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Duty free at Phuket airport: two young Aussies arrested and accused

Aussies Arrested Over Phuket Airport Perfume

Monday, November 30, 2009
Phuketwan UPDATE

Both the Australians were expected to be free on bail by late Tuesday, contacts with the court said.

Original Report

TWO young Australians have been arrested and charged with allegedly stealing perfume from the duty free shop at Phuket International Airport as they waited for a flight home after a holiday.

The 16-year-old girl involved, who cannot be named, is being held in the Phuket juvenile detention centre.

It is believed she is what is known in Australia as a ''schoolie,'' a young person who takes a holiday after qualifying from high school.

Police named the young man as Nathan Hinds, 21. He is being held in a cell at Thachatchai Police Station.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Salid Boodnongsang told Phuketwan today that the arrests took place on Friday night at the airport.

Police were called by Immigration officers. The allegation is that the two accused Australians stole three vials of perfume, valued at 20,000 baht.

The two had completed a 10-day holiday on Phuket, the lieutenant colonel said.

Because the offence happened on Friday evening, it was not possibe for a bail application to be considered until Monday morning.

The case for a bail application was expected to be heard on Phuket today.

Police and court officials are aware of a new system which allows international holidaymakers accused of crimes to fly home, provided a substantial amount of bail is posted, or the issue can be resolved before they depart.

Two notorious cases earlier this year, one involving English tourist Simon Burrowes and the other involving Australian mother Annice Smoel, led to the change in approach.

Mr Burrowes was unable to leave the island for three months after he was arrested for swearing as he tried to catch a flight home. Ms Smoel, arrested for alleged theft of a beer mat from the Aussie Bar in Patong, provoked a loud series of complaints from Australia that led to her case being accelerated.

Both opted to plead guilty, although both had reservations about doing that, to expedite their passages home.

It is understood that Australian embassy officials have been advised and are assisting the two Australians who are under arrest.
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I have to have a Federal police clearance and a drug test to fly out to work (mining. A bottle of perfume or a beer mat? Go home to your shopping mall, maccas, Rosebud and Frankston, leave paradise to those who appreciate it, you should lose your right to travel.

Posted by Anonymous on December 14, 2009 17:26

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