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An artist's impression of how the Phuket shorefront kiosks might look

Phuket Resorts to Construct 18 Vendor Kiosks to End Shorefront Squabbles

Thursday, November 20, 2014
PHUKET: The large resort and property complex at Laguna Phuket reached agreement yesterday to build 18 shorefront kiosks to end decades of disputes with local vendors.

Management from the mixed-use Laguna brand estate endorsed the plan with officials at Cherng Talay council offices to build the kiosks, each of 3.5 square metres, and allow vendors to operate them.

Squabbles about shanty shops along the beachfront outside Laguna on Bang Tao and Laypang beaches have been constant since the first Laguna resort opened in the early 1980s.

Cherng Talay Mayor Ma-Ann Samran said that he hoped the agreement reached with the resort yesterday to fund erection of the kiosks inside Laguna property would solve the issue.

''We may be able to solve some other disputes along the shorefront in a similar way,'' he said today.

Laguna Phuket has moved from being a seven-resort consortium to developing villa and condominium projects across once-open parkland.

Cost of the kiosk project was not disclosed during yesterday's meeting. Construction is likely to begin soon and the kiosks could be open in December.

It's not clear how the vendors who operate the kiosks will be chosen. Mostly, previous vendors have sold souvenirs and clothing from illegal shops erected on public space.

On one recent visit, a Phuketwan reporter found an illegal tour company operating from a portable table. At one stage, a well-known rival resort opened a beachfront shop outside Laguna, selling time-share holidays similar to those on offer from Laguna.

The Laguna shorefront includes the Dusit, Outrigger, Angsana and Banyan Tree brands, together with the Xana Beach Club. Banyan Tree has not had a problem with seaside vendors.


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Thin end of the wedge. It won't stop them reoccupying the beach the second the army goes away, so why does Laguna bother?

Posted by phonus on November 20, 2014 12:48

Editor Comment:

Because they're not Doomsayers, phonus. Normal people understand that change is not only possible but inevitable.


Don't agree. If Laguna did not have a fear of the beaches ex-adverso their hotels being reoccupied by "shanty shops" in future, then why come up with this deal at all? Anyway they have given an inch and we all know what that means.......

Posted by phonus on November 20, 2014 13:18

Editor Comment:

No we don't. Why don't you explain it to us?


It will certainly be a visual improvement but then one morning #12b will appear, then #13b....

Posted by Manowar on November 20, 2014 13:48

Editor Comment:

Not if Laguna controls use of its land and its kiosks and the authorities protect the neighboring public beaches from private misuse. Seems simple, and clearly enforceable in ways that weren't possible before the military intervened.


What would be great to see coming out of this is the vendors taking pride in "their" kiosk, running it professionally and when (yep, I said 'when') illegals try to set-up on the beach, these now legal vendors on Laguna land stand up for their rights (and Laguna's) and make sure those illegals go home. That would be a real result for Phuket!

Posted by Duncan on November 20, 2014 14:37

Editor Comment:

That appears to be the strategy. By bringing the vendors inside the property to neat kiosks, Laguna hopes to end the shanty shops era.


Idea is is the enforcement of such by the police army local officials etc....just one thing where are the massage mats going to be

Posted by Phuket Stan on November 20, 2014 15:05


The artists impression seems to be about units of 13.5 sq.m, not 3.5sq.m

Posted by Sue on November 20, 2014 16:52

Editor Comment:

Could be.


It was probably meant to be 3.5 m sq, ie 3.5x3,5 which is a fairly common misinterpretation.

Posted by Manowar on November 20, 2014 17:41

Editor Comment:

The artist's impression has probably been added without considering scale.


They will make good jet ski garages!

Posted by Manowar on November 20, 2014 18:16


"Your Lucky Jet Ski Garage Nr.13", yeah
"We proudly serve you our famous all-andaman Jet-ski Pay-NoWorries Package.We guarantee utmost attention and individual approach to every customer"
"All payment cards and currencies are accepted"
"Black AmEx , Visa Platinum owners are offered special gift of the house - Daily Surprise Trick"

Posted by Sue on November 20, 2014 20:11


To manowar and otheres There is no confusion if you look properly. The number 3 picture clearly shows the dimensions;350cm which ,sue gives an aerea of 12.25 sq metres.

Posted by Gary on November 21, 2014 09:14


No confusion Gary, I assumed they would not be 1.87082869338 m sq

Posted by Manowar on November 21, 2014 10:43


I don't suppose the lifesavers will be getting a kiosk to operate from instead of a patchwork ramshackle falling down shed it would have better value.

Posted by slickmelb on November 21, 2014 12:33

Editor Comment:

Lifeguards do need accommodation and a place to store equipment but they also need to be able to move along the beaches as safety conditions change. Portable tent-style housing would be best at some Phuket beaches.



where is the 10% mandatory tip? then it comes to 13.50m2, rounding up to every 0.50m.

Great space to accommodate Jet-Ski Payment Assistant Team!

Posted by Sue on November 21, 2014 15:31


There are vendors at Laypang beach already that have claimed some turf and are in business including the Reggae Bar. There is also a thriving photogaphy business doing Chinese wedding photos which spoils the tranquility, peace and quiet of Lay Pang beach.

Posted by irishkev24 on November 22, 2014 21:34


The Reggae bar is now behind the tree line and on private property as is Momo bar about 500 meters north. I like these places being there as I do not feel safe swimming or laying about on an empty beach. I also enjoy a comfortable lounge chair and umbrella, complimentary with a reasonably priced lunch - something I will not get at Laguna resort complex where it was reported a chair costs 300 baht an hour plus tax.

Posted by E Blair 48 on November 24, 2014 00:34

Editor Comment:

Complimentary? Now there's a good price. I think you will find lounge chairs at Laguna free for guests, too. There are no sunbeds on public beaches any more so the natural assumption for people to make is that they are free, unless there is a sign on the chair.


"The Reggae bar is now behind the tree line and on private property as is Momo bar about 500 meters north"

There is no private property in that beach reserve where these two bars are. They are just hiding in the trees. Thanks for bringing to my attention. I will report them shortly.

Posted by phonus balonus on November 24, 2014 07:04

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