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The word is spread at Phuket airport that ''black'' taxis have two weeks

Phuket's Illegal Cabs Told: You Have Two Weeks to Quit

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
PHUKET: Illegal taxis operating on Phuket have been given two weeks' warning of a crackdown aimed at clearing them from the holiday island.

With the approval of Transport Minister, Jarupong Rungsuwan, the clock starting ticking today at Phuket International Airport, home to many of the illegal taxis.

Phuket's Transport Department, the airport General Manager Wing Commander Prathuang Somkhom and police from the Tachatchai station, which oversees the airport, announced the move today.

For the next two weeks, taxi drivers will be able to gain knowledge about the coming crackdown and assess their options at a booth at Phuket airport. The information counter at the airport will operate 24 hours a day.

Thousands of illegal taxis are believed to operate on Phuket, with drivers attracted by the high fares and relatively easy work. Often the private vehicles do not have appropriate insurance and are not equipped or maintained to international standard.

Complaints about the high fares and poor attitude of the drivers of illegal taxis and tuk-tuks remain one of the largest sources of complaints from tourists about Phuket.

Many of the illegal vehicles operate in groups located at or near Phuket's resorts.

Today's announcement of the campaign against illegal taxis comes with a meeting of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on Phuket now less than a week away.

Cabinet will meet at Prince of Songkhla University on Phuket and a party has been scheduled for March 19 at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa in Karon.


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Great - keep up the good work!! I'm going to put that date on my calendar!!

Posted by Gemjac on March 13, 2012 14:58


Great idea, just hope they enforce this after Cabinet meeting and not let it slide as in Patong where the bars now close at 3AM.

Posted by Patong Guy on March 13, 2012 15:43


With 1000's of illegal taxis running around along with the legal ones, get them all metered up and let them pick up and drop off wherever they want and that would be a real solution. What holiday destination can boast not having a viable taxi service?

None that I know of.

Sorting out the black taxis is the tip of the iceburg, but easiest vs. vested interests in the other 4 wheeled transport option.

Posted by GiantFan on March 13, 2012 15:54


The problem with illegal "black" taxi's are the ones parked outside resorts. So why is the campaign starting at the airport? How can black taxis operate from the airport, the legal ones would not allow it? I can't even remember seeing a black taxi at the airport, where do they park, on the main road?

Posted by swerv on March 13, 2012 16:09


So on the 27th March no more illegal taxis - that's what they are saying, right?

Sounds like a great plan and an excellent move forward.

Concerns are that:

A) This will be another exercise in how to move the lips without implementation and;

B) Blocking of roads and even the exit to the airport by hundreds of angry illegal taxis because they don't get a slice of the tourist pie

If A occurs then it will be nothing new and if B occurs what will happen - Mediation to further make the laws a complete farce?

So... March 27th. Looking forward to that one for sure.

Posted by Graham on March 13, 2012 16:13


-Patong Guy-
When you came to Patong and start living there, did you not recognize, that that city is a Nightspot?
But you choose to live there, why you complain now about closing times?
You know well before you moved in the problems and now you want quiet Patong and enforce earliest possible closing times, because you want a quiet, good sleep? Unbelievable and unreasonable to me!

Posted by Alfred on March 13, 2012 16:59


Thailand - the hub of forewarnings . . .

Posted by Simon Luttrell on March 13, 2012 17:02


Great reading mark down 27th but show some serious backbone 1st offence veh impounded, and if under finance returned to finance company for resale, all others sold auctioned or crushed
funding and bankrolling the budget to keep up the good work!

Posted by traveller on March 13, 2012 17:30


When I dropped a friend off at the airport they were checking each car as it left to try and catch black taxis picking up people. Now if your only talking about black taxis that are picking up at the airport most people would support a no pickup policy. The island needs the black taxi service to get from most small hotels to the airport 24 hours a day (I hope they understand this). If you want them to go away and not bringing people to the airport then for a start bring in 250-1000 metered taxis and give Tuk Tuk owners first shot at a swap plus a bank note. Then hold some kind of lottery. Trade them one for one for a Tuk Tuk and open a call center so all the tourists can get a ride to the airport or anywhere on Phuket 24/7 otherwise you may be hurting the tourist as much as the taxi driver trying to make a buck.

Posted by mike on March 13, 2012 18:12


I hope with all my heart, that this is just the start, to rectify and introduce a system of transportation throughout the island, without intimidation, both for locals and visitors alike.

Posted by Stuart on March 13, 2012 18:14


Already started on Heroines to Ao Po road yesterday at about 9 am as I went by Bangkok police stopping all minibuses ( that would stop) and checking licenses.

Posted by Stuart on March 13, 2012 19:55


I can give them detailed locations where they operate, block motorbike lanes, take over beach car parks and generally set up up shanty towns down in Rawai/Chalong if they need some help.

Posted by rich on March 13, 2012 22:16


...and if you don't comply, you'll be given another two weeks. And thereafter another two...and so on and so on until you do comply.

Posted by agogohome on March 13, 2012 22:59


Would these controllers please also check up about the illegal taxis operating in Karon Beach? In front of Simplitel, Grand Centara, and other resorts? The black guys at the airport are just the tip of the iceberg.

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on March 14, 2012 00:51


Illegal taxis & corruption seems a good start. Let's hope it escalates to a few other well publicised irritations.

Posted by Logic on March 14, 2012 05:09


First, warning will be given. Then, after 2 weeks, 2,000 baht fine. After 2 weeks but less than 5, police will come to collect the money. After 5 but less than 7, police will ask to settle the 1000 baht left to pay. After 7 ... well, police is too stressed and tired ! Better to start all over again next year ...

Posted by cekipa on March 14, 2012 15:22


does this mean no more layabouts scratching there bellies in the bamboo huts??
never happen.

Posted by jimmy Rawai on March 14, 2012 17:21


Patong Guy.........with a name like that I suggest you change it or move to another part of the island.......this is funny :-)

Posted by Namlay on March 17, 2012 19:23


4 more days to go....

Posted by charles on March 23, 2012 22:37


What about black plate tuk tuks and motorbike taxis. I have seen a rise in motorbike taxi prices from 70 baht to 100, no matter how close! This is since last August! There is much more to do and meters for taxis and tuk tuks woiuld be great. Now, how to handle the motorbike taxis?

Posted by Anyse on March 26, 2012 09:21


Black plate tuktuk's, where did you see those? All tuktuk's I ever see are yellow plated.

Posted by stevenl on March 27, 2012 12:55


Hey,.... I saw some black plated taxi's this morning parked at Marriott , anantara, and at the airport. What is going on?

Posted by Charles on March 28, 2012 08:39


Ok fine. But isn't the whole airport limousine business a little dodgy as well? I mean there's 100's of taxis doing a one-way transport from the airport to the respective beaches and drive back EMPTY. Nice environmental approach....

Posted by Anonymous on April 4, 2012 22:34

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