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Amari Phuket  Wins Best Beach Resort in Asia Pacific 2015

Amari Phuket Wins Best Beach Resort in Asia Pacific 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
PHUKET: Amari Phuket is proud to have been awarded Best Beach Resort in Asia-Pacific at the 26th Annual TTG Travel Awards 2015.

Pierre-Andre Pelletier, Vice President, Area General Manager South Thailand and General Manager of Amari Phuket (right), received the award from Mario Hardy, CEO of PATA (middle) and Michael Chow, Group Publisher of TTG Travel Trade Publisher (left).

Winners of the Travel Supplier Awards are determined by votes cast by TTG Travel Trade Publishing readers - industry professionals - across Asia-Pacific.

Situated on a secluded private beach, Amari Phuket provides a unique location with panoramic views over Patong Bay.

The resort has also welcomed the Ocean Wing. Perfectly complementing the existing property, the new wing introduces an additional 183 one-and two-bedroom suites.

Designed for comfortable coastal living and complete with a fully equipped kitchen as well as a separate living and dining area, the new wing is ideal for entertaining family or friends.

Combined with the hotel???s warm and friendly service, well-appointed guest rooms, the fresh and fun Breeze Spa and a variety of delectable dining options, Amari Phuket is the perfect island getaway.

TTG Asia is Asia-Pacific???s leading travel trade business resource since 1974.


Comments have been disabled for this article.


what does it mean : private secluded bech at the Amari Resort ?
since one and a half year we read : there are no private beaches in Thailand, ALL beaches are Public beaches.

Posted by beach lover on October 13, 2015 12:31


@beach lover
This is advertising! Even our top PW Editor slashing and bashing everyone for their different views has to make some income. Just funny when you see he is views on the commercial side of using beaches all the time and then that. Well, everyone has got his price at the end.

Posted by SASCHA on October 13, 2015 14:15

Editor Comment:

It's a media release, Sascha, which is not the same as advertising. You should learn the difference.


Call it what you want Ed.

Here a quote of you bashing a comment of a reader on the 09th September 2015:

Paradise? Unless you wanted to go for a walk along the beach at high tide. Then you would have a problem because of the structures in the way. And at Surin in May last year, the ''entrepreneurs'' were already dividing up the beach among themselves for ''development.'' Phuket is better now."

So how does that go well with private beaches?

Posted by SASCHA on October 13, 2015 15:44

Editor Comment:

Readers of this site are mostly intelligent people, Sascha. We give them credit for that. When a Phuket resort wins a major award, we are happy to publish a media release announcing the win. My views and the outlook of this site are both well-known. If a resort wishes to claim they are in possession of a ''private beach,'' we believe readers can discern for themselves that it's not true, and that self-deception still exists on Phuket. You are yodelling to the converted. My personal views do not influence what appears in the editorial columns, but we clearly label the articles we don't write ourselves as ''media releases'' or whatever. If you can't tell the difference between comments, between reportage and between media releases, you have a problem. It seems you have a problem.

I have never ''bashed'' anything. There is nothing in the comment I made that you now quote as being a ''bashing'' that I find offensive. What do you find so offensive as to trigger your odd reaction?


beach lover, SASCHA

Is English your first language,guys? If so,then there is a big problem with your English,as the Oxford dictionary,the defacto normative dictionary of the contemporary UK English,and it list for the word "private" as an adjective 11 different meanings,of them the one under the title 1.4 seems to fit perfectly into the context of the text above: a secluded place from other people - that apparently has nothing to do with the Law on Things,or Law of Obligations of the Kingdom,on which you mistakenly insisted.

Posted by Sue on October 13, 2015 15:49

Editor Comment:

''Secluded'' could be the word they wanted.



Sorry Sue but english is not my first language. I hope that does not disqualify me in commenting here in your eyes. If you want we also can communicate in German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch. I must admit my Thai would not be sufficient. I am really sorry about that. But as Ed indicated: Maybe I am not intelligent enough to post here. I just thought someone can give some thoughts about what is written here. But now I learned that a media release is not paid for, not the editors opinion. And thanks to you Sue I found out that my English seems to be bad. What languages do you speak by the way?

Posted by SASCHA on October 13, 2015 16:18

Editor Comment:

I didn't indicate anything. You appear to be able to misinterpret words to suit yourself. You are plainly not here to add value, Sascha.


Liebe(-r) SASCHA,

I assume then that your first language is German, right? - since you have listed it below as the first..?

Of course, we can talk German, but this website doesn't allow to post correctly all Umlauts, so, and we have to be considerate of other readers too.

But if your first language is German, ergh, is that on par with your English please?

Because "a private beach" you can translate into the Standard German either as (1) privaten Strand , or (2) Privatstrand.

I assume that in the media release like above the word "Privatstrand" would be used.

Privatstrand is not officially in the oficial corpus of the Standard German , it is neither found in any part of the Duden dictionary (equivalent of Oxford Dictionary for Standard German),nor in DWDS.

