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European style and substance makes the Brasserie a Phuket hit

Top Drop: Brasserie, Phuket City

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Brasserie Restaurant, Phuket City

Telephone: 076 210511

Open: Dinner daily until very late.

Address: 18 Rassada Road, Taladnua, Phuket City, 83000.

Style: European with Thai flourishes.

Price range: Extremely good value for fine dining. home made duck liver pate (390 baht) more than 24 kinds of imported beer (180 baht to 330 baht) thai tenderloin (175 baht per 100grm) australian ribeye (390 baht per 100 grm) spare ribs (350 baht) lamb chops provence style (750 baht) meat balls in tomato sauce (350 baht) starter: sizzling shrimps (250 baht) escargot (380 baht) goat cheese salad (350 baht) lobster soup (350 baht) seafood options including australian oysters

Specialties: Beer, seafood, fine meat.

What Phuketwan says:
What are friends for if not to tell you about great new restaurants? Never ones to rave, we have to say that the Brasserie Restaurant in the heart of Phuket Town exceeded expectations on every level. It's definitely a must-go, must-eat. Alain Tabruyn is a Belgian with great taste and a deft touch. The Brasserie is European in style and flavor, centring around a stylish dining room with a full-length leather sofa and rounded wall mirrors. The space goes back and back, through several moods, transforming and enchanting diners with every step. Alongside in a second shophouse that runs almost as deep is a series of bars that begin with a glowing lime version. Tabruyn bakes his own bread and takes pride in mutton oil cooked belgian fries, the world's best. Beers? There are plenty. We tried Sydney oysters, the home-made duck liver pate and the meatballs in tomato sauce, and wished we hadn't eaten so much before we came. Phuketwan reviewers are inclined to be pernicketty about most aspects of dining on Phuket. The Brasserie wins a full rave. Tabruyn says the restaurant is already doing as well as he expected, and that the bar has attracted an after-dinner audience from all over. He is hoping to be able to open for lunch sometime soon. Full marks to the Brasserie for marrying style and substance. We can't wait to go back.

How to find it: Opposite Salvatore's, near the Phuket Town market roundabout.

Parking: Catch one if you can in Rassada Road or around the corner in Yaowarat Road.

Phuketwan reviewers pay for their own meals. If we don't, we tell you.
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"Never ones to rave, we have to say that the Brasserie...." And then in the same paragraph: "Phuketwan reviewers are inclined to be pernicketty [sic] about most aspects of dining on Phuket. The Brasserie wins a full rave.

Phuketwan reviewers sound very, very confused.

Posted by Andrew Roland on February 20, 2011 18:51

Editor Comment:

I think readers understand what the reviewers are trying to say, Andrew. Enjoy your nits.


Do so on, once I stand before you yonder door


Posted by FRANS PEETERS on February 21, 2011 17:44


Brasserie in Phuket town: I wanted to try but I read trip advisor and gave up.

Posted by claude on March 25, 2011 18:14

Editor Comment:

Perhaps you are easily persuaded, claude, by the opinions of others. It will cost you the price of a meal, not a week in a resort. Why not try it for yourself and then tell us what you thought?


dear editor...about Brasserie..even your review is to go.
On trip advisor there are 4 comments: 2 good and 2 terrible. Not 10 good and 2 bad. So more than enough to believe them...

Posted by claude on March 26, 2011 12:57

Editor Comment:

As Arthur Frommer said, with tripadvisor, you have to discount the best reviews and the worst reviews, and then make up your own mind . . .just the way you intended to anyway. Our review is by a real person, not someone with a grudge or a friend of the management. If you are persuaded by the number of reviews/ bums on seats, I guess you must eat most at Maccas and Subway. Not much point in arguing with me or yourself, claude. Do it. Make up your own mind. I could slip in a positive review if a 3/2 vote would make you feel better. Taking tripadvisor too seriously would be a mistake.

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