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A most unusual sand-kicking reenactment on a beach near Pattaya

UPDATE Police Near Pattaya Opt to Not Pursue Maker of Beach Abuse Video

Sunday, September 7, 2014
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

POLICE have reenacted the sand-kicking intimidation incident on Lan island off Pattaya. Officers told local journalists they will no longer be pursuing the maker of the video for creating problems for Thailand tourism because what was portrayed in the video was true. Nothing was said about the owner of the sunbeds.

News Analysis with VIDEO

PHUKET: Police who arrested a Cambodian beach staffer yesterday for kicking sand and abusing a tourist near Pattaya are now pursuing the YouTube video poster.

''This person has brought the reputation of Thailand tourism into disrepute,'' said Region 2 Deputy Commander Major General Thanet Pingmeungnga.

His interpretation of the situation is likely to be questioned. Just who is bringing Thailand's reputation into disrepute?

The Cambodian beach staffer, caught behaving badly in a video that has since become extremely popular, faces a maximum of three years in jail. The ''perpetrator'' who posted the YouTube video that let to the Cambodian's arrest could now face up to five years' jail.

Thailand's approach to whistle-blowers generally has been seen lately to be extremely flawed with at least two court cases - Natural Fruit v Andy Hall and Royal Thai Navy v Phuketwan - raising questions about the way Thailand reacts to unwanted exposure.

The case of the Cambodia beach staffer is likely to set more people wondering about justice in Thailand.

Where the major general has a point is that the video was taken back in October, but only posted on YouTube a few days ago.

The Cambodian, a man known as Ping, 25, told police after his arrest that he had apologised for his actions to the Russian woman after kicking sand at her and abusing her.

He said he told her he was acting under instructions from his boss, who wanted the woman off the towel on the sand and on one of the pay-for-use sunbeds. There was no word on whether police planned to pursue the owner of the sunbeds.

It's also not known how often this bullying occurred. The incident took place on Lan island, a day-trip destination off Pattaya.

In an unconnected but related development, the Royal Thai Navy is about to move to clear all sunbeds from Lan island and all Pattaya beaches in line with the Phuket model of clearances that has taken place over the past few weeks.

VIDEO Beach Staffer Kicks Sand, Abuses Woman


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Typical Thai justice, shoot the messenger. Fix the wrongs and there will be no need to showcase bad behaviour on you tube. Simple really.

Posted by Graham on September 7, 2014 12:41


The ''perpetrator'' who posted the YouTube video that let to the Cambodian's arrest could now face up to five years' jail.
So, by publishing articles on online media or by putting articles from media on his/her Facebook pages is illegal in Thailand?
So all national and provincial media on paper and/or online can not speak out and publish article about corruption, graft, bribes, negligence by civil servants, and so on ... or risking to be sued in court and get up to five-year jail?
Good question to Editor's Phuketwan to be clarify "Black on White" as many comments on Phuketwan's comments may be judged offensive to NCPO, Police and civil servants.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on September 7, 2014 13:00

Editor Comment:

Your comments should be civil and logical.


If the guy was acting under instructions, then surely the boss should also be questioned ?

Thailands reputation is closely being scrutinized, especially with recent events now unfolding. The country must accept that the internet is unforgiving, and will judge you based on the evidence that presents itself. The 'perpetrator' as the authorities so eloquently describe, is merely the messenger, an innocent bystander witnessing the event. To pursue 'whistle-blowers' in this manner will only further damage the already fragile reputation. Thailand is fully accountable, and cannot hide such indiscretions.

Posted by reader on September 7, 2014 13:07


I was wondering when that would happen....

Posted by Robert on September 7, 2014 14:23


Just yesterday while walking on the beach in Patong I was yelled at like a person that should not be there to "get out of the way!" for the sweeping rope of the fast falling Para-sailor ! Very Dangerous !!

Posted by Zig on September 7, 2014 15:07


Poor boy, long time jail for a handful of sand. Probably learned aggressive behavior from his boss, who makes money on the chairs.

@ Zig - it seems that jet-skies and para-sailing are allowed on the beaches, while, the only thing in demand, sun-beds are banned.

Can somebody explain this?

Posted by Sherlock on September 7, 2014 16:42

Editor Comment:

There is a list of things that need to be done, one by one, in the right order.


@Zig in that part of the island dangerous for you pocket and heart are the petite brown skinned gyrating ladies that come out at night and steal your heart, of course only if you let them. I haven't been there in about two years and I live here, but then my heart is taken.

Posted by Feisty Farang on September 7, 2014 16:48


@Zig..I too on many occassions have strolled down the beach only to be nearly decapitated and yelled at by arrogant parasailor workers..and forcefully told to get out of the way...Since when did the beach belong to them?...Put them all on one far end of the beach along with the jet skiis and whoever wants theire services can go seek them out...and the rest of the beach will be peacefully left to the rest

Posted by sky on September 7, 2014 17:00


Officers told local journalists they will no longer be pursuing the maker of the video for creating problems for Thailand tourism because what was portrayed in the video was true.


Erh, that's new development of policies in prosecution and of interpretation of the ratio of the law..

Posted by Sue on September 7, 2014 21:17


The decision not to pursue the person who posted the recording suggests things may be changing for the good. Maybe, just maybe, the Thai authorities are learning from the PR disasters of pursuing Phuketwan and Andy Hall over their respective reporting of established facts. Maybe they finally realize that the most effective response, is an intelligent response and not the knee jerk reaction of being offended because someone dared to show reality. A good decision to drop the investigation. Life is changing for the good in Thailand, slowly but surely. This is one naysayer who sees it.

Posted by Ryan on September 7, 2014 22:58

Editor Comment:

Police in the Lan island case may not be aware of the Andy Hall and Phuketwan cases, Ryan. But it's good that there was a change of approach before an inappropriate person was charged.


Looking at that old sand kicking video of the beach packed full of sunbeds and umbrellas made me shudder. I really hope there is never a return to that. A perfect example of why the move to remove commerce from the beach began. 1 video like that can cost the country millions in lost tourism revenue.

Posted by Chris on September 8, 2014 09:10


Wow what an incredible act of violence, kicking sand to somebody's face. As if there wouldn't be any bigger problems to solve.

Posted by Isnogood on September 8, 2014 14:04

Editor Comment:

Nobody said there was sand kicked in her face. Please don't exaggerate.

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