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Three police don riot gear at Thalang Police Station today

More than 30 on Police Wanted List

Friday, October 16, 2015
PHUKET: Police have asked the court for 33 arrest warrants over the Phuket riot and will seek more, the Phuket Police Commander, Major General Pachara Boonyasit, told Phuketwan today.

''Most of the cases for which we have clear evidence involve destruction of property and carry penalties of 10, 15 or 20 years,'' he said. The number of wanted people is expected to grow, the commander added.

News of the mass pursuits came as the daughter of a man who died still needing urgent medical attention after an ambulance was turned back by rioters said she plans to sue the perpetrators.

Narttaya Sriinn, 35, said today that she was still traumatised from the death of her father, Chean Choosri, 73, as hundreds of rioters besieged Thalang Police Station and swarmed across Phuket's main road, stopping traffic.

''I was in the ambulance with my father and the nurses were giving him cpr when we were stopped,'' she said.

An ambulanceman said Khun Narttaya got out of the ambulance, waied the protesters, and said 'Please, please, my father is seriously ill, Please let us through, i beg you.'

''After being held up and not allowed to go through for 20 minutes, the ambulance was forced to turn back and take the round-about route,'' Khun Narttaya said.

''My father's condition deteriorated so, instead of going on to Bangkok Phuket Hospital, we opted to try to save his life at Thalang Hospital.

''That's where he died,'' Khun Narthaya said, rejecting the comment by a senior doctor in krabi who said her father died under surgery at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

''There is no doubt in my mind that the rioting protesters contributed to his death.

''Once the criminal cases have been resolved, i intend to sue those responsible for stopping the ambulance for damages.''

The pair had gone to Krabi Hospital when Khun Chean had trouble breathing on Saturday night. He was diagnosed with a narrowed artery and sent to Phuket, with nurses performing cpr along the way.

The extra time involved in the delay with the protesters blocking the ambulance and the round-about route the ambulance was forced to take cost her father's life, Khun Nartthaya believes.

Mystery still surrounds the reason why it took 15 hours to quell the riot, with Army troops arriving after a five-hour trip from another province.


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..and I hope the daughter rakes them over the coals with her lawsuit

Posted by sky on October 16, 2015 17:32


It is significant why the army troops took 5 hours to show up, a five-hour trip. Simple.
Phuket Island deserves a army battalion garrison. Specially as long the top police authorities not station more police officers on Phuket island.
Already so many criminal situations in the past showing that when there would have beenpolice surveillance ( Bangla Rd!) the 'tourist safety zones' would have been safe.
Now the tourist safety zones are not safe. The proof is there, time after time.

Posted by Kurt on October 17, 2015 10:36

Editor Comment:

The Patong safety zone is working reasonably well, Kurt. I am not sure where you get the idea that it isn't. A ''safety zone'' isn't a guarantee that there will never be crimes.

But the system appears to have reduced problems, even though further improvements can obviously be made.

Phuket certainly needs the capacity to put together a response force that can quickly go into action around the clock.


Well, Mr Editor. do you remember? A while ago a group of men assembled with a pick up van beside the police station at the beach end of Bangla Road ( Patong Safety zone!) The guys were disturbing/drinking a police volunteer told them to leave, they left but came back in a larger group ( mob) and threatened police volunteer. You did report that very wel). The Patong police chief later explained why the only regular officer on duty there was long time not present, he was 'on a round'. ( only 1 police officer! Safety zone?) Another excuse was: 'we have not enough officers to secure that part of the Safety Zone all the time'.
Ass long as illegal drinking vouchers are still openly handed out, as long as touts can most of the time feel free to do there openly their 'job', as long there is not even a minimum of law enforcement there by the regular thai police, that long we can not call that area a Safety Zone.
"It works reasonable well" is just a 'bit safety'. That is not what a Safety Zone suppose to be.
The launch of Safety Zone was done with a lot of tam-tam. Reality shows different. Why are we not surprised?

Posted by Kurt on October 18, 2015 09:54

Editor Comment:

You expectations of a holiday island destination where there is no crime seem unreal to me, Kurt. There will be troublemaking tourists who have too much to drink and there will be petty crime, too. But since the ''safety zone'' concept was introduced after the murder of Michelle Smith, there have been far fewer reported crimes. You may, of course, believe what you like, but your constant criticism and occasional bigotry indicates you're not making balanced judgements. Often, you apply guesswork well before the facts are known. Often, you quote sources that have been proven to be wrong. For all those reasons, Kurt, your conclusions are inevitably taken less than seriously.

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