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Phuket's Expat Death List Grows: Swede Falls from Resort

Phuket's Expat Death List Grows: Swede Falls from Resort

Saturday, February 25, 2012
PHUKET: A Swedish man plunged from the third floor of a resort at Phuket's Karon beach overnight, dying later from head injuries. The cause of his fall remains a mystery for now.

His death will be investigated by police and added to the updating list of expat deaths on Phuket.

The list that will be presented to Phuket's honorary consuls on Monday contains 25 names of expats who have been unfortunate enough to meet their end on the tropical holiday island since the honorary consuls met in November.

There may be other deaths - the list merely records those deaths in which the police have played a role as investigators.

Over the past two years, the list has been compiled by Phuket Police Commander Major General Pekad Tantipong and now for the first time by his successor, Major General Chonsit Wadhnawarangkun.

Phuket's lists of dead are not intended to be cheerful but the compilation at least has the virtue of letting people know cases in which police have been involved and the official causes of death.

Jason Paul Richard Britain November 23 Kamala Motorcycle crash
Judy Freshwater Australia November 25 Amanpuri Resort Walkway fall
Lars Moller Ring Denmark November 27 Karon Collapse
Yury Varnakov Russia November 27 Karon beach Drowning
Vallius Veijo Armas Finland December 8 White Resort Kamala Heart attack
Micher Andre Linaid France December 9 Phuket City Illness
Georges Bourgeon France December 18 Yanui beach Drowning
Davina Marie Lindgren Sweden December 19 Boat incident, Cause unknown
Daniel Rocha Jordan Brazil December 27 Patong Heart Attack
Maren Lindstad Branden Norway December 27 Red Mountain Motorcycle crash


Knpeeba Kireeva Russia January 1 Phuket City Motorcycle crash
Mahmood Sultan Safi Sweden January 5 Kamala Motorcycle crash
Erna Dahlan Indonesia January 8 Patong Motorcycle crash
Kyle Mark Horo New Zealand January 8 Patong Overdose
Dr Dreve Fitzherbert Germany January 15 Patong Merlin Illness
Daniel Andre Bertholet Switzerland January 15 Thalang Car crash
Nielsen Eva Denmark January 17 Patong Heart Attack
Paul Brian James British January 20 Patong Illness
Jari Matti Ihattumen Finland January 29 Patong Motorcycle crash
Sven Gunnar Sweden January 9 Patong Heart Attack
Christos Liouliacs Sweden February 10 Patong Illness
Ulrich Hans German February 11 Kamala Illness
Mark James Robson South Africa January 25 near Freedom Beach Suicide
Christor Osca Linryuist Sweden February 19 Karon Cause Unknown
Leanoard Vinsent Young Britain February 19 Rawai Illness


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what about the four swedish people killed in the car crash they are not mentioned here

Posted by michael on February 25, 2012 15:54

Editor Comment:

That crash took place in Phang Nga, michael. This list only includes deaths on Phuket.


The railings are much too low for us Farang, mango and banana folk. Don't go out on the balcony, if you do, better have a parachute, and not a copy one either. Seems to be quite a few persons who don't believe the gravity story in Thailand. Trust me, gravity does not exist..... the earth sucks.

Posted by Dun on February 25, 2012 22:22


curiosity: what has the pic to do with the article ?

Posted by cekipa on February 26, 2012 12:04

Editor Comment:

That's where bodies are kept, cekipa, on Phuket at Vachira Phuket's morgue.


So sad, but anyway tourist need to use their head when driving. I have been in Phuket 5 times and my family use motor bikes. No problem so far.. But it can happen to evryone. RIP all.

Posted by Michelle Norway on February 29, 2012 16:22

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