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Tim Shaw at work during this year's Phuketwan trial on Phuket

Bad Police and Bad Officers Trying to Get Me, Says Paween; Phuket Threat to Navy; Asean's Big Problem

Friday, December 11, 2015
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

afp Geneva remained on high alert as police carried out further searches for several suspected militants believed to have links to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group.

Phuket Update Popular Phuket Aussie Tim Shaw will be joining Talking Canberra 2CC from January as host of its flagship Breakfast Show. Tim has been on Phuket for three years as a senior journalist for the Seven Network and host of the Asean news hour. Half a million people have signed a petition calling for Donald Trump to be blocked from entering Britain on 'hate speech' principles.

PhuketWATCH Daily Media Wrap

PHUKET: The daily wrap of Thailand news, with a Phuket perspective, plus relevant reports from national and international media. Phuketwan closes December 31.

Human Trafficking in Thailand The sudden departure of Thailand's chief human trafficking investigator, Police Major General Paween Pongsirin, for Australia, apparently in fear of his life, raises the question of who and what he was afraid of when he fled. ''I'm not afraid of the good officials,'' he said by telephone from Australia. ''But there are bad police and bad military officers, and I know they are trying to get me.'' His claim of death threats by active human traffickers is certain to set back Thai government claims of success in battling the scourge. Speaking before he left the country and visibly shaken, Paween said he was ordered to stop the investigation prematurely and that many more officials were likely involved in the trade. He said Thailand's trafficking investigation was pulled too soon. Amy Smith, executive director of the human rights group Fortify Rights, said in a written statement about the trafficking trial, scheduled for December 24: ''This trial is a test of Thailand's commitment to end human trafficking, and the prognosis isn't looking good.'' It seems that Australia, despite a change in leadership in September, is not going to repent anytime soon from its heinous international crime of refusing to accept refugees and asylum seekers.

Today's Other Top Stories Billions of baht were seen in the home of ex-transport ministry official Supoj Saplom in 2011, and graft-busters now want him to face legal charges. Amnesty International heavily criticised Thailand's government after police launched an inquiry into the US ambassador's censorious comments against the lese majeste law. The human-rights organisation called on Thailand to stop using the royal-defamation law to curb the freedom of expression. The European Aviation Safety Agency spared Thai-registered airlines a ban, but will ''monitor and assist Thailand'' to upgrade air safety.

Phuket World of People The Royal Thai Navy is investigating a threat allegedly made by an Army colonel warning a Navy officer to stop a raid on an illegal gambling den in Phuket - or be transferred out of the province by ''powerful friends''. The Army officer reportedly has some connection with a restaurant under investigation for encroaching on public land on Phuket's Laypang beach. The recently leaked memo warning of Islamic State terrorists being dispatched to Phuket has not affected hotel occupancy numbers, according to the director of the Thai Hotel Association's southern chapter: ''Overall occupancy has stayed at 75 percent, with 35 percent coming from Western arrivals and the rest mostly coming from major Asian markets, such as China, Korea and India.'' Many migrants working as waiters, gardeners and cleaners in Thailand's booming tourism sector discrimination, are paid below minimum wage levels and get no paid leave, according to an investigation of labor abuse in the country. The report named resorts on Phuket and in Khao Lak used by Swedish tour operators.

Phuket Update The overnight death of a 76-year-old German man in the southern Phuket area of Rawai is not being investigated because he suffered chronic health problems, his Thai wife told police.

reuters North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared to say his country has developed a hydrogen bomb, a step up from the less powerful atomic bomb, but the United States and outside experts were skeptical. Australian authorities charged five people, including a 15-year-old boy, with conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack on a government building, according to multiple reports.

Around the Region If there was an award for the most polite regional grouping in the world, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) would be a perennial favorite to win. So observant are its 10 members of consensus and non-interference in each other's affairs that critics say the group abides by an unwritten code of NATO (No Action, Talk Only).

Phuket World of Sport

Phuket Update With one game left in Division One, Phuket FC faces near-certain relegation and will be playing in Division Two when the new season starts in 2016. Phuket FC's hopes of survival came crashing with a 2-1 away defeat to Songkhla United FC.

Coming Events on Phuket 2015

TODAY will see more than half a million cyclists in Thailand and 66 cities around the world joining the ''Bike for Dad'' celebration of the 88th birthday of His Majesty the King, the world's longest-reigning monarch.

December 11 Thailand Bike for Dad

December 11-13 2015 Wake Park World Series on Phuket

December 26 Tsunami memorial ceremonies

December 26-January 5 Red Cross Fair, Saphan Hin, Phuket City

Coming Events on Phuket 2016

January 7-10 Phuket International Boat Show


Comments have been disabled for this article.


Why is it a "heinous international crime" for Australia to refuse to accept so called refugees and asylum seekers but not if no Asian countries accept them despite the fact that they are much nearer?

