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Action by the Army has cleared Phuket beaches but jet-skis remian

Rules Tighten for Phuket, Pattaya Jet-Skis Amid Doubts Over Who Will Impose Them

Saturday, August 2, 2014
PHUKET: Tighter rules aimed at controlling jet-ski rip-offs of tourists have been announced by Thailand's Tourist Department, which aims to bring them into effect on Phuket and in Pattaya.

The rules are designed to ''develop a new standard'' for quality service from jet-ski operators who are often accused of deceit and inflating the price of damage repairs in those two key destinations.

The department's director-general, Arnupap Gaesornsuwan, said the service standards were part of the government's effort to promote the Thai tourism industry.

A constant stream of complaints made via honorary consuls, Tourist Police, national ambassadors and through social media, with videos posted on YouTube, has raised international awareness of the jet-ski issue.

Khun Arnupap said that checks would be made to ensure insurance applied to all jet-skis. Jet-ski rental shops must have certified supervisors with first-aid training in the service area at all times, according to the announcement.

However, with new rules issued by the National Council for Peace and Order, jet-ski operators are not permitted to operate on Phuket beaches and have to remain in the water.

It is believed that Patong beach vendors, barred from opening stalls on the sand, complained that the jet-skis, also a commercial venture, were parking on the beaches.

Some expat residents have been calling for the jet-skis to be banned from Phuket entirely. At one stage, a governor attempted to phase them out over a period of seven years.

Khun Arnupap said said: ''We're encouraging jet-ski business operators in Thailand to recognise the need and importance of these standards and promptly move to improve their quality of service, staff skills and business ethics in order to meet these standards.''

Phuket's Marine 5 Chief, Phuripat Theerakulpisut, said today that Marine 5 remained in control of Phuket's jet-skis and the new controls came as news to him.


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I think most folk would be more than happy to see them gone. They are more dangerous than motorbikes in the wrong hands. You should need a license to hire or ride one.

No more compromise to these people. Give them 1 inch & they take an expanded mile!

Posted by Logic on August 2, 2014 10:40


I have just arrived back here in Patong and was so please with seeing the new and improved Patong beach. I never used to walk Patong beach because of the hassle with loungers and throngs of people so it was a pleasure to walk the entire length and remember that Patong is indeed one of the nicest beaches in Phuket. That was until I reached the south end. Me and my missus had to contend with the jet ski ruffians ordering people around as we scattered to avoid getting garroted by the incoming PARASAIL rope! everyone having such a nice time and locals and tourists alike playing football and here comes this 100tf long rope ready to slice your head off??? for what so 1 idiot tourist can have a look from ahigh? so the jet ski ( same guys operate the parasail) can extort more money? They are not supposed to be on the beach doing business? they are just one group of people ( family) ruining it for everyone else. Nevermind the dangers of trying to swim when these boats are flying around at breakneck speeds?? someone will have to be killed...again in order for more action. So so much for the nice romantic stroll on the beach. Army Mr.General please see the job through and get rid of these guys once and for all

Posted by Tom on August 2, 2014 11:56


I see the horse rental stable near Laguna is still profiting off the beach. In fact at one time Cherng-Telay Or Bor Tor was going to issue me a permit to do just the same-sell horse rides on the beach, but it was out of my price range.

Posted by The Night Mare on August 2, 2014 13:09


I also have tried to go for a walk on Patong beach recently and was almost caught by a rope slicing across the very low tide beach.These guys are still controlling large areas of the beach,and now the Jet-Ski's are back. Only a small percentage of people use these.Why does the majority have to suffer ?

Posted by Zig on August 2, 2014 15:22


@Tom @Zig

Once I got into a minor scuffle with operators of Flying Rope And Parachute on Kata beach :

when they appear on the beach, they routinely mark with misleading red flag an area of the beach and accordingly if the sea which they intend to use for their business, and assertively ordered people to get off that part of the sea , and off the strip of beach.

It often happened that it was exactly an area where I taken my baths.

When on one occasion I demonstratively rejected to leave that area in the sea and claimed that beaches are public... they become very angry, and tried to kick me.
Ok, I had to get off the water. Made some photo/video material for the case if I would like to lodge a complaint. But then analyzing me chances I understood that filing a compliant has no sense:
a Phuket branch of agency that supervises seas is useless, as they claim chopped legs by speedboat to be just accident ; and knowing their interpretation of a laws applicable to a beach, they would : everyone has a right to use a beach, incl.parasailng vendors, they enforce safety measures for public good, if you don't comply, you're at fault.

If integrate beach management system, like Blue Flag , are finally introduced, this will resolve this issue too, as every group of people on the beach entertains different kind activities should have its own zone, to prevent conflicts - normally parasailing outlets are located somewhere at fringe of a beach.

Posted by Sue on August 2, 2014 16:38


Parasails - Why not solve the problem as other countries have done by requiring the type of boats where customers both take off and land on a platform located on the back of the boat.

As for Jet-Skis, designate a location away from the beach where a floating platform can be utilized for docking/renting the machines. Add to this designated areas around the platform where riders only allowed to go.

In fact a single floating platform could be used for customers of either activity. The operators would simply have to ferry customers to/from the beach via a designated channel.

Posted by Dkin on August 2, 2014 20:49


I think it clearly shows who is benefiting from the extortion(ate) prices here.

Posted by Tbs on August 3, 2014 01:06


I fully agree with Dkin

Posted by Mj on August 3, 2014 11:03


How about punishments to those scammers and their accomplices who have all those potential quality tourists disappeared from Thailand forever with their fist hitting, verbal abuse, extortion and etc. It is a great loss to Thailand, however those scammers would be more than happy to ruin the Thailand tourism industry for their selfish inhumane benefit.
So agree with Logic below to see them gone for good of Thailand and her tourists.

Posted by Justice on August 3, 2014 22:54

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