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Hannah Witheridge and David Miller (second from right) in a Koh Tao bar on the night they were killed

Thailand Beach Murders: Police Set to Announce Capture of Killer Suspects

Thursday, October 2, 2014
PHUKET: A Burmese worker has confessed to killing two British tourists on Koh Tao, say police, as the Commander of Thailand's police goes to the holiday island, with an announcement about developments imminent.

The man named only as Win, 21, is in custody with two other Burmese being interviewed over the deaths of British tourists Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, in the early hours of September 15.

General Somyos Pumpanmuang is reported to be about to announce that police believe the brutal double murder case has been solved to the satisfaction of the investigators.

It's understood the police think that the three Burmese came across the Britons making love on a small beach on Koh Tao and their emotions led them to kill them both, with two of them involved in rape.

The Burmese are believed to have been bar workers. The murdered Britons drank in at least two bars on the holiday island in the hours before they died.

DNA matches are believed to link the Burmese to the murders.

Why the three men were not considered as suspects earlier remains a mystery.

The general also announced today that the police officer heading the force on Koh Samui, Colonel Payoongsak Surin, is to be removed immediately from his post and transferred to Bangkok.

An inquest on the two murdered tourists has been set in Britain for January 6, the BBC reported today.


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Waiting to see about evidences which lead to the arrest and why it took so long, after all misleading information and speculation broadcasted.

Posted by Resident on October 2, 2014 17:54

Editor Comment:

Yes, there are serious questions to be asked.


Clearly, we must wait for all evidence to be presented in court, but there is a whiff of "scapegoat" about this. Of course I have no evidence of that, just a feeling.....

Posted by Amazing Thailand on October 2, 2014 18:32

Editor Comment:

You'd whiff an outhouse if a field of roses, AT. Your feelings probably should be reserved for those you love.


Making love on the beach? The police had already ruled this out as there wasn't a trace of his DNA on Hannah. I am not confident in this arrest, and certainly not the police investigation.

Posted by Anonymous on October 2, 2014 18:33


In the name of transparency, I sincerely hope British investigators are allowed to examine the evidence and properly question these suspects, as the British Ambassador just suggested. After reports of trying to bribe a taxi driver to false confession and all the other blunders by the police, this latest "confession" has zero credibility in my eyes. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one.

Posted by Herbert on October 2, 2014 19:31

Editor Comment:

According to some media, there have been ''arrests'' twice already so it's not just the police who are confused. Throw in a couple of paranoid tourists, who were freely quoted by some outlets. Best wait a bit longer but there's no reason to believe the police won't get there eventually.


"Best wait a bit longer but there's no reason to believe the police won't get there eventually" - For the sake of the family and the credibility of the police I sincerely hope that they have got there already.

Posted by Alan on October 2, 2014 20:08



There was a condom found on the beach and I doubt that was used by the rapist(s)

Posted by Michael on October 2, 2014 20:12


How can they "believe" there are DNA matches when test results not in?

Posted by Lana on October 2, 2014 20:31


The son of the islands influential person has refused a DNA test. I consider he should be forced to have a DNA test, which is carried out independently with no assistance from the police, preferably by the British or Singaporean authorities. He says he has nothing to hide yet refusing is suspicious behavior.
He should be willing to prove his innocence
I worry of an injustice being carried out simply to clear this up as quickly as possible

Posted by Paul on October 2, 2014 20:32

Editor Comment:

Are you talking about the man who wasn't on the island at the time?

gravatar are not the only one

Posted by sky on October 2, 2014 20:37

gravatar they have access to lawyers?

Posted by Sue on October 3, 2014 04:36


Are the influential village head, his sons, bar owners, who refused to give DNA allowed to walk away from everything? Should not at least their dna taken to rule out they are involved in this whole matter? The fact that the head of police has been removed yesterday and been transferred to BKK is also a doubtful signal. I hope the Myanmar boys are getting a good lawyer team. At least that will give more confidence in this strange investigation-happening.

Posted by Kurt on October 3, 2014 11:36


Seems I am not alone in my detection of that outhouse, Ed

Everyone wants the killers brought to justice - just want the right people.....

Posted by Amazing Thailand on October 4, 2014 08:09


To Kurt,;"I hope the Myanmar boys are getting a good lawyer team."
Surely you jest..these guys will have no say at all.

Posted by DwayneD on October 4, 2014 10:02

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