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A friend or relative with  the dead man at Patong Hospital this afternoon

Patong Gunfight: One Dead, Three Wounded

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Phuketwan Updating Report

A WILD WEST style shoot-out took place on beach road in Patong around 1.50pm today, with two gangs firing at each other. One man later died.

People at the scene today were hesitant to say what they saw. But one vendor who was nearby at the time said ''many shots'' were exchanged.

A security guard at a nearby resort said he saw expats, most likely tourists, running away as the gunshots rang out.

The gunfire was heard by a passing Phuketwan reader who also saw police racing to the scene and decided not to slow down.

Four people were wounded in the shootout and taken to Patong Hospital. One later died.

The other three were transferred to Bangkok Phuket Hospital in Sam Kong, Phuket City, this afternoon.

A spokesman for the hospital said nothing could be revealed at present about the condition of the patients. Some were still in need of surgery.

Phuketwan reporters went to Patong Hospital, to Kathu Police Station, and to Bangkok Phuket Hospital and spoke to officials at all three places this afternoon.

Reporters also went to the scene of the shootout and spoke to people who were present when the gunfire broke out.

It was initially thought other people had been arrested and taken to the Patong police station, but these were witnesses, being interviewed.

The shootout took place near the burnt-out Jintana Plaza, scene of many fires, opposite the Impiana Phuket Resort on beach road. Ownership of Jintana Plaza has been in dispute.

There were bullet holes in the green metal screen covering the often-damaged Jintana Plaza site.

The gunfight appears to have taken place on the inside of the property, judging from the impact of the bullets.

Jintana Plaza heiress Komkai Kositkoon was murdered in July last year.

Colonel Grissak Songmoonnarm of Kathu Police confirmed the shootings and the death of one participant.

Another senior officer at Kathu police station told Phuketwan that investigations were continuing.

It could take some days before the circumstances of the case were plain.

Were you close to the shooting? If so, please tell us what you heard or saw.

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I believe the dead tally is now two. Two down two still up?

What a weird set of events, in broad daylight too. What next . . . maybe better not to ask

Peace to you all and let's be careful out there.

Posted by Mouse on July 27, 2009 17:52

Sunday September 26, 2021
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