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Police hope this footwear will be recognised by someone

Two Shot Dead: Riddle of Bodies in Andaman Park

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Identity Photo Album Above

POLICE are investigating the mysterious deaths of a Western man and a Thai woman, found shot dead in one of Thailand's most beautiful and remote national parks.

Mystery surrounds their identity and the circumstances of their deaths, but police believe it could be an execution-style slaying.

The bodies were found by local people at 7.30pm on Thursday in Khao Sok National Park in Phang Nga, the province that neighbors Phuket to the north.

Since then, police have been attempting to find answers to the riddle of the bodies in the forest valley.

It is now clear that the couple were killed then dumped in the park. Police believe they could have been carried to the spot from the holiday islands of Phuket, Samui or the nearby province of Surat Thani.

The man had a single bullet hole in his heart while the woman had been shot three times in the head.

The pair had been dead, police estimated, for about 10 days.

Police Colonel Adisorn Satapornkittakul, chief of the station at nearby Kapong, told Phuketwan today: ''There was no identification on the bodies, no wallets, no purses.

''From the trajectory of the bullets, it appears the woman was crouching down when she was shot.''

The man is described as being thick-set, shaped like a body-builder. He was wearing blue and white Billboard brand shorts and a pair of camouflage-colored flip-flops.

He is wearing a pair of blue-colored briefs underneath, decorated in a yellow butterfly motif.

On his right shoulder was a large distinctive tattoo. He was wearing a green pendant suspended from a black necklet.

A gold ring on a finger had a raised section shaped like the letter T.

While it's possible he could be a large Thai man, the tattoo is not a Thai-style tattoo.

The Thai woman was shapely, wearing shorts with the word ''Coyote'' close to the waist, and the large red letters ''sexy party'' on a rear pocket.

She was wearing a white blouse with green and yellow decoration on the collar. A printed outline on the shirt reads: ''How Are You?''

She had a heart-shaped ring on one finger.

Her underwear carried the large lettering on the front panel: ''Cute 23 Bear.'' Found nearby were a pair of Mango brand soft slip-on shoes.

Both bodies are now in the hospital in Takaupa, the district capital.

Phang Nga is a popular destination for people who like the natural beaches and the dramatic hillsides that drop to the coast in Phang Nga, Surat Thani and Ranong. Krabi, another beautiful province, lies to the east.

Beaches of breathtaking beauty are dotted with five-star resorts and two-star guesthouses.

The Andaman coastline, scene of the Boxing Day tsunami that killed 5400 people from 40 countries along the Khao Lak coast and island off Phuket, is no stranger to mysteries.

In May, two young women, one an American and the other a Norwegian, died on the island of Phi Phi after having occupied adjoining rooms in the Laleena Guesthouse.

Thai police have been unable to determine the cause of their deaths.

Earlier this year, the body of a heavily tattooed Western man washed ashore at Nai Harn, one of Phuket's popular tourist beaches. His identity and the circumstances of his death remain a mystery.

Buried in a cemetery in Phang Nga are 380 victims of the tsunami whose identity, despite almost five years of forensic detective-work, remain unknown.

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" Shapely"? Yes there's a juicy tidbit. Disgusting reporting...
Sexist f***king pigs.

Editor: Nonsense. We are trying to convey sufficient information about the victims so that friends and family can identify them. As one author is female and the other is male, are we both ''Sexist f***king pigs? You say it's ''disgusting reporting'' to describe the female victim as ''shapely'' but you make no objection when we describe the male victim as ''thick-set, shaped like a body-builder.'' Your abuse is illogical, misplaced and out of order.

Posted by Thai Wary on August 15, 2009 20:21


There seem to be an awful lot of deaths and murders in and around Phuket these days !

Editor: These things come in cycles everywhere. People will kill each other, even in holiday destinations, although it's rare to have a triple murder followed by a double murder. What's of concern are the unexplained deaths (Phi Phi guesthouse, dive boat capsize) and the ones that can be prevented (drownings, road mishaps.) There is no conspiracy, and no cause for paranoia.

Posted by elizabeth on August 15, 2009 21:53


An article telling others of the description of the two found killed is needed. How would the family feel if these facts where left out and it could have helped them to know where they where?
Good job on the reporting.

The only sad part besides the deaths, is the fact these two killings will go the way of the waste basket soon unless solved fast. Wish Thai papers would stay on top of them. Who else will be the deads' voice, if not you?

