a lot of ungodly acts just to find their feet, some of which are Ghanaians.

''They cannot return home because they are not financially sound, some have now resorted to dealing in illegal drugs whiles others live with local women.

''These women like sex a lot so you will have to satisfy them every day before they will help you. We are going through hell-like situations just because of football.

''Players like Abdul Samed 'Okocha' and Stephen Offei are here without a club and it pains me how these talented players are going through situations like this but I will advise the young ones not to hastily move from Ghana to play in Asia.

''They should make sure all their documents are intact to prevent frustrations.''

Ayutthaya FC are currently lying 11th on Thailand's First Division League log with 32 points, two points above safety.


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Classic!...just when you thought you heard everything

Posted by sky on August 13, 2014 07:04


"These women like sex a lot so you will have to satisfy them every day before they will help you" - wow such a hard life.

Posted by Ciaran on August 13, 2014 09:12


I regularly watch Thai first division football & there are too many poor quality foreign players of varying origins keeping Thais out of the game.

Even at Korat, getting crowds of 15,000+ this year, with gate takings only 100 baht per person, they are not going to be paying huge salaries.

Dodgy football agents are dodgy the world over, so why not here? I wonder what 'promises' were made & whether they were verbal or on paper.

If these footballers have proof that they are being forced into drug trafficking & prostitution, then they need to get together & report to the new authorities as another item to tackle.

Posted by Logic on August 13, 2014 09:24


''These women like sex a lot so you will have to satisfy them every day before they will help you. We are going through hell ....." Really a poor life! lol Somebody interested in me? I would make that job. ;-)

Posted by Alfred on August 13, 2014 09:47

Editor Comment:

You may not have the right credentials, Alfred.


Yeah just when u thought u have heard everything! what a joke. Send him packing. I am sure I spotted a few of his countrymen wandering up and down Sukhumnit road in BKK and as u pass u get that whisper "want something" ?? surely the authorities can do something about them? lets face it its not like they are not too easy to spot?? I mean what the hell is an African doing in Thailand anyway?? tourists?? all playing football?? how the hell can they even be allowed in the country when " for the most part" most of them are engaged in illegal activities? Again goes to show u what a joke the immigration system here in Thailand is actually like. Maybe he paid his 100 baht and was fast tracked in the VIP queue. Classic TiT

Posted by Tom on August 13, 2014 10:38

Editor Comment:

Talking about ''them'' is the same mindless bigotry as talking about ''they,'' You appear to be grouping all Africans together, even though you apparently have the ability to tell which people are Ghanaians, without asking them. How clever, Tom.


''These women like sex a lot so you will have to satisfy them every day before they will help you" - I do not mean to sound racist but a disadvantage of white skin in Phuket with the ladies is that the price goes up and sex is rarely for free whether financially direct or indirectly. They should have a promotion in low season, pay for one lady get two - joking of course.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 13, 2014 11:03


" I play for my team only if the place is safe because my working permit has expired."
Cue: Labor Dept.

Posted by The Night Mare on August 13, 2014 11:24


@Tom you blatant racism has no place in 2014. Who are you going to start on next the Jews? Tom I imagine you are white for a guy living as a minority in an Asian country your attitude is even harder to understand. Thailand welcomes many people including black, white or other Asian races.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 13, 2014 11:58


@Fiesty Farang:
'a disadvantage of white skin in Phuket with the ladies is that the price goes up'. How do you know that? Black is cheaper than white only in Phuket? You inhabit some odd places.

Posted by Pete on August 13, 2014 12:04

gravatar have certainly made the most of it with their headline!

I would be surprised if his situation is common throughout Thailand. The foreign players at Phuket earn 200,000- 300,000 THB per month which is much greater than they would receive if playing this standard of football in Europe or others part of the world.

Posted by Billy on August 13, 2014 12:40

Editor Comment:

Do you have personal knowledge that the pay rates are so high, Billy, or is that something you've been told?


@FiestyFarang @Pete

There is a one parameter, that is considered to be statistically proven, that would make players like him, more attractive in the eyes of ladies who are connoisseurs of the staff.

Posted by Sue on August 13, 2014 13:36


@FiestyFarang @Pete

Look at Ghana:

Posted by Sue on August 13, 2014 13:47

Editor Comment:

Let's hope they know where to find Ghana.

I beieve the technical term for that, Sue, is ''de big bamboo.''


Maybe you have a point. FF is just jealous. Jealous because he is disadvantaged. Anyway his antics are not my cup of tea.

