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The bicycle that the two Phuket mates rode under the tamarind

Phuket Tragedy as Boys Ride in Wild Weather

Monday, July 26, 2010
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PHUKET's wild weather brought a disturbing tragedy to two young boys, good mates, out riding on a bicycle today.

Despite the wind and the rain, the holiday had to be enjoyed. Supaket Laomang and Chayanat Thibunboon set out from their homes near Phuket's Heroines Monument to visit friends down Pa Klok Muang Mai Road, which leads east.

It was Supaket's trusty bicycle, so he did the pedalling while Chayanat rode on the back, even though Chayanat at age 13 was two years older and a little stronger. Separating a boy from his bicycle is not easy.

Up and down the road Supaket pedalled. After five kilometres, as they passed through Baan Muang Mai about 3.20pm, the rain started to fall more heavily. Both boys agreed it was time for a break.

They decided to shelter under a huge tamarind tree, not far off the road. As they waited for the rain to pass, Chayanat decided he needed to relieve his bladder. He moved away a little from beneath the tree, for a pee.

At that moment, the tamarind fell. A tree that had been solidly in place for more than 40 years toppled, and killed young Supaket. His bicycle was nearby, but spared.

Chayanat yelled for his friend and ran to get help. The villagers turned out in large numbers to look at the tamarind, which had fallen across the road. They tried to free Supaket from under the tree, but that only became possible after someone fetched a chainsaw.

By then, it was too late. The tree was huge and the boy was small. Someone had the difficult task of taking the bicycle back to Supaket's home to tell his family.

Eventually the road was cleared, traffic flowed again, and only the ugly gap where the tamarind once stood was left to remind passersby of Supaket's sad ride.

The boy's body is now at Thalang Hospital.
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What a sad accident, R.I.P. Supaket!

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on July 26, 2010 23:36


That's so sad. Rest in peace, young one.

Posted by Jamie on July 27, 2010 00:11

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