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The anex tour bus on its roof after crashing off Phuket's Patong-Kamala road

UPDATE Phuket Tourist Bus Flips: At Least 19 Russians Hurt in Patong Coast Road Crash

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Updating All Day, Every Day

BY NOON, all the Russians had been treated and allowed to leave hospital. Remarkably, only two people - the Thai tour guide and the Thai driver of the car - had to be admitted as in-patients. Those on board escaped serious harm because the bus, travelling uphill, toppled over slowly onto its roof.

Original Report

PHUKET: At least 19 people have been injured as a tourist bus flipped over onto its roof in a crash on the hilly coast road between the Phuket destinations of Kamala and Patong early today.

The bus was carrying arriving Russian tourists from Phuket International Airport to their holiday accommodation, police said.

More fortunate passengers were able to walk away. Early reports of 10 people being injured were boosted to about 20 soon after.

A spokesperson at Patong Hospital emergency, where the injured were being taken, said several people appeared to have been seriously hurt.

Some were immediately transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City.

First reports said the bus and a car collided on the main road, flipping the Patong-bound bus over into an entranceway near the Kamala Falls estate.

The saloon car was also shunted off the roadway.

Passengers who walked away searched anxiously inside the upside down bus for signs that travelling companions were still alive.

At least two were initially trapped inside.

The crash came at 7.34am, near the Kamala Police Box, said rescue workers as they attempted to free the trapped passengers from the anex tour vehicle.

The Seven Days of Danger road safety campaign began on Phuket and throughout Thailand at midnight on Monday.

Phuket's hills test the skills of bus drivers and the condition of some buses that should be better maintained.


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It was just a matter of time until something like that happens. Living at Kamala Falls Estate I see dangerous situations everyday because some impatient i......s feel the have to take over all the time just to catch 1 car. The only situation getting rid of all these ridiculous accidents to ban overtaking over the hills. Most you can loose is 2-5 minutes, what's that compared to lose a life? But I'm sure exactly that simple solution at no cost won't even be considered. What a shame.

Posted by Anonymous on December 30, 2014 09:02


I concur Anonymous - there is the dangerous road subsidence on that road as well that has been there for at least a year.

Making the coastal route the alternative to Patong Hill during peak hours was ridiculous. Karon Hill is far more suited to heavy vehicles. Getting stuck behind one of these buses does lead to frustration and dangerous driving.

Its possible to get stuck behind one of these buses and be stuck behind them all the way to Kalim if headed South. Worse going north as you normally have to be past Cherng Talay traffic lights to get past. Chugging behind an oversized, underpowered bus along these routes is not nice - it was an accident waiting to happen.

Posted by Mister Ree on December 30, 2014 09:32


Why should these people be sent to Vachira which is over-crowded and under funded. The people should be sent to a better funded hospital paid for by the insurance company.

Posted by Tbs on December 30, 2014 10:26

Editor Comment:

Most Russian tour companies specify Vachira as the only hospital where they can receive treatment - at least, that was the case a couple of years ago. A good example of cutting costs in every imaginable way.


Hey great exhibit. You could put it in the parking lot of the upside-down-house on Bypass road. 7 days of danger, has just been changed to 7 days of terror.

Posted by Robin S on December 30, 2014 11:31


@Mister Ree

Neither of these hills, incl.Karon hill, suites well for heavy vehicle, any of them holds its own very dangerous pockets.
Patong tunnel may be will be an answer...

Posted by Sue on December 30, 2014 13:49


@Sue, yes a Patong tunnel is the answer but knowing of two families that own some land in the area of the proposed tunnel, they tell me "we want more money for our land" There's no mention of making the road safer and saving lives by building the tunnel, it's just about money. No wonder Phuket is often called The Island of Greed !

Posted by Rod on December 30, 2014 17:11

Editor Comment:

Opportunists can be found everywhere. I guess if it was your land, you'd give it away.


Alan, now be sensible !

Posted by Rod on December 30, 2014 18:27

Editor Comment:

I will if you will, Rod.

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