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Jobs are still brewing in some places on Phuket

Phuket Still Offering Work With Big Brands

Monday, October 27, 2008
Job Jobs Jobs

TWO OF Phuket's best-known brands, Amanpuri and Laguna, are looking for staff, some of them quite senior.

And if you are a professional musician, there are vacancies, too.

Blow Your Brewery Note

MUSICIANS are needed at the Phuket Brewery, which will become an important island brand as soon as it opens on November 21.

The Brewery has hired many of its 200 fulltime staff but is still looking for additional permanent and temporary employees.

The vacancies are for cashiers, waiters, waitresses, a European cook, a Thai cook, a baker, and members of the entertainment team.

The brewery will have its own regular fulltime musicians,playing both Thai traditional music and international music.

Applicants should call Khun Zom on 076 612885-8.

99 Jobs At Amanpuri

AMANPURI, the resort where celebrities stay, is looking for 99 additional staff for the high season.

Existing staff number about 700 but extra people are needed, especially villa housekeepers, a villa Thai chef, a restaurant manager, an Italian restaurant supervisor, a bar supervisor, a spa supervisor, an IT electrician, 19 waiters and five waitresses, three spa therapists, a spa attendant, three stewards, six cook helpers, a cruiser beach boy, a cruises captain, two gym receptionists, a room maid, a florist attendant, plus 47 villa housekeeping assistants.

Applicants should contact Nattakan Khumprakij on 076 324333 extension 731

Laguna Hunts Senior Staff

WHILE SOME resorts are taking a wait-and-see approach to 2009, Laguna Holiday Club, which opened its Phuket resort headquarters in 2006, is continuing an ambitious expansion program.

The club is looking for ''dynamic individuals'' to join their teams in Bangkok, Phuket, Cha-am, Chiang Mai, Bintan (Indonesia) and Pattaya.

The club says that an unspecified number of sales, marketing and management positions are now available.

Applicants especially are welcome from people who can speak Mandarin or Russian.

Contact Human Resources at Laguna Holiday Club on 076 362400.

Please tell us via the Comment box below if you have vacancies or are looking for work


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Hello am santosh. am 34 years. am married, i have two daughter. i reached there (phuket) 2007.12.21 really nice place i love Thailand i work in Nepal in big hospital as cash account manager, since 1995. if you have any idia to live with family and work there (phuket)

Posted by santosh Raut on January 20, 2009 21:39


Hi! I am Lily. I am 50 years and a widow. I have a 24years old daughter. I love Thailand and the people. I am looking for a job as a waitress, bar waitress, kitchen helper, gym receptionist, hostess and any job available in Phuket

Posted by Lim Soh Tin on March 25, 2009 23:12


im lokking for a job in phuket..
bakery chef / manager.. i have good cv.

Posted by anders on August 17, 2009 18:28


hi! i am sai.24 years. i speak well thai, burma, shan, english and a bit for japan. im looking for any job any where in Phuket.

Posted by sai on September 5, 2009 13:26


My name is emma. I am looking for a part time job in Phuket. My previous jobs involve in secretarial, hospitality jobs, etc. I am 50 yrs old but still energetic and look young. Computer literate, photography and graphic designing enthusiast, living in Phuket with my husband who is an expat employee here. any job which can keep me busy is welcome or any computer job that can be done at home is well appreciated. Can be contacted at...0855785168

Posted by Emma on October 9, 2009 13:25


hello i'm alvin i'm looking a job in phuket as cook,,,waiter,, helper cook,,, i'm living here in pattaya with my brother ,,, i'm willing to do any job that you can give to me as well .... i'm 35 years old ,,,,, my special skills is cooking ,,, i cook international food,,,i'm from contact no: 0890912175 or 0892537562

Posted by alvin on December 5, 2009 13:47


i like to work beach boy

Posted by shaharuddin bin abd manan on August 14, 2011 17:36


I'm Myanmar, can speak English but Thai is a little poor. I had Visa& work permit. I had experience of F & B waiter at The Racha hotel Phuket.