Best Regards

Posted by Carry on August 16, 2009 07:40


Referring to the female as, " shapely" denotes she was attractive, ( to whom I wonder, the police, the coroner? ) describing the male's physique has no such qualifying remark. was he handsome or "shapely?"
If you don't see the sexism in that...then you're either a whoremongering Sex-Pat or a stupid Thai girlfriend.

Editor: We won't shame you by revealing the rest of your comment. Fortunately the authors don't share your sad and troubling contempt for others, alive or dead. Political correctness seems the least of your deficiencies.

Posted by Thai Weary on August 16, 2009 09:57


How to contact Police Colonel Adisak Satapornkittakul?

Colonel Adisak's telephone number is 081 8925267. You will need someone who can speak Thai. The alternative is to go through one of the embassies.

Posted by Peter on August 16, 2009 18:20


Shame on you Thai Weary. You have been here too long, or you are a western woman with a forest on your shoulders ? Please, off to beach, watch the sun rise and be calm, rest awhile and stop being pedantic about sh%&. We can't write, she was a fat blob and her friend was a swollen splat. These are people and we describe people as attractive, shapely, handsome or stunning. Yes these are descriptive terms, deal with it. The use of fat, ugly, slob is only reserved for Thai newspapers. Back off ok ?

Posted by Mouse on August 16, 2009 18:31


Since when is "Political Correctness" a virtue ?
I know you have to defend your colleagues shoddy reporting but really , to call a murder victim, "Shapely.." is about as s***y reporting as possible.

Editor: I would suggest that anyone who resorts to racism and bigotry in making allegations of ''sexism'' is incapable of recognising the difference between a virtue and a deficiency.

Posted by Thai Weary on August 17, 2009 07:55


Good grief Morison, don't go so over the top when someone makes a comment you dislike. You appear to be less an editor and more of a blogger with, let's face it, all the decorum, style and compassion of The Sun newspaper. You are, however, well aware that sex sells, and that's all you're touting, in life, in death. Shame on you.

Editor: Any reader who thinks we are touting sex with a description of an unidentified body has lost their grip on the real world. We are simply trying to help identify two nameless, unfortunate murder victims. You, on the other hand, appear to be to be intent on mischief in the midst of a tragedy. Readers can determine for themselves where the shame lies.

Posted by J Franks on August 17, 2009 16:54


People who refer to others by their surname are almost always bullies. The use of the word ''shapely'' to give readers a sense of how a dead person must have appeared in life hardly seems to me to justify the authors being called ''sexist f***ing pigs'' or for that matter a ''whoremongering Sex-Pat or a stupid Thai girlfriend.'' And yet it's the editor who is accused of ''going over the top?'' To question the decorum of Phuketwan without seeing the shame in those comments shows a lack of discernment, J Franks. Too much time in the Sun, probably.

Posted by angelfire on August 17, 2009 17:42


Hint: I'm not Thai Wary, Weary is a little different word. You might know that if you weren't so keen to reply to reader comments in such an undignified manner, beneath the dignity of an editor for sure. Actually, beneath the dignity of an adult.
(Are you in seventh working in the office for credit?)
You play the " racist" card to retort in a ridiculous and transparent defensive posturing in reply to a comment on the quality of the reporting.
( FYI, Thais are not a race, though many seem to think they are..)

Editor: Both of those IDs tell us all we need to know. The facility to comment is for people who have something to add, not the unhappy few who always, without fail, detract. Comments are not here to cater to the unhappy few whose sole aim is petty point-scoring, and who wallow in bias and bigotry.

Posted by Thai WEARY on August 18, 2009 10:25


Hello thai w - w - whatever! Read your first comment and see how you signed yourself off. Go back to your homework and stop playing on daddy's computer, ok.

Posted by Mouse on August 18, 2009 12:15


Dear Tweedleweary and Tweedlewary, Let's see now . . . you expect the editor to respond politely to an inquiry about the quality of reporting.

The conversation actually started with this: " Shapely"? Yes there's a juicy tidbit. Disgusting reporting...
Sexist f***king pigs.

And there goes your whole ridiculous argument.

You'd have to be a dinosaur from the era of feminism at its worst to imagine that ''shapely'' in the context of a person who has been dead for 10 days has any sexist connotations.

Fortunately feminism has given way to equality. Most feminist dinosaurs have learned to accept that they need to be loved, too.

Posted by angelfire on August 18, 2009 17:50

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