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Reporters' questions are answered at a Phang Nga trafficking camp this week

Thailand's Police Chief Transfers Senior Officers from South, Andaman to Bangkok Immediately

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
PHUKET: Thirty-eight senior police, Immigration and Marine Police officers have been ordered to report in Bangkok tomorrow from their present postings in Thailand's key Andaman coast province of Ranong and the southern Thailand provinces of Satun and Songkhla.

The immediate transfer order was handed out this evening by the Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, General Somyot Pumpunmuang. More transfers are expected.


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Dear Editor

I wonder if we are seeing real change ahead of the US State Department's Trafficking in Persons Report which is due to be made public in June.

Posted by Ian Yarwood on May 6, 2015 23:39


Can't believe my eyes what I just have read here.
That is exactly what a doctor ordered to make this investigation successful.

Posted by Sue on May 6, 2015 23:55


Maybe he just needs a hand to solve BKK's traffic problems and called in the experts to help.

Posted by Manowar on May 7, 2015 06:49


I hope they investigate bank accounts of these officers and there families instead of usual transfer and hope everyone forgets about them

Posted by Michael on May 7, 2015 07:54


Same same but different:
Uniformed nepotistic musical chairs.
Guess those arrested may not be heard from again for fear of...

Posted by david on May 7, 2015 09:10


Although the TIP report will be out again, there shouldn't be any reason to remove Thailand from Tier 3.
Virtually no arrests or action has been taken that has rescued the thousands that are missing and enslaved.
Thailand needs to carry on what they are doing right now, for another year to see the results.

This is a start and no where near the end.

Posted by Tbs on May 7, 2015 09:55


A very quick transfer of 38 senior Government officers, and more expect to follow. What now is next step of the Government concerning the transferred 38 + 'more' Government officers/officials? Just a transfer, that is it?

Posted by Kurt on May 7, 2015 09:56


I wonder what is the percentage of officials who are corrupt

Posted by Paul on May 7, 2015 10:17


transferred - not sacked, not prosecuted, no fine, etc.
What change?
The thai police force and army numbers are significantly larger than uk or euro countries yet prosecute far less !

Posted by Farangnemesis on May 8, 2015 02:05

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