Posted by Zaw Min Oo on September 1, 2011 23:27


dear sir,

my name is kashif and i m master degree holder and many experience so i apply for job . so i attached my resume for ur mail site and u can see it . so i hope u reply me soon thx

Posted by mian kashif on June 9, 2013 15:33


I need job is this still available

Posted by bob marcus on June 12, 2015 20:28

Editor Comment:

No, the Phuket Brewery has closed but most resorts on Phuket are constantly in need of staff and new resorts continue to open.


My name is Ainara. I am a 36 year old female looking for a job in Thailand ( Amanpuri if possible). I teach Yoga and Pilates. I also do personal training and I have been a health club manager in London for 6 years.

Posted by Ainara on June 20, 2015 12:15


The (low) level of english being displayed here is surprising. How can you expect to get a decent job in an international environment with horrible language skills like this?

Posted by christian on June 20, 2015 13:54


My name is Mr M Anowar and I need a job in order to satisfy the maintenance payments for each of my ex wives. They are all very demanding and therefore you will be required to pay me a salary commensurate with the life style they intend to enjoy. Don't try and skimp, I tried this and suffered their wrath.

My skills are mixed and varied. I am happy to work whenever you require between the hours of 11.00am and 1.00pm as long as I can have lunch in between.
I can work weekends except on Saturday and Sunday.
My preference would be a position within local government administration as I am very good at talking without any intention to deliver. I am able to provide an excuse for any situation to justify inaction and can do so with a straight face.
Being a former product distributor, I am fully aware of supply and demand business models and receiving payments on the sly.
I am familiar with modern crop cultivation methods including hydroponics, manufacturing and packaging, operating a large courier network and surveillance evasion.
I have years of experience in aggressive takeovers and removal of the opposition both directly and using contractors.

I have spent the last 7 years assisting law enforcement with reducing the vacancy rates in penal institutions and my contract with this authority will soon expire.

Any company requiring my services can contact me via email at

Posted by Mr M Anowar on June 20, 2015 14:43


Dear Mr M Anowar

I understand that there is a branch of the armed services that is in desperate need of a good English-Thai translator. The last one got them in a lot of unnecessary and embarrassing trouble.

Good luck!

Posted by Frank on June 20, 2015 16:07


Christian is certainly observant about the poor language skills.

One comment even had the proper noun "English" spelt with a small "e" believe it or not.

The next sentence commenced with the vernacular "How can you expect.." instead of "How can one expect .." believe it or not!

Nice one Christian.

Posted by Frank on June 20, 2015 16:19



a kind of MoW is spending boring rainy days by filling trash in comments' bin...
I'm bit surprised that you didn't recognized it

Posted by Sue on June 20, 2015 17:12


Unfortunately, my ability to translate would create far worse problems than those that currently exist.
Thanks, I'll just have to keep looking!

Sue, you have been well behaved lately so don't spoil it with rumors of people posting under an alias.

Posted by Mr M Anowar on June 20, 2015 20:48



The difference is I'm not looking for a job.

Posted by christian on June 20, 2015 22:40


: )

Think the biggest problem with the language is failing to understand PW is not a recruitment agency.

Posted by Michael on June 21, 2015 07:49


Mr M Anowar


You could not have done a worse job than the previous translator. If you had done nothing then everything would have been fine. Alternatively, if you had faithfully translated the English words "Thai naval forces" to the Thai language equivalent of "Thai naval forces" then everything would have been fine too!

Your obvious humility would have ensured that you would not have made the blunder committed by the Royal Thai Navy's translator. If you had been unsure of the accuracy of your words it is clear that you would have checked things with a more accomplished translator. This is one of the strengths of your humility.

On the other hand an arrogant translator has apparently insisted that his translation is accurate when in reality it is just hopeless.

I have never ever attended any sort of Thai military college nor have I heard any teachers from such a college so I do not really know what is taught there. However, I have heard instructors from Sandhurst and West Point stress the importance of making sure that the words in orders are clear and unambiguous.

