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The bus on its side. Passengers narrowly escaped tumbling  off the road

Phuket Tourist Bus Crashes on Patong Hill: Injured Being Taken to Hospitals

Friday, April 27, 2012
PHUKET: A tourist bus crashed on Patong Hill tonight with 13 tourists and two Thais injured, according to first reports from the scene.

Charity foundation workers were treating the wounded and ferrying those more severely hurt to hospital.

The bus, according to police, was making its way up Patong Hill from the Kathu-Phuket City side at 7.13pm.

The bus lost power on the steep slope between the shooting gallery and the Patong City sign and slipped backwards down the hill, out of control.

It is believed the passengers were tourists from China.Most of the injured were suffering cuts from broken windows.

Early reports said there was a problem with the fuel supply to the engine of the bus.

The Thai driver and a guide were among the 15 people ferried to hospitals.


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Ho hum we read again of a stupid bus that never be allowed to go up nor come down the dragon's back. This is the third accident in recent months on this stretch of road. Will the accidents stop, I doubt it. Welcome to Patong, the sign says . . .

Posted by Dun on April 27, 2012 20:09

Editor Comment:

I thought it just said ''Patong City.''


I have reading about these bus crashes from Australia and just wonder what precautions do bus company bosses do when these things happen do they pay the hospital bills are the drivers well rested ,I travelled twice with VIP and to be honest they drove to the speed limit plus may I add had change over drivers very comforting, but I just wonder if there are sufficient highway patrol on these roads checking these buses and drivers,here in Aust the police constantly check drivers and they have strict regulations regarding the distance drivers travel, maybe something should be set up in thailand similar to this, if we sent aussie cops to check these roads out i feel many companies would be fined or shut down. I hope for the countries sake something is done about this very soon.

Posted by Alex on April 27, 2012 23:23


The amount of buses that have mechanical or maintenance failure on this island is extraordinary, roadworthy check points or any checks are not known, to this is addressed the road carnage continues.

Posted by traveller on April 27, 2012 23:49

Editor Comment:

While there are too many bus crashes - mainly because of the steepness of Patong Hill - Phuket's road toll is dropping.


How many people must die,before regular checks of brakingsystems starts. Even if the engine lose power, the brakes will work. The problem is the brakes and nothing else.

Posted by Pizzaman on April 28, 2012 10:51


Just a few weeks ago I did see a overloaded and very old looking pick-up truck with gas tanks and without any working lights at the back of the car passing the manned police checkpoint at Kathu to drive over the hill. What makes this even worse ... two teenage kids have been sitting on the gas tanks!

Posted by Mr. K on April 28, 2012 13:55


I am sorry you are wrong Ed-
"While there are too many bus crashes - mainly because of the steepness of Patong Hill "
It has very little to do with the hill, it's to do with the poor driving skills and the lack of maintenance on the vehicles as well as not knowing WHAT to do when there is a problem.

Posted by Tbs on April 28, 2012 18:28


-Tbs- is right, some hills on Phuket makes all that problems.
If you had so many accidents with lorries and Buses in the Alps in Europe per mountain road km, it would not be possible to drive there at all!
The traffic would come to a standstill!
Maybe, send the Bus drivers to Europe for some training sessions!
As the deadly accident with school children in a Swiss tunnel some weeks ago showed, a tunnel can also have its flaws!

Posted by Alfred on April 28, 2012 23:27

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