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One of the tourists waiting for treatment at Mission Hospital this afternoon

Speedboats Crash Off Phuket: Five Tourists Injured, Damage Superficial

Monday, April 28, 2014
PHUKET: More than 50 Chinese tourists narrowly escaped serious harm when two speedboats crashed off Phuket today.

As a result of the incident, five Chinese tourists were treated at Mission Hospital in Phuket City and were well enough to continue with their holidays.

Both speedboats were from the same group, Nonthasak Marine.

About 3pm, as the Star Andaman carried 32 Chinese tourists back from Kho Kai to Phuket, it encountered the Nonthasak 2003, carrying 18 Chinese from Phi Phi to Kho Kai.

Captain Taveesak Harntalay, 20, turned his speedboat near the Star Andaman, with Sompong Sangtong, 31, at the wheel.

Tourists on both vessels were thrown about when the vessels struck each other. Damage was superficial. The five tourists were treated at the hospital and allowed to leave.


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same company bet they were hot dogging did the captains have licences they should be taken away

Posted by Anonymous on April 28, 2014 23:21


I had to check the date, I thought someone had replied to an old story....deja vu.

Posted by Laurie Howells on April 29, 2014 08:40


"Captain Taveesak Harntalay, 20"

That says it all.

Posted by Smithy on April 29, 2014 11:35


Funny, see a police officer posing with one of the victims of the boats struck. I actually expect a photo of that 'captain' Taveesak with a police officer! Hm, it is all the fault of the chinese tourists, if they were not there it would not have happend, right?
Any charges against the 2 boat captains? Any financial compensation and hospital bills paid for the chinese tourist?

Posted by Koert on April 29, 2014 16:53


the Thai captains showing off their daredevil skills again treating the boats like a dodgem cars at a fairgrounds.

Posted by slickmelb on April 29, 2014 20:15

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