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Build it and they will wonder why: Phuket's Laem Singh Viewpoint

Phuket City Needs Good Beaches, Views

Monday, May 13, 2013
News Analysis

PHUKET: Build it, and they will come to wonder why you did that. Here's the Laem Singh Viewpoint, the latest piece in the concrete jigsaw now rapidly spreading across all of Phuket.

This 1.4 million baht project from Kamala council provides yet another blight interrupting the once-spectacular and uninterrupted views along Phuket's west coast road.

The irony is that this building is designed to help you take in the view. Once the project is completed in July, you will have to stop to enjoy the beauty of a seascape that once could be enjoyed while driving.

All along Phuket's coast, both west and east, construction is going up to convert Phuket from a series of loosely linked villages to one big Phuket island city.

Just a few years ago, Phuket was so underdeveloped that a local newspaper datelined each location. Articles were filed from Rawai, or Surin, or Mai Khao, that far-flung corner of planet Phuket.

While there are still a few places where people can go to find the Phuket of the year 2001, concrete walls and shopfronts are rapidly closing in on them.

The huge billboard that swears your footprint will be the first in the sand is a barefaced lie. Thousands have been there before you, and dumped their trash to prove it.

Solitude is much more difficult to find.

Is there still a beach on Phuket without shorefront ''music'' to drown the sound of breaking waves? Is there a beach with untouched natural sandhills at its edge?

As Phuket loses its coast road sea views, the concrete takes over. The views are vanishing. The need to preserve and protect Phuket's gems, the beaches, becomes more and more important.

Some people argue that people now visit Phuket for shopping and other activities that are not related to the beaches.

That's nonsense. The Phuket brand is still very much a tropical holiday island one. People come primarily for the beaches and the coral reefs. Everything else is secondary. Anyone who thinks differently is mistaken.

This is what makes the protection and preservation of Phuket's beaches and reefs so important. Shopping and other activities can be found elsewhere.

The beaches and the reefs are what excites the imagination of holidaymakers.

With Kamala council and other developers determined to cover Phuket under concrete, Phuket the tropical island will soon be Phuket the tropical city.

Will Phuket be a tropical city with good beaches or will good Phuket beaches be as difficult to find as unimpeded coast road views?

Phuket appears to have concrete in its head and, more and more, in its heart.


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There are still a few nice beaches along the west coast - Best we don't identify them though! Selfish but Laem Sing as a beach is now ruined with the volume of tourists in high season and I hope my quiet spots don't get discovered by the masses. At least if construction starts yet again above Laem Sing ( not withstanding the vehicles confiscated at the weekend) progress can be observed from the new 'Viewpoint'. Your thousand eyes of the pineapple will remain peeled and keep you updated on that project Mr Ed.

Posted by Mister Ree on May 13, 2013 13:42


As far as I can observe "other activities" is safe bet!

Posted by Harald on May 13, 2013 13:46


A few years ago I made the comment that Phuket will become a sprawling mass like a mini Bkk with beaches. People said it would never be allowed to happen. Fast forward a few years and what have we got?

Posted by richie on May 13, 2013 14:06


Will you be able to stop at the new viewpoint without having to pay protection money to park at the roadside lest your vehicle be vandalized ??

Or is that part of the 'attraction'?

Posted by LivinLOS on May 13, 2013 15:06


You don't need buildings to enjoy a view - you need clear unspoilt scenery - & there is precious little of that left on Phuket.

Posted by Logic on May 13, 2013 16:55


Once finished get a few vendors up there, a few touts selling pics with Gibbons, and a tuk tuk stand. I can see it now...

Posted by Duncan on May 13, 2013 17:53


So true, but as long as this island is reigned by people who enjoys the donations of everybody involved, then nothing will change.

Posted by Sherlock on May 13, 2013 18:59


What a waste of money !!!!

Posted by sean on May 16, 2013 13:44

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