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Coastal land has been cleared of mangroves in Phuket's east

Phuket Mangrove Plantings Picked Clean by Property 'Owner'

Friday, March 20, 2015
PHUKET: A mangrove reclamation project on Phuket's east coast has been denuded of new plantings as an ''owner'' lays claim to 200 rai, investigators found yesterday.

Led by Captain Teansiri Montaiwet of Royal Thai Navy 3, Thalang officials and local village chiefs saw how discarded tyres were being used to reclaim land and build up a property that would have a big price tag if sold as a resort.

Signs announcing that the area is being replanted with mangroves by volunteers had been removed, the investigating group discovered.

They also found telltale signs of ATVs being used around the coast and burned trees.

The disputed area is at Bang Sai beach, near Cape Yamu.

It's alleged that Burmese workers have been paid to uproot all the mangroves planted by volunteers.

As the first step in pursuing the culprits, claims to chanote land titles are to be investigated.

Three areas nearby claimed as shrimp farms were also checked. The shrimp farms appear to be growing in size. A rifle and drug-taking paraphernalia were found at one of the farms recently.


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All this land encroachment has been going on for years. Can anyone name someone who has been formally charged and put in prison in the last decade?

Posted by Tbs on March 20, 2015 10:54


Jeez, what a shame. Once again, greed and short-sightedness rears its unsustainable head. Unfortunately, I doubt that there will be any serious consequences for this environmental vandalism, as there seems that Thailand could almost change it's moniker to "The Land of No Consequences". Until Thai officials man up and refuse to tolerate defiance of the law, nothing will ever change, and Thailand's wonderful natural resources will ultimately vanish.

Posted by Ed Sanders on March 20, 2015 12:27


@Tbs, we have to pity the thai volunteers who know the importance of all these mangrove things and did give their time and efforts to preserve. However, land encroachment is a hobby of the thai influential people with 'big' BKK people to back them up.. Note: Racha island environment polluting!

Posted by Kurt on March 20, 2015 13:54


I've got photos (from June 2011) of the sign that they say was removed on my Facebook Page:
High tides and storms destroyed it about 2 years ago. No mystery whatsoever! We saw it gradually being destroyed over a number of months.

Posted by agogohome on March 25, 2015 12:23

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