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Rihanna tells of making her new music video on Phuket

Rihanna's Phuket Secret: She Made a VIDEO

Friday, November 15, 2013
PHUKET: The secret behind the visit of pop superstar Rihanna to Phuket has been revealed - she was making a ''demented'' video on the holiday island.

While her tweets about a visit to a ping pong sex show and the online posting of a ''selfie'' with a slow loris triggered arrests and a brief crackdown, the singer was on Phuket to work.

In advance of the release of her new full-length music video tomorrow, the star's publicity team has released some intriguing cuts about the short, sharp 22-hour shoot on Phuket.

She warns fans that the new song could be ''eerie'' and ''creepy'' compared to the usual heavily-laden sexual overtones of her recent hits.

The location for the Phuket shoot is not revealed but with Rihanna choosing Phuket, other singing stars may follow. The original two-day schedule was narrowed to just those 22 hours.

On the documentary footage she says: ''Today we're shooting the music video for my latest single from my latest album, 'Unapologetic'.

''The song is 'What Now'. It's going to be kind of eerie, very creepy because 'What Now' is one of those songs that you can get really boring with the visual.

''Everybody is probably expecting a narrative video and a love story of some sort, and something really soft and pretty. It is kind of soft but it's really a little demented.''

When the cameraman quipped that they were on the second day of the shoot, Rihanna fired back: ''Why go home when you can come here and keep shooting?''

According to early online reports, Rihanna's team were thrilled with the location and revealed she is performing an ''exorcism-type'' ritual in the video.

As for what now on Phuket . . . the enthusiasm for closing down sex shows and arresting touts abusing Thailand's protected wildlife appears to wax and wane.

One day, there will be reports of arrests and the seizure of tout's boards promoting sex shows. The next day it will be business as usual.

Rihanna, it's time you made another video on Phuket.

VIDEO: What Superstar Rihanna Did on Phuket

The star fast-forwarded her music video shoot


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If she was working in Thailand... did she have a work permit? i doubt it!

Posted by Anonymous on November 15, 2013 06:46


To focus on the problems: I would like to know, how much the minivan charged them, for the stand by service.
And is stars will other follow, I don't think, it will be for the warehouse location, that got turned into a studio set. But maybe for the Loris or the Igunana or the 'sexy show, no rip off', watch sexy lady, entrance free'. And with that team full of people, for the video, she brought a lot of money into this country. A quality amount of money, I mean.

Posted by Anonymous on November 15, 2013 11:12


Who cares. And you call this news?

Posted by Rich on November 15, 2013 12:54


@Rich: No reply from the boss? He must still be on holiday.

Posted by Buster on November 15, 2013 21:56


@ Anonymous; Actors, singers, and filming teams temporarily shooting films here less than 15 days do not need work permits like a foreign resident working here. They need all kinds of other permits though. It's all explained at Sports athletes competing here also do not need them, even if there is compensation.

Posted by NomadJoe on November 15, 2013 23:38


@ Nomad Joe
You should finish reading, in spcisal your linked page.
* In case of working not exceeding 15 days
1. ???WP 11????? form.
The visa is easier, but still a wp and permission is needed.
And as we saw, it was not a 'hand cam shot', there was for sure a provider for location and material, so maybe this companby provided the forms and did the needed steps forehand. Then only the crew needed to 'come bye' and pick the wp. And with a week schedule, before the next concert in Australia, I think, there wasa a 'kind of plan' behind this.

Posted by Anonymous on November 16, 2013 14:39



maybe he mouthed off to someone in person instead of hiding behind his keyboard.

Posted by surang on November 16, 2013 22:57

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