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Individual talents shine at big companies, too

Big Resort Brands Offer Growing Careers

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
BIG brands such as Centara, which relaunched in 2007 as the resort arm of parent company Central, are constantly expanding and looking for suitable employees.

With the opening of a new Centara resort in 2010, another 320 jobs will become available on Phuket.

But before then, there will be vacancies at the other three Centara resort on the island, where more than 600 people are employed.

Throughout Thailand, the Centara brand employs 3900 people.

Even Laguna Phuket, Phuket's largest private employer, does not have that number of employees.

If you are looking for a job in the resort-hospitality industry, then Centara is certainly a name to consider because the future continues to look bright.

The Corporate Human Resources Manager at Centara, Pantita Koomthai, told Phuketwan that the brand was growing and an ideal starting place for employees looking at a long career as their skills developed.

''You can learn a lot and keep learning, all within one company,'' she said.

''We are active on Phuket and throughout Thailand.''

Right now, Centara is looking for people in front-office roles and food and beverage. This means jobs for receptionists, wait staff and maids especially.

The other growing need is for spa staff, which seems to be a constant option for job-seekers across many other brands, too.

''Graduating from high school or vocational school is the starting educational qualification,'' Khun Pantita says.

''We look for good English language skills, a welcoming personality and the ability to provide service to others.''

Applicants need to prepare for a job interview properly, she says. It's no good just walking in for an interview, expecting to get a job.

''People need to know what they want to do to start with,'' Khun Pantita says. ''So it's best to have something in mind, if you are starting out in a first job.

''If it's an application from someone who has had previous experience, they are expected to have a good idea about their new job desires.

''It's no good sitting back, hoping for the best.

''The outcome of the interview really depends on the positive attitude of the applicant. You have to demonstrate your skills and personality.''

Training is comprehensive. An orientation course usually follows for people who win the chance at a job.

Personal grooming and hygeine as well as customer-service all form part of the introductory package, followed by three months of on-the-job training.

After one year, Centara employees are able to apply for transfers within the company.

Transfers are also possible from the hospitality arm, Centara, to the retails parent, Central, with the approval of the managers involved.

Vacancies with Centara are usually advertised in local publications and at the corporate website or you can apply in person via email at

The Bangkok telephone number is 02 769 1234.


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