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Muslims too are being trained in spa techniques

Workers Wanted: 300 Jobs Vacant as Spas Boom

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
THERAPISTS are needed to fill vacancies in the spa industry on Phuket - a total of 300 of them.

The jobs are going at resorts and stand-alone day spas all over the island. Just the other day, Phuketwan passed a roadside sign advertising for 20 therapists at a resort on Cape Panwa.

The creation of the spa industry over 10 years has moved faster than the industry's ability to train and hold staff.

Once therapists have the right qualifications, jobs overseas beckon because the Thai spa industry is considered to be among the world's best.

Thai techniques are in great demand, too. Most of the therapists in Thailand are female and they are highly-regarded everywhere for their skills and smiles.

When it comes to therapists and training, education, age and size are not considered to be as important as attitude and application.

People looking for a career as a spa therapist need to be willing to work hard physically. Good massages can be demanding and require strong arms and fingers.

However, the techniques can be learned and the strength comes with practice. Courses are available all over Thailand, especially in the big spa centres of Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and Samui.

The best-known centre for training is Wat Po, in Bangkok. Basic courses usually last for about 200 hours, although some people with natural flair can start work after as little as a week of schooling.

Certificates usually provide evidence of the skills of the therapist.

In centres like Phuket, where no holiday is considered complete without a trip to a spa, demand for therapists has rapidly outstripped supply.

Movement between spas by therapists who are in the process of acquiring experience and skills means salaries are extremely competitive, especially at the best resorts.

Pay rates usually start at 7000 baht a month and rise quickly when tips are taken into account.

Some resorts do not pay wages but the spa fees go direct to the therapists, so at these places, marketing of the services becomes important.

A good income and the fact that the job can begin to provide a living almost immediately has appeal to many first-time job-seekers especially.

The skills are transferrable and some therapists return to the massage pad after trying other careers, or raising a family.

A top-of-the-range therapist might expect 20,000 baht plus a month, without overtime. There really is no limit.

Spas are usually keen to retain good, experienced staff and negotiate a better pay package where they can.

There is a difference, however, between a therapist and a masseuse.

Therapists are required to learn hospitality skills as well as massage. Language skills are a big advantage.

Supervisors and spa managers also usually come from among the senior therarapists. Administrative skills can be gained along the way.

Loyalty is considered important. But the competitive nature of the industry at present also leads to a lot of movement among staff who seek more money and experience.

On Phuket, openings now exist for Muslims who are trained therapists. Visitors from some countries, especially in the Middle East, prefer therapists to be of the same religion.

Travel is another prospect for well-qualified spa staff. The Middle East and Europe are now increasingly attracting experienced Thai therapists, too.

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Respected Sir/Madam,
I have completed six months training as therapeutic massage under CIDIESCO guidelines and working.I am very interested to work in goa so i kept on searching and now i got your website please let me know because am readyly available.

Posted by DAVID ZOTHANSANGA on February 16, 2011 21:18

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