Posted by Stuart on December 11, 2015 19:46

Editor Comment:

I don't think you've got the wording quite right, Stuart, but we get what you mean. The words in quotes are yours, too. The concept of what's right and wrong in terms of accepting refugees has been agreed by many nations. What's defiintely wrong is for a country to turn back all people who arrive in boats, without first assessing whether those on board are genuine refugees. The concept of paying people smugglers to take their human cargo back is one or two rungs lower on the ''measure of humanity'' meter. Rich, prosperous nations are expected to set a good example, not to leave coping with unexpected migration to impoverished nations. Sadly, poor nations are not surrounded by rich nations. Canada's Justin Trudeau, for example, has pledged to resettle 25,000 Syrians by the end of February.



Posted by Stuart on December 11, 2015 22:58

Editor Comment:

What Stuart meant to write: Yes Ed, i am a bigot. Something within me prevents me from being generous and compassionate and giving with other human beings who don't have the same advantages in life that I have. I know my superiority complex is a problem but when you have all the advantages that I have, surely I can't be blamed for eating the lollies that were supposed to be for the whole class? That's what Mummy told the teacher, anyway.


Guess I won the debate again, would have thought a guy of your age and experience would have been more mature and posed a reasonable response.
Says more about you than me I'm afraid.

Posted by Stuart on December 11, 2015 23:43

Editor Comment:

No time for people obssessed by self-interest, Stuart. You want me to waste my precious time arguing with you? There is no way of drilling through the concrete around your head, your heart and your wallet.


Ed, take a look at what is happening in Europe! Instead of paying the Smugglers to take their illegal cargo away, the tax payer has to pay for accommodation before paying the airfare to return these so called asylum seekers who are only going there for the free hand outs

Posted by Shwe on December 12, 2015 06:23

Editor Comment:

The world is split between the selfish and the unselfish, Shwe, the caring and the uncaring. Your position in that division is clear.


@ ED, your precious time?
Stop the comments and censuring of everything which YOU don't like.

Posted by FS on December 12, 2015 07:32

Editor Comment:

When commenters stop writing lies, bigotry and misinformation, FS. I'll stop editing out the lies, bigotry and misinformation. Anonymous opinions like yours have no value. PW generously allows comments on the vast majority of articles so readers can add value, not lies, bigotry and misinformation. Don't like what you read? Go where you feel warm and fuzzy.


Ed, I simply made the point that you are obsessed with attacking Australia's policy but make no mention of Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, the Gulf States e.t.c it borders on Racism. There's no bigotry and no misinformation, Trudeau was reported in the DT to have said that (Google it).
You allow comments so in the interest of open debate should allow different opinions and not resort to childish insults. PW has a number of good points, if you had done the above it might have taken off.

Posted by Stuart on December 12, 2015 08:53

Editor Comment:

I have no obsessions. Australia's approach to boatpeople sets new international low standards and the change is newsworthy because that country once set high standards. Singapore is these days even developing a touch of human rights. Australia's approach is odious and appals everyone except Donald Trump. The simple fact is, bigotry does not deserve to be aired anonymously. That's fascistic. Trump is at least brave enough to put his name to his objectionable ideas. No anonymous comment encourages ''open debate.'' You clearly do enjoy kidding yourself.


"The world is split between the selfish and the unselfish, Shwe, the caring and the uncaring. Your position in that division is clear"
There are genuine asylum seekers,for those people there are official channels to apply for asylum, but most are just economic migrants, therefor the hand outs, and yes I am selfish, I am sick of MY taxes funding these people.

Posted by Shwe on December 12, 2015 10:26

Editor Comment:

If most are economic migrants, the system will sort them from the genuine migrants. Your taxes are being well-spent, protecting your quality of life. If you have better ideas, let your government know.


If most are economic migrants, the system will sort them from the genuine migrants. Your taxes are being well-spent, protecting your quality of life. If you have better ideas, let your government know.

My taxes are not being spent protecting my quality of life, police hospitals schools,& pension are all being cut, and tax money squandered keeping those people fed and housed until they can be kicked out. They should not be let in. Australia has the right idea. I do let my government know my feeling along with a great number of my fellow countrymen.

Posted by Shwe on December 12, 2015 12:22

Editor Comment:

Countries that absorb migrants benefit because migrants usually work harder and are prepared to do jobs the locals consider to be beneath them. Countries that take in migrants prosper, for the benefit of all citizens. There will always be a few selfish ones who are - probably quite correctly - afraid of migrants in case they turn out to be smarter and more ambitious.
Australia has no idea. Too many citizens there are comfortable and complacent. But you must know those feelings, Shwe.


