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R Airlines flights will carry Hong Kong passengers to Bangkok

Stranded Phuket Holidaymakers Set to Fly, Says Phuket Official

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
PHUKET: All of the Hong-Kong-bound passengers stranded on Phuket for up to three days should be airlifted out on two special relief flights to Bangkok today, according to a government official.

''We have an R Airlines aircraft set to carry them to Don Muang airport,'' the Phuket Director of the Ministry of Tourism & Sport, Santi Pawai, said.

There were two flights scheduled, one at 12.55pm and another at 5.25pm, he said.

''We believe arrangements for flying to Hong Kong have been made or are being made.''

More than 200 people whose City Airways flight originated in Hong Kong were stuck on Phuket when Thai officials declined to allow the airline to operate scheduled flights from the holiday island on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Alternative arrangements were made for those who were due out on Saturday but the four-day holiday weekend meant that most flights into and out of Phuket were fully booked until today.

Khun Santi said he did not know why City Airways had been prevented from picking up passengers, other than there was a deficiency in documentation.

City Airways is a small airline owned by a group of Thai, Chinese and Hong Kong investors.

The airline's first flight took place in October 2012, the start of a charter service between Hong Kong and Bangkok, using a 170-seat Boeing 737-400 aircraft. It now has five 737-400s.

Changes in regulations in Thailand recently have enabled more small airlines to win approval.


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City Air is a Thai registered airline which has 4 737-400s in their fleet.

3 are active, one is in storage. The lease for a fifth was transferred to BlueAir in Romania 01 JUN 2014.

Current fleet is

HS-GTB 31 JAN 1989 25y
HS-GTD 18 JAN 1995 19y
HS-GTE 23 FEB 1993 21y

In storage

HS-GTA 06 JUN 1990 24y

For more details, you can check

I find it interesting to check the history of the aircraft an airline uses. Gives me an idea what kind of company it is.

Though some will probably find this very boring, I hope at least someone finds it useful too.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 13, 2014 10:32


I guess City Airlines wouldnt pay the 50Baht per passenger being demanded by immigration....

Posted by Amazing Thailand on August 13, 2014 10:52



Why boring?
I read all stories on - then I felt more confident about flying those airlines I usually do.

What I find really boring when one of my friends always bring print out of seats' map of particular aircraft at check-in, ir rely on it while e-checkin, and then - oops, and configuration of seats does differ for some reason; still he does it virtually everytime and require everyone to pay attention to it.

Posted by Sue on August 13, 2014 14:40


Current market value for a 737-400 of that age is between USD 3M to 4.5M.

Many of the less economical jets are surprisingly cheap.

You can buy an 200 series Boeing 747 for less than USD 2M.

Lease such aircraft and the initial financial investment to set up an airline is way less than most would think.

If you feel a B747 would sit nicely in your parking lot, you can shop for them here.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 13, 2014 23:34

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