Also, the Council so far has not included this word in the list of spelt words.

Still DWDS.DE list that Privatstrand is in use since middle of the last century - and yes, referred only a kind of secluded beach , not in any manner to legal aspect of personal property rights ( no issue about Privatbesitz here at all) or anything about legal affairs.

So, please to avoid anther laugh about your use of "a private beach"/Privatstrand words, never ask for document from Grundbuch whom the Privstrand belong as they may get not very correct idea about you and your conduct.


Posted by Sue on October 13, 2015 23:34



My point is just that it is not very sensitive to just print a press release that says "secluded private beach", if you praise the no business on beaches and beaches for everyone. It alteady says secluded. So what does the private mean then. As you said there are 7 definitions of private in the dictionary.

Posted by Sascha on October 14, 2015 07:37

Editor Comment:

What a pity you took issue with the Editor's approach rather than concentrating on the real problem from the start, Sascha.
It is clear now that your issue is not with Sue's English skills or the Editor's opinions, but with the resort's use of the word ''private.''
Well, I am so glad we sorted that out.


Dear Editor, Sascha, Sue

Well,I am really amazed how many reactions my question regarding the "private Beach" triggert. So,I shall keep on asking questions.i.e. why are more than 50 concrete Ruins in Phuket which does not fit to the "paradise island" slogan ?

Posted by beach lover on October 14, 2015 10:15

Editor Comment:

Please explain what you are saying.


Dear Editor,
re the concret ruins :
Many times buildings have not been finished in Phuket ,on the bypass road is a supposed to be a hotel but the did not finish ,i think because of lack of money and that dates back to the 1980??s.another one is the building not finished in front of Central shopping center another big one is close to Simon Cabaret that was stopped
to build in 2009 and so on I believe i could allocate 50 abandoned ruinsin Phuket.This does not give a nice impression for tourist who come here for holidays.In los angeles there is the walk of fame.Here in Phuket one can call it the walk of shame.kind rgds

Posted by beach lover on October 14, 2015 19:12


Beach Lover, you have gone from attacking the Editor (and Sue), to attacking Phuket. Not sure what your agenda is but you are not making much sense. If you live in Phuket maybe you should leave, you do not seem to like it much.

Posted by DaveMc60 on October 15, 2015 07:33


attn dave mac60
I am not aware that i attacked any of the persons you are mentioning.That is not my style.Ok here is the deal: I do not write anymore anything and then at least you are happy, dave.On the other hand I shall not leave phuket as I am in Thailand since 15.10 1977 working for thai inter.
Have a nice day.

Posted by beach lover on October 15, 2015 09:17

Editor Comment:

Feel free to keep writing! As you know, challenges and debate are encouraged here.


So. can i jump on my bike and go and use the beach at Amari? I am guessing the beach is not private but the access road people would need to use to get there is? Same with Le Meridian. The only way to get to these legally would be coming from the sea?

Posted by sateeb on October 28, 2015 11:11

Editor Comment:

There was a time when access had to be provided but over the years, there probably have been fewer requests.



As you may know well the Emerald "Amari" beach is not really a beach,just an unswimmable waterfront with a lot of rocks and corals. I doubt that anyone really enjoy it at high tide.

I think Amari will not object your trespassing or even parking on site,as it is very likely that will get you back as a restaurant or a bar customer - and view there is much better than experience of the "beach".

I think LeMeridien allows trespassing to the beach now. And also sell day passes if you'd wish to use pools etc.

Of course,they will be happy if you'd patronize their F&B outlets also.

Posted by Sue on October 28, 2015 18:30



Yeah i know what you are saying about the Amari beach. Maybe nice to look at from the room than to visit. Le Meridian is beautiful though. I can get day passes for 1500 there. I have enquired about gym membership which includes use of most facilities including the beach. This is 39000 baht per year. I only live a few hundred metres from there but that is too much money. I work overseas for 6 months of the year too.

Posted by sateeb on October 29, 2015 10:04



Beach Only at Le Meridien you should get for free )

39kTHB for 12mnths gym&pools etc. is quite good price for a good gym,it is 3.8kTHB/monthly.

I understand that you're not happy to be able to use it just for 6 months at most.
Have you inquired about conditions of postponing a membership? May be they charge, say, 300THB commission and allow to take a break for a few months.

There are some Regulations on gym memberships, that is a part consumer protection laws - it's only in Thai, I don't remember whether it sets some rules on postponement.
I think most of large gyms offer it in their contracts.

Posted by Sue on October 29, 2015 15:21



I work 1 month in Africa then spend 1 month at home in Phuket. Do you mean me paying 39000 for 2 years because i will only be in the Country for 12 months of that time? Suspend my membership every time i return to work? Great idea but i don't like my chances of trying to get them to understand the logic. They have good facilities there too.

Posted by sateeb on October 29, 2015 20:26

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