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Kurt  Trotnow, alleged victim of a tuk-tuk ''dog pack attack''

Phuket Tuk-Tuk Attack Victim Flies to Germany for Skull Surgery

Friday, September 30, 2011
PHUKET: The Phuket expat who was a victim of an attack attributed to Patong tuk-tuk drivers flew back to Germany last weekend, his wife has told Phuketwan.

Ironically, Kurt Trotnow's return home came as Germany's leading magazine, Stern (Star), reported at length on his case and highlighted a series of other issues associated with the activities of the so-called ''Mafia'' on Phuket.

Mr Trotnow, 53, will have operations in Germany to repair the damage done in the attack in Patong last month and in operations on his skull as he lay in a coma in the weeks that followed.

The assault on Mr Trotnow - described as a ''dog pack attack'' by one Bangkok-based journalist - horrified the Phuket expat community because it came in retaliation in a dispute over whether a short-distance tuk-tuk fare was 100 baht or 200 baht.

The attackers have not been found, nor has the identity of the tuk-tuk driver and his wife, who was in the passenger seat alongside her husband, been established.

Mr Trotnow's wife, Jiraporn ''Joy'' Choochep, 30, did not get a good look at the couple or at her husband's attackers.

As well as an operation to repair his skull, the Phuket expat resident will also have operations relating to a chronic blood vessel condition.

His attack in Patong was followed soon after by an incident outside a five-star resort in the most prestigious part of Kamala, another popular beach destination, north of Patong.

A driver for an elephant trekking company was assaulted by local taxi drivers and the windscreen of his vehicle was smashed by an iron bar before he managed to drive away.

The man who allegedly wielded the iron bar, Wasan Saneh, 35, gave himself up to Kamala Police this week and was allowed bail in his own recognissance.

Two other men allegedly involved in the incident have been granted bail.

Kamala Police Superintendent Colonel Nattapakin Kwanchaipruk said that police investigations are continuing.


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Sad story...but how come the organisations for the tuk-tuks not step up, take responsibility and pay the German's expenses ... after all this incident makes all tuk-tuk drivers look bad and I am somehow sure that there are some good guys among them as well.

Posted by Bjarne on October 1, 2011 07:30


I hope this information gets spread round Europe like wildfire, this is the kind of shock tactics it needs, for things to get settled here.

Posted by james on October 1, 2011 08:29


the tuk-tuk driver organisation will think their dog pack was in the right to beat the German to dreck, as he did not pay his 200 baht fare.
What about a new sticker for the tuk-tuks: "After the trip you pay what we say or you regret it big time, you tourist sucker and no, we don't mind, coming record numbers to Phuket, so why our bosses should change a thing, hah?!" and "Police? Dream on, we know where they live."

Posted by Lena on October 1, 2011 14:22



This post will probably be censured to oblivion, but here goes:

Posted by christian on October 1, 2011 15:14

Editor Comment:

Total exaggeration, christian.


Christian usually doesn't exaggerate much IMO. Maybe that's why his opinion was 'moderated', not 'censured'. (moderated)

Posted by sammy on October 1, 2011 16:54

Editor Comment:

Sorry sammy, we're not giving space to local myths that have no substance. We seem to be going through another period when a segment of commenters have nothing to say they haven't said over and over again. Give us some new ideas and solutions, please.



Hm, yeah maybe. But not that much.

Posted by christian on October 1, 2011 17:37


There is a tuk tuk/taxi Association correct? Are there fees that each member pays every month or year? Each time a tourist gets beat up by tuk tuk or taxi drivers maybe and no one can be identified make the Association pay the damages. I bet the culprits would be identified quickly then!

Posted by Brad on October 2, 2011 08:40

Editor Comment:

There's more than one tuk-tuk taxi group - the big problem is the island is divided into zones - and it would be unfair to expect associations of any kind to be held responsible for breaches of the law by individuals. Besides, there's no conclusive evidence that tuk-tuk drivers were responsible.

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