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Paramedics try to revive a girl who  died this afternoon in Krabi

Sister, Brother Drown: Nightmare Beach Outing

Saturday, January 10, 2015
Updating All Day, Every Day

THE BODY of 12-year-old Wongyut Kheayai was found off Ao Nang about 6.30pm on Saturday, confirming the deaths of he and his sister Wimwipa from drowning on Children's Day.

Original Report

PHUKET: Two children drowned at a tourist beach in Krabi today as thousands of families throughout the Phuket region celebrated the national Children's Day holiday.

Sobbing gently, father Wisut Kheayai told Phuketwan this afternoon that his 14 years-old daughter Wimwipa had been brought from the water at Ao Nang in a coma and died later in hospital.

Rescuers are still looking for his son Wongyut, aged 12, but fear the worst.

To lose two children on a day when parents throughout Thailand are enjoying their youngsters is not the kind of Children's Day any parent wants to think about.

''We went to the beach for a fun outing,'' Khun Wisut said. ''My children both went into the water with friends. Then a current pulled them out.

''Someone pulled Wimwipa back to the shore. They tried to revive her but she stopped breathing on the way to hospital.

''I an hoping my boy will be found alive.''

The beach usually has lifeguards, a local Ao Nang authority said later. The family went to the beach about 1pm.

The double-tragedy follows the death - apparently by drowning - of a Chinese tourist who was found floating face-down in the sea at Mai Pai island, not far from Phi Phi, yesterday.

Efforts were made to revive her and she was transferred to Phuket International Hospital where she died today.

Marine safety has become a more widely understood issue throughout the tourist region but needless deaths continue to occur.

Late last year, two Indian visitors drowned in Krabi when waves swamped a traditional longtail boat.

Soon after off Phuket, a Korean couple were killed when a day-trip speedboat driver stooped to pick up some litter and his passengers were hurled into the water as the vessel snagged an anchor line or net rope.


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RIP to the young girl and I hope the boy is found safely .

Posted by P win on January 10, 2015 15:22


Condolences to the parents, RIP Both kids. We as so called farangs have been asking for safety in the water for more than 4 years now, IT will never happen, so these will always be headlines.

Posted by Robin S on January 10, 2015 15:33

Editor Comment:

I should point out to you Robin that the article mentions Thais, Chinese, Indians and Koreans. You may speak for yourself, not for ''we,'' especially as you seem to think race is significant. Try looking at it this way: People drown. They all need protecting.


@ Mr Ed- Robin's comments were completely neutral- you are the one who has turned this into a racial issue with your crass comment. Ever think they could be using the 'Royal we' phrase.

You assume that some one called Robin is a Caucuasian whilst farang covers a number of nations. I seem to remember YOU chastising me for assuming someone called Lindsay was a female. Double standards yet again?

I almost forgot- condolences to the families of the two THAI children who drowned. Happy now?

Posted by Mister Ree on January 10, 2015 18:20

Editor Comment:

''We as so called farangs have been asking for safety in the water for more than 4 years now . . .'' I am one ''farang'' who does not want to be categorised in this particular ''we.'' ''Expats'' is far more accurate. The honorary consuls who have been seeking improvements to marine safety are both Thai and non-Thai. Race has nothing to do with marine safety. Your assumptions appear to be a problem again.


Thank you Mister Ree. ED, ''Expats'' is far more accurate. BS dear chap, we are outsiders, farangs, get used to the idea and terms used to describe us. Stop playing mr do good with language here. We are " Guavas" pure and simple. Now go eat " Locals".

Posted by Robin S on January 10, 2015 20:23

Editor Comment:

If you think you are ''a farang, an outsider,'' and wish to constantly be considered a farang, an outsider, that's fine for you, Robin S. Just don't be so foolish a farang as to imagine others agree with you because of the color of their skin. Include me out of any club you're in.


The sea knows no colour race or creed its best to be highly respected by all it appears as a servant for commerce and recreational activities' but has a darker personality for the unwary.

Posted by slickmelb on January 10, 2015 20:27


Ed where did my original comment turn into a racist opinion? The sea doeas not give a sh - - if you are human, sea animal or fish, even a land animal. regardless of skin colour it will and can kill anything. Yes it does actually drown its own fish. Please take your tabs today and chill a bit ok? RIP to the two lost kids and sincere condolences to the parents and friends.
Brings us back to the original point I was making, safety at sea is not in the thai vocab, so these reports will always be making news once a month or every two months. Disgusting in this day and age.

Posted by Robin S on January 10, 2015 21:43


Incredibly sad news. I cannot imagine this father's pain.

Pity that Phuket Wan did not have the decency to leave him alone to grieve in peace. What parent would want to be "interviewed" on a day like this.

An appalling display of bad taste. PW clearly knows no shame.

Posted by matt on January 10, 2015 22:31


What I find disturbing and very unsatisfactory that drowning cases are followed by no investigation about precise reasons behind it, besides determination that it was not homicide:

no efforts undertaken to understand whether specific conditions or behavior of the person drowned contributed to it,
what kind of sea conditions - rip currents, simply strong wave that bashed deceased, undercurrents,a kind of vortex, interaction with marine world ,debris or fisherman net or crab trap,

Such forensic tasks would be not easy to perform but it is so important to have better understanding about what led to drowning in every such case - as every kind of hazard requires different set of prevention measures.

Otherwise we'll never learn out of it, and as has been mentioned above by other commenters , RIP reaction will be only regular and the only on the cases.

Posted by Sue on January 10, 2015 22:55


really sad
but i have bever seen any rip currents at Ao Nang big waves yes, quick drop off on beach yes gets deep very quick

Posted by Michael on January 11, 2015 05:16


Oh please stop your pathetic bickering. Children have died, let's just pray for them.

Posted by pete59 on January 11, 2015 08:17


The poor family. RIP little angels.

Posted by signal1 on January 11, 2015 12:41


I was there as this happened I'm from England. Only been here 9 days.first time in it unfolded me and another two thai guys were the only ones that could swim.the current was so strong.i found it so upsetting the lack of anything.even a snorkel mask.i know traffic was bad that day but some basics could help in the future.the poor farther could not even swim.

Posted by lee wallington on January 11, 2015 15:45


People should not hesitate to wear life-jackets every time when they enter a sea or a pool, if they are non-swimmers - and they should understand that they need one, and to take steps to get one. Local authorities and schools besides taking care about providing pupils with swimming lessons, should facilitate understanding non-swimmer=ALWAYS life vest on.

One of my friends, who plays amateur ice-hockey at good level and is the captain of a local team, yes, was non-swimmer - and going on holiday to such places like BVI it was a bit embarrassing to what life vest not only when snorkeling , but also while entering a sea from the shore - still, sound sense prevailed, he brought his own one from Europe - and yes, didn't give a xxxx what some people around would think and giggle about it; that's the correct attitude to the issue.

Posted by Sue on January 11, 2015 18:40


Parents: Teach your kids to swim. You live on an island in the Indian Ocean for goodness sake!!!

Posted by Scudman on January 13, 2015 16:47


Ok, which one of those jet skis dragged the island into the Indian Ocean?

Posted by Manowar on January 13, 2015 17:52

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