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The presence of Russian tourists and residents grows in Patong

Phuket's Future Flies In With Chinese, Russians

Monday, September 3, 2012
PHUKET: The number of Chinese and Russians visiting Phuket has more than doubled in the first six months of the year, Phuket's new Tourism Authority of Thailand director said today.

Chanchai Doungjit told a meeting at Provincial Hall in Phuket City that the increase from those markets showed no sign of slowing.

Figures for 2011 for Phuket showed the holiday island had 743 resorts and hotels with 47,333 rooms.

The number of international flights to Phuket was up 28.3 percent while domestic flights were down five percent on latest figures.

He estimated that the Phuket contribution to Thailand's revenue would be 110 billion baht in 2012. Average daily expenditure for overseas visitors on Phuket in 2010 - the latest available - amounted to 4897.05 baht while Thais spent 2867.99, he said.

Here's the top 10 nation by nation for the first six months of 2012:

China up 106.63 percent to 142,582

Russia up 104.91 percent to 140,297

Australia up 19.29 percent to 121,916

South Korea up 29.53 percent to 102,021

Sweden up 24.91 percent to 80,427

Malaysia up 25.19 percent to 50,044

Singapore up 10.82 percent to 49,024

Finland up 20.49 percent to 42,649

Britain up 4.71 percent to 36,394

Germany up 2.62 percent to 33,512

Phuket International Airport officials announced on Friday that it's hoped the facility will reach 9.3 million arrivals and departures this year.

On those figures, estimates put the number of overseas tourists visiting Phuket this year at about 2.2 million.


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Just wondering where the new influx of tourists will be fed and housed...? Sounds like a lot of people visiting an already over crowded Island during the high season...

Posted by Ted Davis on September 3, 2012 18:08


That's it... With the island overrun with Chinese and Russians, I will NEVER visit Phuket again. This once beautiful island with pleasant European visitors has now been completely ruined. What a crying shame...

Posted by Gerry on September 3, 2012 19:10


The EURO countries seem to have not much improvements in numbers. Lol!
Tiny Finland and Sweden in front of Germany!
Who has 10 times more inhabitants.
That was a lot different, not so long ago.
Even Britain fell down the statistics places a lot

Posted by Alfred on September 3, 2012 19:27


Good for you Gerry, my racist friend. As an idiot skinhead once said "I'm going to move to a country that doesn't let foreigners in."

Posted by happy on September 4, 2012 08:01


There are many new hotels opening, enough space for everybody. However the increase in Russians and Chinese will let many Europeans avoid Phuket in the future...

Posted by Jakub on September 5, 2012 14:45


just read in Swedish papers that the travel agents reduce travel offers to Thailand and turn to the Caribbean instead. Wondering if the universities here on Phuket will do or have done any studies of relations between farang of different nationalities and thai people from Phuket who in different professions are benefitting more or less from tourism or foreigners coming to live and end their days here.

Posted by bojon on September 5, 2012 21:26

Editor Comment:

Why not call the universities and ask?


I did, but no return call and no answer to emails. Even the universitities may be afraid of digging into something that could hurt tourist industry by revealing tensions that best are kept under the lid.

Posted by Bojon on September 6, 2012 09:21

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