Australia does except genuine refugees who apply through the proper channels and are seeking asylum for political reasons, the Australian government (taxpayers) pay for their airfares to come to Australia and supplies many benefits income, medical care, education etc

People prepared to pay people smugglers many thousands of dollars and have thrown away or lost their documentation so they can arrive illegally in Australia are not wanted, working Australians already pay a lot of tax to support genuine refugees and other people who prefer to live of the social security system in Australia

Personally I want my family to keep their standard of living they have earned in Australia and do not want more people trying to get into Australia for economic reasons which will end up lowering the living standards for all Australians and increase taxes

Australia already allows people from the surrounding island nations to come and work in occupations which residents do not want do

People who are skilled in a occupation that Australia has a shortage of are always welcome and always have been

Posted by peter allen on December 12, 2015 14:34

Editor Comment:

You really are a student of propaganda to suit your own self-interest, peter. Stateless refugees don't have documents to throw away. Large-scale migration drives the economy, and with so many people in Australia more concerned about their comfort than working hard, the Australian economy (and you) would benefit from taking vastly larger numbers of new arrivals - especially the most persecuted, who are driven to perform and understand the benefits of opportunity. A little hardship would do many complacent tax-payers no harm at all.

Germany: The German economy is continuing to expand thanks to private consumption, with refugees providing a limited additional boost.

Canada is warmly greeting thousands of unexpected refugees. Which country has it right, peter? Germany, Canada or Australia?


Regardless of your opinion, they are legal immigrants not refugees and if they manage to land in a country that did not invite them or want them they should be deported. So you endorse these illegal immigrants working at lower pay than the locals, the only benefit is to the employers who exploit them. BTW where do your buy your rose tinted specs?

Posted by Shwe on December 12, 2015 14:37

Editor Comment:

You seem to be inventing my thoughts as well as your own arguments, shwe. Everything you see appears to be money-colored. I am not surprised. Some experts believe Germany needs half a million migrants a year, and that other countries should follow suit. Migrants provide a big economic boost for citizens, Shwe. No negatives about it.


Germany needs un educated immigrants for their work force as they are short of working age people.
Australia does not, what's wanted there is the current work force to work harder for the money they are paid and then all the manufacturing businesses would stay in Australia instead of re locating to developing countries
Aussies who are prepared to work what ever hours necessary to provide a decent living for them selves and their families have a good lifestyle but you will not find them living of social security as all refugees will
And they are quite happy to support genuine refugees but not Pakistanis who claim to come from Afghanistan or Bangladeshi's who claim to come from Myanmar
Bogan editor's who think their opinion is the only one would probably not qualify as a refugee or for government assistance even if they are a Australian citizen

Posted by peter allen on December 12, 2015 17:30

Editor Comment:

How do you know they are all uneducated, peter? Just your superiority complex shining through - at everything except spelling and intelligence. You could learn a lot from people who have broader minds because they have serious experience and understand what's important in life. Those who close their minds and their countries in the end only harm themselves. Good luck saving Australia for the selfish. Those who folow your example are likely to be tomorrow's wannabe refugees to more prosperous countries.



Posted by peter allen on December 12, 2015 18:07

Editor Comment:

The problem with the internet, peter, is that it encourages the world's most foolish individuals to confuse their ignorance with intelligence. At the appropriate moment, please leave your brain to science.


As a German I maybe can enlighten some stuff:

1. Not all refugees are uneducated (as a syrien dentist I would flee to Germany. everything is better for my family, only an example)

2. Not all refugees are educated, I worked in such refugee camp in Germany. Many are uneducated from every European point of view, different culture you could say? Yes, but of you saw, what I saw... You would think how dirty and stupid are some of them. I saw apartments after the refugees sent home or became their right to stay... Damn...

2. It's a myth that refugees, immigrants or whatever are working in low work only (cleaning, service etc.)
If they not learn German, they will fail (80%, my guess... Rest lives in parallel society)
3. It's not right that German economic NEEDS them so fast and important.
But German economics promote it.

For every position to learn a job there are 5 or more candidates. Now the economics think that's not enough. Because they want pick 1 out of 100, like in good old times.

The result is, that everybody thinks we not have enough worker... Its wrong.
But the more the better, right?

Anyway, its good Germany takes refugees, it's good how many they take, it's not good how they organize it. It's not good how they communicate the process to German citizens.

Thanks :)

Posted by Pete-german on December 13, 2015 20:10


Did you happen to see a refugee by the name of Sue in your travels? We are not sure whether he has been recently arrested and due to be deported back to Russia or she attempted to breach border control disguised as an alien and authorities are unsure which camp he should be accommodated within.
I know wherever she is, he either has no internet connection or her iPad battery has failed.
If you able to view this Sue, less than 3 weeks to file all your due and outstanding reports. Those undue, not so outstanding can probably wait a little longer.

Posted by MoW on December 13, 2015 22:56

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