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Phuket's Patong Hill Rollercoaster Won't Be Fixed Until the Buses Are Safe

Phuket's Patong Hill Rollercoaster Won't Be Fixed Until the Buses Are Safe

Friday, July 26, 2013
Phuketwan News Analysis: Brave Enough to Change

PHUKET: The Patong Hill road is under repair for 22m baht, as Phuketwan reported on May 28. But the vehicles that are being asked to climb the hill will continue to be a problem.

Reporters recently encountered a busload of Chinese tourists who had been due to cross the hill. But their bus pulled up short, almost at the point where repairs are well underway.

The tourists had to wait for a second bus. Meanwhile, a policeman berated the driver for driving a contraption that couldn't make it over the hill.

''This happens at least twice a day,'' the policeman told Phuketwan. ''I really don't understand why some of these vehicles are allowed on the road.

''In the case of this particular bus, the slope has interrupted the flow of fuel from the tank to the engine. Now, that's not much of a bus.''

Nearby, work was continuing to shore up a section of the road that has frequently collapsed over the years.

Repairs are complicated and more costly because there is housing quite close to the bottom of the slope, so an expensive retaining wall has to be constructed.

The repairs are expected to be completed in time for November and Phuket's next high tourist season.

A quick calculation tells us that about 240 buses will have stalled on the hill by then.

One or two are likely to also take the speedy route down the hill going the other way and collect the houses at the bottom.

Phuketwan noticed that the house where crashing buses usually finish up in the loungeroom is now up for sale.

Patong Council really should step up, but the property, demolish it and replace it with a giant mattress.

We'd like to see more action on road safety but information about the number of fatalities and injuries on Phuket has become a provincial secret.

For many years until April 2012, Phuket Public Health department provided regular monthly updates. Since April last year - when the toll appeared to be going down - no new data has been released.

We will just have to keep asking the policeman on Patong Hill.


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u just have to laugh some times really the police are asking how an unsafe bus is alowed to be on the road answer is the police allow them to be on the roads what a joke

Posted by GT on July 26, 2013 10:50

Editor Comment:

Police in Thailand, as in most countries, are not responsible for conducting mechanical checks on buses. However, a DSI checkstop initiative at the base of Patong Hill might save a few lives.
PS. The use of 555 and lol in postings makes commenters sound like laughing jackasses.


@ed..PS. The use of 555 and lol in postings makes commenters sound like laughing jackasses.

Surely its up to the individual commenters to use whatever they choose. (moderated for abuse)

Posted by Mal on July 26, 2013 12:09

Editor Comment:

We want serious value-added comments, Mal. Not 555 and lol from laughing jackasses. The choice is yours.


I didn't abuse you ed..just told the truth about you, but as usual, because you can't handle the truth about your shortcomings you simply butcher the comment to your own like.You are so scared of people seeing you for what you really are.....Sad man.

Posted by Mal on July 26, 2013 12:41

Editor Comment:

What's really scary is when three-letter anonymous commenters who bray like jackasses confuse their foolish imaginings and the real world. Add value, Mal. Stop making me 555.


police in most countrys have the right to take any vehicle off the road if they beleive it to be unsafe. they dont do the checks on the mechanic side of things but if a vehicle cant make it up a hill then they can order it off the road and force inspection and would not be permitted back on the road until proved to be safe. and u do have to laugh at a very serious problem thai goverment keep talking about tourists safety and how things will change but is always just talk no action.

Posted by GT on July 26, 2013 12:42


Just wondering, what the officials are really doing for the road conditions ? are they waiting for the 3rd bus get in the same house down the hill ? or there should be dozens people should be killed ? whats the point of that bus is old, this car is that model ... first check the road conditions how you can prove and avoid possible accidents as like most European countries are doing.

Posted by oscar on July 26, 2013 13:56


There you go again you completely Mad I love it I love it it's getting funnier by the minute
Thank you hilarious

Posted by Coco on July 26, 2013 23:06


Who on earth would ever buy that house? I feel sorry for the owner, but surely it is unsellable at any price.

Posted by Wondering on July 26, 2013 23:47


I too cant comprehend why a policeman is not empowered to slap a unroadworty on a veh and say get this death trap towed,you dont need to have a mechanical qualification to see obvious bald tyres, unoperable windshield wipers & a host of other matters,more so paying clients have a right to be transported in a roadworthy and safe veh & the veh owners a duty of carriage to do so, this is a disgrace!even the police are frustrated and powerless to take action apparently .

Posted by slickmelb on July 27, 2013 06:09


Was not 9 million spent on Mayor Keesins patong sign project on the very same hill, surely 20 million is a pittance to attempt to restore this vital road artery to it's once safe and thoroughly trusted status.
These road collapses and rework on shoddy repairs are a recent phenomenon if your going to do the job do it right the first time. 9 million spent on a sign was wasted funding that could have so easily have been spent years ago to ensure that the road was not being undermined by runoff or any other patong contributing factors

Posted by scunner on July 27, 2013 09:49

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