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The right approach can open the door to a hospital job

Cool Heads, Caring Hearts Make Hospitals Hum

Thursday, February 14, 2008
YOU DON'T have to break a leg to find a job in a hospital on Phuket. There are usually jobs to be found without going to that extreme.

At Wachira, one of three Government hospitals on the island, officials usually are looking for stable types who are not necessarily expecting to make a fortune.

Being healthy helps, and not smoking is a virtue. It's the same at private hospitals including Phuket International and Bangkok Phuket.

At Bangkok Phuket, attitude is important. They want positive staff who can be outgoing when they deal with patients and visitors.

Dr Jessada Chungpaibulaptana, Director at Wachira, said the aim was to make the hospital feel like a a pleasant place to be rather than a sad place.

The hospital was more efficient now in dealing with patients and visitors. Staff were being trained to be effective and to comply with the highest possible standards.

Government hospitals meant that workers were a part of the official system and should respect all that was entailed in being a public servant.

A doctor himself, he said that some students might find it daunting to try medicine because of the high level of commitment. But he said there was a high level of satisfaction, too.

The important point in joining the staff of a hospital in any capacity was to have a desire to be of service. There were always vacancies at the hospital as staff applied for better jobs or sought a higher salary.

Social activities at the hospital encouraged people to be loyal and bond together.

The hospital has a staff of more than 1300 but there are also more than 1000 patients at any time, says HR Manager Penrawee Yingdumnoon.

Officer work usually brings a starting salary of 7940 baht a month for someone with a bachelor's degree.

A nurse could expect between 10,000 baht and 14,000 depending on experience, without overtime.

Doctors usually achieved 20,000 baht to start and could earn 30,000 baht as specialists after a few years, she says.

If money is important, higher pay rates can usually be achieved at private hospitals.

Bangkok Phuket plans each year, depending on activities. Incentives are given to existing staff who bring successful candidates for new jobs at the hospital.

That way, says Human Resources Manager Theeranun Charoenkittitum, cohension comes with the new person and there's a better prospect of long-term contentment.

Families are considered to be an important part of the relationship, too.

The families of staff usually benefitted in terms of the costs of treatment.

A death in the family, for example, entitled staff to seven days leave. Getting married brought the same benefit.

Training was constantly being offered so that staff could improve their positions over time, with application and study.

Conflict management and problem-solving are skills that form part of the training. Universities generally did not prepare people to deal with the difficult situations in their lives, she said.

Nurses were always in demand, she said. Because of the year-long planning system adopted by the hospital, people were often hired for positions months in advance.

Generally, 10 applications would be considered for each hiring, with five applicants interviewed in person. The applicant would usually be met by a HR officer, a team leader, and sometimes a senior manager.

Each new staffer undergoes a week-long course designed to teach them everything they need to know about how a hospital functions and how their role fits within the system.

People who live locally generally are most sought-after, depending on candidates being equally qualified.

Jobs within the system for foreigners are limited by law. Wachira has just one non-Thai working as an interpreter.

At Bangkok Phuket, there are seven foreign staff, employed as translators or as English teachers.

People looking for jobs should contact HR at Bangkok Phuket through the contact us section where vacancies are listed at

For jobs at Wachira, the telephone number to call to ask for HR is 076 254425.


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