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Neighbors warned about this landslip above Naithon

Phuket's Latest Landslip Came With a Warning

Thursday, September 18, 2008
A LANDSLIP in the Saku subdistrict of Naithon has highlighted the danger of wet-season collapses on hillside construction sites.

Earth tumbled from the underside of a five-storey building under construction onto a roadway about 4pm on Wednesday.

Local officials said the building is part of a proposed five-star resort.

Surapong Panyawai, President of the Saku Orbortor, said some 60 families living in the area had already petitioned the local authority about the potential for landslips from that building site.

Engineers from the local authority went to the site and as a result of what they found, construction stopped on September 11.

The landslip came on September 17, blocking the road.

The Orbortor cleared the road and restraining bollards were placed along the front of the site to prevent earth from reaching the roadway again.

In a demonstration of how lethal landslips can be, three Burmese workers were killed when a large quantity of earth fell on a Patong hillside in July.


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