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Police Seek Aussie Victims of Patong Beating, Call in Security Guard to Explain

Thursday, October 8, 2015
BANGKOK: Thai police say they are looking for two Australian men and that they plan to summon five nightclub security guards for questioning over a video posted on Facebook that shows nightclub security guards viciously kicking and punching two tourists in the latest attack on foreigners on the Thai resort island of Phuket.

The 48 seconds of footage has attracted more than 75,000 views and it shows black-clothed guards repeatedly kicking the defenceless men.

Bystanders appear to ask the guards to stop the attack as one of the men was lying on concrete outside a club in Phuket's Patong tourist area, trying to protect his head from kicks.

One guard is seen elbowing one of the men in the head.

Attacks on foreigners in island resort areas like Phuket and Samui reveal the dark belly of Thailand's tourism that accounts for 10 percent of the country's economy.

Security guards in Patong are notoriously prone to violence, particularly toward foreign troublemakers in clubs, expatriate residents say.

Up to 25,000 Australian tourists a month visit Phuket, most of them arriving on cheap direct flights from Australia's capital cities.

Australian consular officials estimate that about 80 percent of the cases in which Australians find themselves in trouble are settled before they hear about them, often through extorted payments.

The nationalities of the attacked men shown in the video were not immediately known but Phuket police said later the men were Australians.

The video was posted online by an employee of the Aussie Bar in Patong.

Earlier this year a well-known Australian expatriate living on Phuket was charged with murder after a security guard was knifed outside a Patong nightclub.

Security camera footage subsequently emerged showing the man was subjected to a "pack attack" and only pulled the knife as a last resort to save his own life.

The charges have since been dropped.

Melbourne youth Jack Hansen-Bartel's life has turned into a nightmare after he was bashed in a club on Samui.

The injuries were so serious he has required multiple operations, including plastic surgery, after his teeth were knocked out and his jaw bone shattered.

Two American students have been charged over the alleged assault but counter-charges have been laid against Mr Hansen-Bartel, raising questions about Thailand's justice system. Mr Hansen-Bartel will face court later this year.

Phuketwan, an on-line news service on Phuket, reports that police are likely to investigate the latest Phuket attack.

It says security guards on Phuket are not required to undergo training as are those in Western countries like Australia.

VIDEO Guards Evict Aussie Tourists

WARNING: This video contains brutal violence
The original Facebook posting has been removed but a version can be found here:


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White room, spiked drinks and violent security guards. European touts working without REAL work permits on Bangla Rd, need I go on.

Posted by john on October 8, 2015 19:22


These security guards are a danger to tourists, they should have to be already locked up.

Posted by Kurt on October 8, 2015 19:27


This is a two sided story having lived in Thailand for many years I have seen so many Thais be verbally abused and done nothing, it's the ladies I think are very patient. Some Thais like ripoffs, copying and well how we say the ladies like being tipped. Foreigners come to Phuket drink alcohol and act like they never would in their own country.

Posted by No wonder on October 8, 2015 19:56

Editor Comment:

There is only one side to what happened outside the nightclub: needless violence by people who appear to enjoy what they are doing.


Same old story blame the tourist, as usual no arrest's. In all city's and towns outside Thailand this is assault. Will the governor or police step in and arrest the pack ?? not a chance. Will the thai government listen ?? not a chance.Wonder what the outcome would be if it was 3-4 falangs / tourists beat two thais like this ???.

Posted by william on October 9, 2015 00:05

Editor Comment:

It'/s certainly not acceptable for the authorities to allow this ultraviolent incident pass without taking serious action. Every kick and elbow delivered was a blow to Phuket's tourism business. All good tourism operators will be insisting that action is taken.


The video made headline news this morning in Aus. Anyone who kicks a person while on the ground, defenseless and not threatening is just a coward and lowlife gutless.

Posted by MoW on October 9, 2015 01:48


nothing would have happened if it hadn't been posted on youtube --patong's a nut house.

Posted by ayjay on October 9, 2015 04:54


Well it was just a matter of time as i said the Tourist's will take the blame and surprise surprise they have.The door staff in Patong have been told not to kick men again. No charges carry on guys

Posted by william on October 10, 2015 00:24

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