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Phuket's prime Patong beachfront: Thais own the land

Here's Who Owns Patong's Beachfront

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
WHO owns Phuket's beachfront? That's a topic to capture the imagination as questions are raised about ''control'' of the island's prime holiday seafront.

Phuketwan asked Patong local tessaban that question and we were provided with this list of resorts and owners along the island's prime holiday strip.

Ownership and so-called ''control'' vary at other popular beaches but in most cases, although Western brands and managers are often involved, the land remains firmly in Thai hands through families, or public companies.

Here are the 29 beachfront (or very close) resorts and their owners as listed by the tessaban, plus number of rooms.

1. Sea View Patong (Thai owner) 141;
2. Anatika Boutique Hotel (Amarit Committee) 32;
3. Baan Boa Resort (Kerakai Suthsmmetha) 46;
4. QVC Patong Beach (QVC Company) 18;
5. New Swiss Hotel (New Swiss, Thai owner) 44;
6. The Bliss (Phuket Seagull Grand Company) 36;
7. Seagull Home (Seagull Home Company) 32;
8. Sea Pearl Beach (Sea Pearl Condotel) 55;
9. Merlin Hotel (Patong Merlin Company) 385;
10. Holiday Inn (LC Thailand Company) 412;
11. Horizon Beach Resort (Patong Pinongsub) 96;
12. Royal Palm Resort (NS Trading) 66;
13. Baan Laimai Beach Resort (Patong Shopping Company and Phuket Kebsub Business) 76;
14. Banthai Beach Resort (Banthai Hotel and Resort Company) 217;
15. Patong Beach Hotel (Patong Beach Company) 245;
16. Patong Inn (Supachok Lakapan) 38;
17. Tropicana Hotel (The New Paradise Tropicana, foreign rent) 79;
18. Safari Hotel (STP Group) 35;
19. Patong Bay Garden (Pisona Company) 71;
20. La Flora (STP Group) 37;
21. Cabana Resort (Hardsaineng Company) 76;
22. Thara Patong Beach Resort (Thara Patong Company) 196;
23. Phuket Graceland Resort ( Phunamkert Company) 460;
24. B-Lay Tong (soon to open);
25. Patong Paragon (local owner, foreign rent) xx;
26. Novotel Resort (Yee Teng Company) 215;
27. Diamond Cliff Resort (Eakwanit family) 333;
28. Patong Lodge (Surapong Pongnisorn) 144;
29. Blue Marine (Tan Lam Tong Company) xx;
30. Kalim Sunset (Hang Tong Prayoon) xx.

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Southern beaches too? Mom Tri's Boathouse in Kata is definitely Thai owned as is the beachfront Katathani in Kata Noi

Posted by vfaye on September 2, 2009 12:19


The Holiday Inn is joint owned by L.C. Thailand and GPF. GPF is the Thai Government Pension Fund. Additionally worth mentioning, we are Patong's highest property taxpayer, one of the largest VAT contributors on the island and we employ 514 Thais and two expatriates.

General Manager, Holiday Inn Resort Phuket

Posted by Wolfgang Meusburger on September 2, 2009 12:57


I understand that Vichit Resort, with a large beachfront property on Chalong Bay, is 100% owned by a Phuket family. Same with Fisherman's Way up the beach.

Posted by James on September 3, 2009 06:21


The Hilton on Karon, the largest hotel in southern Thailand, though managed by a foreign company, is 100 percent Thai owned.

Posted by Freddy on September 3, 2009 16:16



The theme of your blog is very beautiful and the article is written very well, I will continue to focus on your article.

Posted by Patong Beach Hotels on May 19, 2011 12:10

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