Posted by Pete on August 13, 2014 14:21


So he had a work permit and it ran out before 1 season?
What a strange work permit he must have had.
Also, no one has to resort to selling illegal "things". You could always find a new club or change your career

Posted by Tbs on August 13, 2014 14:24


@Sue having lived here for many years I can tell you black African men are not looked at favourably by most Thai ladies. Being dark skinned portrays the image of being an outside worker who are generally low paid farmers, that is why you have so many whitening skin products in Thailand,i have never seen a blackening skin product in Thailand also look at the series here on TV, many Thais are whites than Europeans. Being white is cool, more Thai ladies like Scandi men with Blue eyes. White is in, black not so much. Ask a Thai lady to go to the beach or swimming and most will say they don't want to go black.....I think they think high class is white in their opinion who trumps size of manhood in most cases in the thoughts of a Thai lady....not racist just how it is in Thailand.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 13, 2014 15:58



That's true about prejudices in the past.

But today youth is more educated, incl. about statistical evidence of credentials - readings along X and Y axis - of African men, and obviously makes more informed choices aligning it with personal preferences for wellbeing, so I tended to believe that the prejudices if not gone, then eased.

One friend of my - tall blonde smart C sized girl - left Europe for one year to US specifically on purpose to get experience with Afroamerican BF, being encouraged by what she saw in movies etc.

Posted by Sue on August 13, 2014 16:21


Dear Ed- I have been told by ex players, agents and coaches of Phuket FC that this is what they are paid. The information is consistent and I would say they are reliable sources. The young Thai players who make their way through the youth teams are on much less, 20,000 per month. However some senior Thai players are reported to be earning the same money as I mentioned before.

With limited gate receipts and prize money, I don't know how they can pay it, but I guess the owner bank rolls most of it and there are quite a number of wealthy sponsors associated with the club.

Ex Premier league player Jay Boothroyd signed for Muang Thong Thani who are in the Thai premier league and he takes home 10 million baht per month after tax!

Some of the money being paid is crazy for the standard of football on offer.

Posted by Billy on August 13, 2014 17:27



I think some prejudices have eased, but as FF said- unfortunately many African men are not looked upon favourably by Thai ladies.

There are some apartment blocks that refuse to rent rooms to Africans due to their prejudices and would prefer to tell them there are no rooms available. Monkey chants can still be heard on the football terraces. Even children judge beauty by the tone of skin colour and so many times I have heard them comment that someone is not beautiful because of their skin colour. When my wife was in her Thai high school, she was told by her teacher that she would never get married because her dark skin made her ugly. This wasn't so long ago, 6-7 years.

Some improvements have been made but a long way to go.

Posted by Billy on August 13, 2014 17:41

Editor Comment:

I've been in a restaurant in Kamala when the proprietor made disparaging comments about a customer's color. I've also seen black Britons hassled on the footpath in Ranong. Racism is perhaps the greatest evil. There are few places where it does not survive.


I Ghana be a footballer with a toothy grin; no more 500 baht bar fines for me, as sure as Laurie and the gang Howells, barks and bays at the moon, simultaneously keyboarding with ultra-hairy palms.

Signed, Multi-Tasking 101

Posted by farang888 on August 13, 2014 21:34


Unfortunately that does seem to be very true. I have never understood why someone would have these views towards different races and how they don't feel completely embarrassed to air these mindless opinions in public.

Posted by Billy on August 13, 2014 21:46


If this article is worth something, then that the "I-will-make-my-sacrifice" young men should take note, that getting seventy something sexually hungry females may not turn out to be something in heaven if one for the task presumably well equipped - thanks sue - healthy sportsman feels so used with one lady here on earth.

And for the toy boy, sorry, but he decided on what he did and which rules he broke. He decided to go gigolo and overstayed his visa. So he shouldn't complain about it. If it was not for a mediocre football player, who wasted (or overstated) his talent, who would care?

He tried it, he was not good enough, he should have gone home. The poacher agents brought him into a team, but if it does not turn out well, he should have left the country. That is happening everywhere. Like any Thai cook has to do, when the contract is over.

Posted by Lena on August 13, 2014 22:15


I saw him play for Ayuttaya in Korat - he had 2 left feet & contributed nothing except some very spectacular dives,

Maybe the agents weren't at fault - maybe his c.v. was inflated as per his ego!

Posted by Logic on August 14, 2014 00:36


Sounds great, i want also a job like that in Thailand, it's possible?

Posted by Joe on August 14, 2014 04:28


What does he mean by:

"I play for my team only if the place is safe because my working permit has expired"

Posted by Ciro on August 14, 2014 14:08


Forced to have sex, probably forced to drink booze as well

Posted by Peter Allen on August 17, 2014 15:13

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