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Anton Pokhabov with a police officer in Rawai yesterday

Phuket Tourist Tippler Reverses into Restaurant

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
PHUKET HOLIDAYS are a time to unwind and Russian visitor Anton Pokhabov managed to be fully relaxed before 12.30pm yesterday.

The 29-year-old visitor to Phuket was so drunk by lunchtime that he reversed his white Toyota out of a petrol station in Rawai across a roadway and and into the entrance garden of a neighboring restaurant.

Chalong police, called to the scene, had difficulty getting a coherent account from Mr Pokhabov. The owner of the Areu Corner restaurant figured damage to the garden at about 5000 baht. However, police thought this figure was a little on the high side and eventually 3000 baht changed hands.

Everyone agreed, though, that Mr Pokhabov should relax in police custody until he was sober enough to get behind the wheel of the car again.


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so besides the usual death defying thai bike riders on the wrong side of the road, the virgin farang bike riders and the extreme lunatic `i must get in front of you at all cost' limousine drivers... we can now add the `drunk by lunch' driver to the russian roulette of survival on Phuket roads.....and what, he had to pay all of 3000 baht?

Posted by Anonymous on April 7, 2010 14:25


Are there no laws on the books for drunk driving? How about, I don't know, take him to the airport?

Posted by Chris on April 7, 2010 15:00


Cheap for such an offence. Lucky he did not kill someone, he would have had to pay 10,000 baht ? LOL.

Posted by Dun on April 7, 2010 15:38


Dun - Laughably pathetic.

I think Thailand is like a child with younger children in charge.

Never reaching the next step of adulthood.

Posted by Tbs on April 7, 2010 16:46


It should be noted that he backed across both lanes of a busy road at a dangerous intersection.

This could have had a much worse outcome. Wonder what the car hire company thinks about all this?

Posted by Treelover on April 7, 2010 21:55


Ahh! The cultural diversity in Thailand, you gotta love or hate it. Why don't the russkies stay in "farang keenok heaven" aka Pattaya?

Posted by BOM on April 8, 2010 16:32

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