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Phuket's road toll, well down on bad years, soars for New Year

Phuket's Holiday Toll: Australian Tourist Killed

Monday, January 4, 2010
Phuketwan UPDATE

SIX people have died on Phuket roads with 24 hours of the New Year danger period still to go. Five of them were Phuket locals. Officials named the dead Australian as Roger Stephen Quinn, 55. Only three deaths were recorded on the island in the last NY danger period.

Original Report

AN AUSTRALIAN tourist was killed when a taxi crashed on its way from Patong to Phuket International Airport last night.

The man's travelling companion, an Australian woman, was injured in the collision with a minivan about 6.45pm and is in Vachira Hospital in Phuket City.

Police told Phuketwan that the van crossed to the wrong side of the road about 500 metres from the Caltex intersection in Kathu.

An officer was interviewing the Australian woman today to ascertain precise details of the crash. A second person was also in hospital with injuries.

It is believed the crash took place on a notorious curve in unusually wet conditions.

Embassy officials were in the process of informing the man's relatives.

The death of the Australian brings the toll for the critical seven-day New Year holiday period to at least four.

In 2006-7 there were three deaths on Phuket, in 2007-8 seven deaths and in 2008-9 three deaths.
Phuket Tuk-Tuks, Jet-Skis, Need Limits: Governor
Latest Jetskis and tuktuks were among the service groups that needed to improve to meet the needs of tourists on Phuket as a popular holiday island, the Phuket Governor said.
Phuket Tuk-Tuks, Jet-Skis, Need Limits: Governor

Phuket Governor Lashes Environment 'Guardians'
Latest The Phuket Governor says the island's environmental ''guardians'' are not doing their jobs and were more like security guards who allowed robbers enter.
Phuket Governor Lashes Environment 'Guardians'

Phuket Tuk-Tuk Attack: Tourist Victim Heads Home
Latest The Frenchman at the centre of claims of an assault by a Phuket tuktuk driver is heading home. But police say the case will proceed with an arrest warrant to be issued on Monday.
Phuket Tuk-Tuk Attack: Tourist Victim Heads Home

Phuket Brewery Closes, But the Venue Rocks On
UPDATE: Bye Bye Brewery Bid goodbye to a bold adventure that gave Phuket its largest quality live stage venue . . . and say hello to the Whisky and Moonlight chain that will give it a fresh start.
Phuket Brewery Closes, But the Venue Rocks On

Phuket Drowning: 'Where's Max? Where's Max?'
New Year Tragedy A young boy who survived the tragedy that killed a friend at a Phuket beach asks: 'Where's Max? Where's Max?' The island should be asking, 'Where are the lifesavers?'
Phuket Drowning: 'Where's Max? Where's Max?'

Phuket Economy to Suffer Unless Government Acts
Opinion/Analysis: Beset by continuing claims of thuggery, ripoffs and extortion, Phuket must seek the intervention of Thailand's government to equip the island for success in the 21st century
Phuket Economy to Suffer Unless Government Acts


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I am very sorry for the victim and his family members. An accident like that is very sad.

From my experience the Airport-Limousine and Minibusdrivers are among the biggest threat to the other people on the road. They are speeding, doing crazy overtaking maneuvers, crossing red lights on a regular basis, not queuing as the others do.

Just recently one Airport-Limousine crashed into an electric-pole 20m in front of me. I was on a bicycle and very very lucky...

Posted by Richi on January 4, 2010 11:27


You say the toll is at least 4. I believe over the 7 days it was at least 8 but as usual some never get reported in the media. Supposedly "some" tuktuk drivers, so at least 2, were killed in a minibus accident between Karon and Patong. Also a man and woman near Wat Chalong.

I feel so much safer now 7 days is over!

Editor: There's no reason why the authorities would report a false tally for the road toll. Certainly, the media doesn't report every fatality.

Posted by Rex on January 4, 2010 12:55


Driving to/from the airport on the 30th was our worst drive ever having driven in many countries for the last 50 years. Brainless hire car, minibus and pickup (luggage) drivers overtaking blindly and forcing their way through the lanes at speeds well over 80kph.

Being behind a drunken policeman on a motorcycle on the 31st (full uniform minus helmet) was also interesting. No evidence at all of the police doing their duty on the main roads.


Posted by Muffler on January 4, 2010 15:40


Again : Traffic lights and radar, heavy fines, all to save lives! All other countries have them!

Posted by elizabeth on January 5, 2010 11:11

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