An ambiguous misleading written order had been given to the commander of the famous light brigade. His orders were intended to have him attack some artillery guns that were out of his sight behind a hill. He could only see a battery of guns at the end of a valley in front of him.

The puzzled commander asked the messenger, Captain Nolan about the meaning of the order and which guns were to be attacked. The very excitable Captain Nolan then pointed to the wrong guns, the ones that were in sight at the end of the valley. He did not explain that there were guns out of sight that were being carried away by the Russians on the other side of a hill that were the intended target.

The result was that the light brigade charged into the valley of death and into history.

Please apply to the Navy base on Phuket. You can also tell your new employer that people who do not study history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.

Posted by Frank on June 21, 2015 09:43



I understand that you are not looking for a job.

I gather that some of the job-seekers here are not looking for jobs that require strong English skills either.

Have a nice day.

Posted by Frank on June 21, 2015 09:59


One of the differences I have noticed between English and Thai is that in English there is usually and word or group of words to communicate exactly what you mean. In Thai there appears to be many situations where this is not possible.
I'm not sure if my interpretation is just based on the experience of those around me or whether this normal.
My wife will start a conversation with " my friend is going.....". I will stop her there and ask, "which friend?, do they have a name? I have no idea who you are referring to."
Finally, we will get the name of the person and this allows me to understand what is being said. If I don't ask for these details, she may be referring to any number of people and it becomes confusing.
Other examples are, "my home", "my sister", which appears to have such a broad meaning or such as "our local" where the definition changes depending on the subject.
So you end up with a statement such as "my friend recently went home and saw my sister" and I will have no idea of what friend, what sister and what home. It becomes confusing and the only way to understand is to ask these questions.
If this is normal, I can understand why issues become misinterpreted.
Your Captain Nolan example is typical of where exact or precise information was required and if so, may have avoided this outcome. The precision of any communication should always depend on the damage that may result if it is misunderstood.

My understanding is that due to some of the reasons stated above, it is almost impossible to provide an accurate translation from English to Thai and therefore some subjective interpretation will always occur. Other motives may cause further inaccuracy to suit a certain objective.


Posted by Mr M Anowar on June 21, 2015 10:44


Mr M Anowar

You see?

You have just provided further proof that you are vastly superior at ensuring that messages are understood!

I certainly understand where you are coming from. There is a vagueness in the way Thai language works and there is also a vagueness of some Thais that can compound the problem.

The example of your wife not naming the friend fits into the second category.

English can be ambiguous too but Thai can be really vague.

Cha cha can mean late but it can also mean slow.

If a person says "car red" then there are multiple meanings that are not always clear from the context.

The red car ... A red car ... The red cars.. Red cars .. The car is red .. A car is red ... The cars are red ... Cars are red ...

"Car red. You 'stand me?" (:

Sometimes too I wonder whether people just think that "close is close enough."

Best of luck extracting some sense from whatever Mia Yai is saying to you!

Posted by Frank on June 21, 2015 11:40


Erh, please just call the ward if "Frank" will continue to talk not only to the fictional character of Mr. Anowar M., but also will request presence of Napoleon and President Lincoln.

Posted by Sue on June 21, 2015 11:47


We then have issues with gender. Take for instance a typical girls name such as Sue. I imagine a person having this name would be at home knitting the grandchildren a new jumper, preparing dinner for tonight or giving me instructions on what I did do or forgot to do the minute I arrive home.
I have difficulty in seeing a person with such a lovely feminine name as being a beer swilling patron down the pub, a scorpion stomping bush walker or competition at the local lady bar.

But I know she is a he and he is not as she appears, although I have yet to see him I think she is a fun person. I wonder if he considers sheself as we consider her ourself.
It is all very confusing

Posted by Mr M Anowar on June 21, 2015 12:53

Editor Comment:

Most of us are intellectual cross-dressers, Miss M Anowar. Caricatures of gender seldom apply.


You have now exposed the truth about my gender. I suppose Vogue forums and my subscription to Dolly gave it away.

Posted by Mrs M Anowar on June 21, 2015 15:57

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