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The new entrance way to a once-secret Phuket City shrine

Phuket's Secret Warrior Shrine Gains Tourism Spirit

Sunday, April 3, 2011
ONE of Phuket's best-kept secret places is being developed so more tourists and residents can more easily find the Shrine of the Serene Light in Phuket City.

With Old Phuket Town undergoing a cultural renaissance and becoming the counterpoint to Patong's hedonism, the delightful small shrine is likely to quickly become a popular part of Phuket tours.

Planners were at work on the fine details when Phuketwan dropped by this week as construction work continued on broadening the entrance, with guardian lions already in place.

Once, access to the sweet little courtyard was via a narrow lane. Now it's easy for all to see, and the shrine is at long last likely to receive the attention is has deserved.

On the walls are historic pictorial tiles, dating back 120 years. The shrine was built in 1889 by a Phuket Hokkien Chinese family, and being ''lost'' for more than a century has helped to preserve its charm.

During the annual Vegetarian Festival each October, the Shrine of the Serene Light becomes a place for warriors to go into trances so that they can have theire cheeks pierced and parade with the spirits.

The shrine can be found at the On On Hotel end of Phang Nga Road, close to the Southwind Bookshop.
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Phuket Town deserves a few more visitors, I personally love the old town and have taken many walks around the streets taking photos, enjoying small cafes and remembering that Phuket has a rich history - something I most tourists don't know about. It's not just beaches! Not everyone likes Phuket Town, but that's fine. Phuket (I think) has something for all kinds of people. In a way.. for me.. a pity that this little gem has been exposed. First time I walked down that tiny alleyway I had no idea what to expect at the other end, and after all there are already plenty of shrines with easy access like Jui Tui or Bang Neow. Maybe some things should stay hidden? But if it helps Phuket Town businesses to get a bit more of the tourist pie, sure, why not...

Posted by Jamie on April 3, 2011 19:53

Friday December 4, 2020
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